25 Best Alcoholic Coffee Drinks Recipes [You Can Make At Home]



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Coffee is fabulous on its own, but I’m always looking for different ways to enjoy coffee. So I thought it would be fun to share some spiked coffee drinks recipes with you here.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to mix coffee and alcohol, you’ve come to the right place. Here I share 25 of the best alcoholic coffee drinks recipes you can make at home.

From fancy coffee cocktails to simple alcoholic coffee drinks, iced coffee drinks with alcohol to hot after dinner coffee drinks, you are sure to find something new to try in this list of tasty coffee alcohol drink recipes.

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What Alcohol Goes Well With Coffee?

You might be surprised (or not!) to know coffee pairs very well with quite a few liqueurs and spirits.

From classic coffee cocktails to easy after dinner coffee drinks with alcohol the sky is the limit to the number of ways you can combine coffee with alcohol!

Some of the most popular pairings include:

  • Frangelico
  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Vodka
  • Amaretto
  • Whiskey
  • Kahlua
  • Rum
  • Chocolate liqueur

No matter if you are looking for cold or hot alcoholic drinks with coffee, there are so many great options to try and I cover plenty of these pairings in the recipes below.

Close up of white russian coffee cocktail.

The Best Alcoholic Coffee Drinks Recipes

The coffee and alcohol drinks recipes have been grouped below into the following categories:

All the coffee with alcohol recipes can be made at home with just a few simple ingredients and pieces of equipment.

And if you need even more inspiration, see my list of the best espresso martini recipes!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite alcoholic coffee drink recipe is!

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Coffee Cocktail Recipes

A coffee cocktail is the ultimate party drink. From the classic espresso martini to fun alcoholic coffee shots, we love all the different ways you can combine coffee and alcohol!

Listed below are 8 of the best coffee cocktails recipes to make at home.

Frangelico Espresso Martini

frangelico espresso martini in coupe glass
photo credit: creators of coffee

This recipe for espresso martini with Frangelico is a sophisticated coffee cocktail you can make at home. It is the perfect choice for after dinner cocktails or the holidays.

Eggnog Espresso Martini

eggnog martini surrounded by christmas decor.
photo credit: creators of coffee

Celebrate the holidays in style with this eggnog espresso martini recipe! A delightful twist on a classic cocktail favorite, this eggnog martini is the ultimate holiday cocktail.

Get the recipe: Eggnog Espresso Martini

Coffee Lover’s White Russian

white russian cocktail recipe
photo credit: creators of coffee

This white russian recipe is a classic after dinner cocktail with a modern twist for coffee lovers.

Siciliano Coffee Cocktail

siciliano italian coffee cocktail in glass with oranges and liqueur in background.
photo credit: creators of coffee

The cold and bittersweet flavor of the Siciliano cocktail make it the perfect coffee cocktail for lazy afternoons or post-dinner digestifs.

Dalgona Coffee Cocktail

Dalgona coffee vodka cocktail
photo credit: savored sips

Whipped coffee is all the rage, and this Dalgona coffee cocktail takes this unique coffee drink to the next level with a clever blend of vodka and coffee liqueur.

Chai White Russian

white russian coffee based cocktails
photo credit: the spice train

This is one of the best coffee cocktail recipes and offers a modern twist on a classic cocktail drink. With chai spice infused cream, this elegant coffee vodka cocktail will be a hit at your next dinner party.

Get the recipe: Chai White Russian

Caipirinha Coffee Cocktail

caipirinha rum coffee cocktail
photo credit: i heart brazil

This unique rum coffee cocktail is a refreshing choice on a hot Summer day. With a blend of lime, rum and coffee, this alcoholic cold coffee drink will put some spring in your step.

Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Martini

Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Martini Recipe
photo credit: the anthony kitchen

This coffee martini recipe is a little different from the classic espresso martini. With a unique blend of Rumchata and coffee liqueur this is a great option for dessert of after dinner coffee drinks.

Iced Coffee Alcoholic Drinks

What could possibly be better than an icy cold coffee on a hot Summer day? An iced coffee cocktail! Here are some delicious alcoholic iced coffee drinks to make at home this Summer.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Milk Cocktail

Irish Milk coffee mixed drinks
photo credit: our crafty cocktails

This fragrant, hot coffee cocktail is the perfect alcoholic coffee drink to enjoy during Winter. Honey, ginger and cinnamon blended with whiskey and milk. Yum!

Baileys Whipped Coffee

Dalgona alcoholic coffee drinks with baileys
photo credit: super golden bakes

If you want to turn an instant coffee drink into something special, this alcoholic whipped coffee recipe is just the thing. The simple combination of dalgona coffee, whiskey (or rum) and Baileys irish cream is divine!

Get the recipe: Baileys Whipped Coffee

Irish Coffee Milkshake Shooters

irish coffee shot alcohol
photo credit: culinary ginger

Looking for fun alcoholic coffee shots? These Irish Coffee milkshake shooters are a great choice. Quick and easy to make, they are an impressive drink to serve at your next party.

