14 Easy Instant Iced Coffee Recipes You Can Make In A Flash


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When you’re craving a quick icy cold coffee, instant coffee is your friend. Affordable, convenient and versatile, you can whip up a refreshing instant iced coffee drink in just minutes, no matter where you are with instant coffee.

Whether you prefer your iced coffees simple, sweet or blended with unique flavors, I’ve got a range of quick and easy instant iced coffee recipes for you to try.

From classic versions to creative twists, the possibilities really are endless -so read on to find some delicious iced coffee recipes using instant coffee you can make at home in minutes.

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Greek Frappe

greek frappe in tall glass with metal straw.
Greek frappe. photo credit: creators of coffee.

This Greek frappe recipe is a modern take on a classic Greek coffee drink. Personalize the milk and sugar quantity to your taste for a deliciously refreshing (and pretty) instant iced coffee.

Get the recipe: Greek Frappe

Caramel Frappuccino

caramel frappe in glass with caramel syrup alongside.
caramel frappuccino. photo credit: creators of coffee.

Rich, decadent and creamy, this copycat Starbucks caramel frappuccino recipe tastes just like the real thing! With a sweet caramel flavor and lovely thick texture, it’s one of the best instant iced coffee recipes you can make at home.

Get the recipe: Caramel Frappuccino

Dalgona Boba Coffee

dalgona boba coffee in glasses.
dalgona boba coffee. photo credit: creators of coffee.

For lovers of bubble tea and coffee, this dalgona boba coffee is a fun iced instant coffee drink you can enjoy at home. With tapioca pearl balls, sweet milk tea and whipped coffee, it’s a caffeinated icy cold delight.

Get the recipe: Dalgona Boba Coffee

Unsweetened Instant Iced Coffee

unsweetened instant iced coffee top view.
unsweetened instant iced coffee. photo credit: piper cooks.

Sometimes all you need is the simplest recipe to know how to make iced coffee with instant coffee at home. This recipe steps you through the essential ingredients and process to make a simple unsweetened instant coffee.

Coffee Milkshake

closeup of coffee milkshake with straw.
instant coffee milkshake, photo credit: sweetness and bite.

Coffee milkshakes are a classic instant coffee iced coffee you can make at home. With a generous scoop of icecream, milk and instant coffee you have a deliciously creamy blended coffee drink that’s perfect for hot Summer days.

Get the recipe: Coffee Milkshake

Mexican Instant Iced Coffee

mexican spiced iced coffee in glass with ice.
mexican instant iced coffee. photo credit: thrift and spice.

Love a little spice with your instant coffee? Try this easy Mexican instant iced coffee recipe. Cinnamon and vanilla blended with a sweet milk coffee is perfect for one or many to enjoy!

Sweetened Iced Instant Coffee

sweetened iced coffee with milk in glass.
sweetened iced coffee with milk. photo credit: kitchen at hoskins.

For sweet coffee lovers, this simple sweetened iced instant coffee is one to try at home. With a generous spoonful of sugar and tips for a smooth coffee blend, this is a go-to recipe for instant coffee lovers.

Strong Korean Whipped Coffee

korean whipped coffee with black background.
Strong whipped coffee. photo credit: umamiology.

If you love your coffee on the strong side, this Korean whipped coffee is one to try. With an extra large helping of both instant coffee and sugar, it’s a pretty caffeinated instant coffee you can make at home in minutes.

Coffee Frappe

simple coffee frappe top view.
instant coffee frappe. photo credit: veg recipes of india.

This coffee frappe is an icy cold blend of ice, coffee and milk. If you love blended coffee drinks but don’t want the hassle of making a fancy frappuccino, this easy frappe with coffee is the answer.

Get the recipe: Coffee Frappe

Retro Coffee Float

two coffee floats in soda glasses with straws.
coffee float. Photo credit: Retro Housewife Goes Green.

This retro coffee float is a fun throwback to a time gone by. With a tasty combination of sweet coffee, icecream and fizzy water you can take a trip down memory lane while drinking this instant coffee drink.

Get the recipe: Coffee Float

Healthy Instant Iced Coffee

foamy instant iced coffee in glass.
healthy instant iced coffee. photo credit: cinnamon and kale.

Jazz up your simple instant iced coffee drink without sweeteners with this healthy instant iced coffee recipe. With just two ingredients (and a little foaming magic) you can enjoy a fast iced coffee with a delicate froth on top.

Almond Milk Instant Coffee

almond milk iced coffee in glass with straw.
almond milk instant coffee. photo credit: pavanis kitchen.

For a dairy free instant coffee drink, try this easy almond milk instant iced coffee. With a generous helping of coffee, sugar and almond milk, it’s a quick and easy plant based iced coffee to make at home.

Coconut Milk Instant Cappuccino

coconut milk instant cappuccino in glass mug.
coconut milk instant cappuccino. photo credit: kiipfit.

Dairy free cappuccino lovers will enjoy this frothy instant cappuccino coffee with coconut milk. With a caramelized sweet coffee base and foamy coconut milk topping, it’s a fancy instant iced coffee that’s super easy to whip up at home.

Whipped Instant Coffee

top view of korean whipped instant coffee in glass.
Simple whipped coffee. photo credit: the view from great island.

If the strong whipped coffee looks a little..strong, try this simple whipped coffee recipe. With the classic ratio of instant coffee, sugar and milk, it’s a fun way to enjoy instant coffee drinks at home.

Get the recipe: Whipped Instant Coffee

More Iced Coffee Recipes

If you loved these instant iced coffee recipes, here are some more great cold coffee recipes to try at home.

Find more coffee drinks here or browse all the coffee recipes.

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