espresso tonic drink in glass.

Iced Espresso Tonic

Espresso and tonic is a simple, refreshing iced coffee drink recipe to enjoy this Summer. If you have never tried coffee tonic, try this easy espresso tonic recipe. Read more

almond mocha popsicles on flat surface surrounded by chocolate chips and whole almonds.

Easy Mocha Coffee Popsicles

Cool off this Summer with homemade coffee popsicles. With a creamy texture and chunks of almond and chocolate they’re super delicious and a little bit fancy. Read more

tall glass of nutella frappe topped with cream.

Nutella Frappe

This icy cold Nutella coffee frappe recipe is the perfect way to enjoy Nutella in coffee. If you like frappuccinos you will love this Nutella frappe. Read more

greek frappe in tall glass, with milk on bottom and coffee mixture on top.

Greek Frappe (Instant Iced Coffee)

If you love iced coffee drinks you have to try this Greek Frappe recipe. Quick, cheap and easy to make, it has all the flavors of a Nescafe Greek coffee with a modern twist. Read more

two dessert cups filled with coffee panna cotta with espresso syrup.

Coffee Panna Cotta Dessert Cups

If you love coffee desserts, try this easy coffee panna cotta recipe. Creamy and delicious, these individual dessert cups are one of the best desserts for coffee lovers. Read more

black teaspoon resting in coffee granita cup.

Italian Coffee Granita

Enjoy a classic Italian recipe at home with this refreshing icy cold coffee granita recipe. With just 3 ingredients it is easy to make and tasted divine! Read more