Iced Bourbon and Chocolate Coffee

iced bourbon chocolate coffee drink
photo credit: whisky + sunshine

With the magic combination of bourbon whiskey, chocolate liqueur and vanilla liqueur, this iced coffee cocktail is one of the best coffee liqueur drinks, surprisingly simple to make and oh so delicious.

Bailey’s and Vodka With Coffee Ice Cubes

baileys and coffee ice cubes
photo credit: spaceships and laser beams

A clever way to add coffee to your alcoholic drinks, these coffee ice cubes are the perfect addition to a Baileys after dinner coffee drink on a hot evening. Or any other time actually.

Iced Irish Coffee

Simple Iced Irish Coffee
photo credit: mom makes dinner

A modern mix on a classic alcoholic coffee drink, this iced Irish Coffee drink is so easy to make and the perfect thing to enjoy as an afternoon coffee drink.

Get the recipe: Iced Irish Coffee

Kahlua Dalgona Whipped Coffee

baileys kahlua whipped coffee.
photo credit: aspiring winos

Another version of the Dalgona Whipped Coffee, this one uses Kahlua and instant coffee for a super strong boozy coffee drink.

Boozy Holiday Coffee Drink Recipes

Looking for a special coffee recipe to make for the Holidays? Here are some delicious holiday coffee drink recipes with alcohol to try. And if you need more inspiration for the holidays, see this complete list of holiday coffee drink ideas.

Gingerbread White Russian Cocktail

festive white russian cocktail with gingerbread syrup in glass surrounded by christmas decorations.
photo credit: creators of coffee

Celebrate the Festive season with this quick and easy gingerbread white russian cocktail. With gingerbread syrup, Kahlua and vodka, it’s a delicious holiday cocktail that’s perfect for the Holidays!

Vodka Orange Mocha Coffee

Orange Chocolate Hot Coffee and Vodka
photo credit: hunger thirst play

This could be the best Christmas coffee drink recipe! Fragrant, boozy and creamy coffee topped up with a little chocolate vodka. Delicious.

Traditional Irish Coffee

hot irish coffee in glass mug with handle.
photo credit: creators of coffee

Whisky is considered by many people to be the best alcohol for coffee drinks. This Classic Irish Coffee recipe includes tips on how to achieve the perfect whipped cream collar. The ideal drink to sip by the fire on a cold Winter night.

Get the recipe: Traditional Irish Coffee

Mocha Almond Irish Coffee

Amaretto Alcoholic coffee drinks hot
photo credit: slumber and scones

A blend of cocoa, espresso, Irish Cream liqueur and Amaretto, this drink belongs on the ski slope. Or at home on a snow day. Or any day actually.

Spiced Irish Coffee

spiced irish coffee in glass mug.
photo credit: the spice train

A spicy twist on the traditional Irish Coffee drink recipe, the addition of pumpkin spice makes this one of the best coffee drinks with alcohol to enjoy in Fall.

Get the recipe: Spiced Irish Coffee

Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipes

Most of these alcoholic coffee recipes include coffee liqueur, which is a great gift idea for coffee lovers. Alternatively, if you would like to make your own coffee liqueur, here are two easy recipes to try.

Sous Vide Kahlua

sous vide kahlua recipe
photo credit: crave the good

Sweet, strong and alcoholic. Need we say more? This coffee liqueur recipe with rum is so simple and lasts for weeks to add in all your favorite coffee recipes.

Get the recipe: Sous Vide Kahlua

Baileys Almond Milk

homemade baileys coffee liqueur recipe
photo credit: my pure plants

This vegan coffee liqueur is a great homemade alternative to Baileys Alamande. Drink over ice or add to your hot and cold coffee recipes.

Get the recipe: Baileys Almond Milk

Hot Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

When it is cold outside and you need to warm up fast, these simple alcoholic coffee drinks are just the thing to make and enjoy.

Irish Coffee Royale

Irish coffee with brandy
photo credit: real housemoms

An everyday coffee with a kick of brandy. The perfect way to start the day.

Get the recipe: Irish Coffee Royale

Keto Irish Coffee Recipe

Keto Irish Coffee alcoholic drink
photo credit: april go lightly

If you want to enjoy an Irish Coffee without the sugar, take a look at this Keto coffee drink recipe with a fat bomb topping.

Get the recipe: Keto Irish Coffee

Simple Spiked Hot Coffee

Spiked Coffee Drink with Kahlua
photo credit: mama likes to cook

Another super simple spiked coffee drink to enjoy any time. Simply add your favourite spirit to your coffee and enjoy.

Get the recipe: Spiked Hot Coffee Drink

More Coffee Cocktails Recipes

I hope you found some new coffee cocktail recipes to try! Don’t forget to check out my list of espresso martini cocktails too.

You can find all my alcoholic coffee drinks recipes in the Coffee Recipes page or hop over to my Brew Guides for more articles about different coffee styles and methods.

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