30+ Best Cold Coffee Drinks To Enjoy This Summer

Looking for refreshing cold coffee drinks to enjoy this Summer? 

I love to drink coffee all year round, but when the weather heats up, I enjoy experimenting with summer coffee drinks and flavors.

There are so many types of cold coffee – cold brew, a cold coffee shake, flavored iced coffee and so many more!

Here we share 30+ of the best cold coffee drinks you can make at home.

From simple iced coffee to some of the most popular Starbucks iced coffee drinks, you are sure to find some great new coffee recipes to try this Summer in this list.

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The Best Cold Coffee Drinks Recipes

The recipes below are divided into 9 sections:

  1. Cold brew coffee
  2. Iced coffee
  3. Starbucks copycat cold coffee drinks
  4. Flavored iced coffee drinks
  5. Coffee smoothies
  6. Coffee shakes
  7. Healthy cold coffee drinks
  8. Cold vegan coffee recipes
  9. Cold coffees with instant coffee

To make the best tasting cold coffee, we recommend using the best coffee beans.

Best Cold Coffee Drinks

We hope you are inspired to try a few new cold coffee recipes and would love to know what your favorite types of cold coffee drinks are in the comments below!

1. Best Cold Coffee Drinks with Cold Brew Coffee

First up, some simple cold brew coffee recipe ideas.

There is nothing like sipping on a tall glass of smooth tasting cold brew coffee over ice on a hot Summer’s day.

In fact cold brew is one our top 4 recommended coffee brewing methods.

Plus it is so easy to make your own cold brew coffee at home!

If you are ready to experiment with cold brew, we share the best coffee beans for cold brew in this article and the best nitro cold brew coffee makers here.

2. Best Iced Coffee Drinks

If the idea of having to wait overnight for your coffee is too much, and you want a fast iced coffee recipe, here are some classic summer iced coffee drinks.

Iced coffee is one of the most popular kinds of coffee drinks and these recipes show you how to make homemade iced coffee.

Some need an espresso machine, others a coffee maker or instant coffee to make yummy iced coffee drinks for you to enjoy on a hot day.

3. Starbucks Copycat Cold Coffee Drinks

Starbucks iced coffee drinks are incredibly popular, but they aren’t cheap!

So if you want to know how to make Starbucks iced coffee or frappuccinos at home, here are some sweet coffee drinks recipes to get you started.

4. Flavored Iced Coffee Recipes

There are so many flavored coffee drinks, and here we share three iced coffee recipes with great Summer coffee flavors.

5. Coffee Smoothie Recipe Ideas

Coffee smoothie recipes are great for breakfast and afternoon tea in summer.

Not only can you get your coffee fix, there are so many healthy ingredients you can add to the smoothie too.

They can be whipped up quickly and have enough energy to keep you going throughout the day. You can even use left over coffee stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

6. Iced Coffee Shake Recipes

Coffee shakes are always popular in our house.

Combining the caffeine hit with the ice cold milk is a great treat on a hot summer day.

7. Healthy Cold Coffee Drinks Recipes

Now on to some healthy iced coffee recipe ideas!

If you are trying to reduce your calorie intake and want to enjoy some Summer healthy drinks, here are some healthy tasty recipes.

8. Cold Vegan Coffee Drinks

These vegan iced coffee recipe ideas are super tasty and worth a try when the temperatures are on the rise!

9. Instant Cold Coffee Recipe Ideas

If you don’t own a coffee maker, here are some iced coffee recipes with instant coffee.

Which do you think is the best cold coffee recipe? Let us know in the comments!

For more about making coffee, read our Coffee Brewing Guides. All of our Coffee Maker Buying Guides can be found here.

More Cold Coffee Recipes and Guides

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