About Us

Our passion is brewing great coffee at home. 

Our mission is to share practical and educational information so you can make beautiful coffee at home too.

What we do

We are here to help you make brewing coffee at home simple, rewarding and most importantly, delicious.

Creators of Coffee - About Us

A Little About Us

Hi I am Rachel, the founder of Creators of Coffee. Growing up in Australia I was spoiled for choice when it came to specialty coffee.

In my younger years I entrusted the barista at my local coffee shop to prepare my daily coffee fix. Which was great, until at some point when cash was running low, I tallied up how much those great tasting coffees were costing me…

So I invested in an espresso machine and have never looked back. Over the years I have spent many hours experimenting, tasting and perfecting my coffee skills.

We’d like to point out that here at Creators of Coffee we are not baristas. We are just a team of passionate coffee lovers who like our coffee to taste great and think you probably do too as you are here!

Between us we own a variety of espresso machines, stovetop coffee makers, an Aeropress, French Press and a home coffee roaster. Let’s just say there is a coffee maker for every occasion.

Where to start? If you are looking for a new espresso machine, head over to our reviews.  Our Know Your Coffee Series explains the difference between popular coffee styles. Or if you want to experiment a little, choose from our selection of the best coffee beans.

We are always happy to help so if you have a question, please contact us!