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20 Alcoholic Coffee Drinks Recipes You Can Make At Home

Coffee is fabulous on its own, but we are always looking for different ways to enjoy coffee. So we thought it would be fun to share some spiked coffee drinks recipes.

If you are looking for ideas on how to mix coffee and alcohol, you have come to the right place. Here we share 20 of the best alcoholic coffee drinks recipes you can make at home.

From fancy coffee cocktails to simple alcoholic coffee drinks, iced coffee drinks with alcohol to hot after dinner coffee drinks, you are sure to find something to try in our list of tasty coffee alcohol drink recipes.

White russian cocktail with text overlay 20 ALCOHOLIC COFFEE DRINKS RECIPES

Alcoholic Drinks Recipes

We have grouped the coffee and alcohol drinks recipes into the following categories:

  • Coffee Cocktail Recipes
  • Alcoholic Iced Coffee Recipes
  • Holiday Coffee Drink Recipes
  • Homemade Liqueur Coffee Recipes
  • Hot Coffee Drinks With Alcohol

You can also find more holiday coffee recipes here.

I hope you find a new favorite recipe from this list, or check out our modern take on a white russian cocktail here.

Coffee Cocktail Recipes

A coffee cocktail is the ultimate party drink. From the classic espresso martini to fun alcoholic coffee shots, we love all the different ways you can combine coffee and alcohol! Below are 6 of the best coffee cocktails recipes to try.

Iced Coffee Alcoholic Drinks

What could possibly be better than an icy cold coffee on a hot Summer day? An iced coffee cocktail! Here are 5 delicious alcoholic iced coffee drinks to make at home this Summer.

Holiday Coffee Drink Recipes

Looking for a special coffee recipe to make for the Holidays? Here are delicious holiday coffee drink recipes to try.

Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipes

Most of our alcoholic coffee recipes include coffee liqueur. If you would like to try making your own coffee liqueur, here are two easy recipes to try.

Hot Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

When it is cold outside and you need to warm up fast, these simple alcoholic coffee drinks are just the thing to make and enjoy.

Find more coffee drinks in our Coffee Recipes or hop over to our Brew Guides for more articles about different coffee styles.

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