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So you’re looking for gifts for coffee lovers – something special, unique, practical or perhaps something quirky?

To save you time and help you choose, I’ve searched high and low to find you an awesome range of coffee gift ideas for all budgets and occasions.

Whether you’re looking for affordable gifts for coffee lovers under $20, special coffee gifts, cold brew coffee gifts, the perfect coffee gifts for mom or dad or even Secret Santa coffee gifts, I’m confident you will find the perfect coffee present in this Complete Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers.

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My Top Coffee Lovers Gift Picks

If you don’t have time to read my full list of coffee gift ideas, or you aren’t a coffee drinker yourself, listed below are my top 7 picks for gifts for the coffee lover in your life.

These gifts are guaranteed to impress!

How To Choose The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Choosing the perfect coffee present can be tricky, so when deciding what to buy, consider your coffee lover’s interests and personality:

  • Are they a budding home barista, keen on learning the ins and outs of brewing coffee?
  • Perhaps they love unique and fun accessories.
  • Would they love a little everyday luxury with super premium beans?
  • Are they just starting out brewing at home and need some essential coffee gear?

To help you choose, I’ve split the best gifts for espresso lovers into a number of sections below.

I start with coffee subscriptions and premium coffee beans (which are my favorite kind of gift!).

Then I share fabulous coffee gift sets, coffee books and specialty coffee gifts for the home barista.

Next I share some of the best coffee lover gifts for outdoorsy types and travelers plus luxury options ideal as wedding gifts or for that special person in your life.

Finally I cover off some coffee related gifts that are fun Christmas coffee gift ideas – accessories, quirky coffee gifts, and also affordable options for your Secret Santa gifts.

All up there are more than 50 bestselling coffee gifts in this bumper Coffee Gift Guide. So let’s go into it and help you find the best gift for coffee lovers.

Coffee Subscription Gift Ideas

A coffee subscription box is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful and special coffee gifts that just keeps on giving throughout the year.

What could be better than receiving a box of personally selected fresh coffee beans, delivered direct to your coffee lover’s door, each month?

Listed below are 4 of the best coffee subscription boxes for your coffee loving friend with flexible options to suit your budget and coffee preferences.

Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is a premium coffee subscription service with a unique travel focus.

Each month Atlas Coffee deliver freshly roasted coffee direct to your door. The coffee beans come with brewing tips, flavor notes and a postcard of the region.

Think of them as your Coffee Tour Guides! Each subscription can be personalized according to your preferences and delivered on your preferred schedule.

>> Click here to try the Club

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Driftaway Coffee offer a range of coffee gift box options from personalized coffee subscriptions to sampler boxes and coffee gift sets.

All subscriptions begin with a tasting kit with four unique coffee styles to try and rate.

Each coffee delivery is then fully customizable and tailored to your personal tastes.

You can keep track of your favorites within your account, share observations directly with the coffee farmers and discover new coffees from all around the world.

>> Click here to find the perfect subscription

Trade Coffee Subscription

Trade Coffee work with 52 coffee roasters from well known brands to the up and coming to bring your coffee lover the freshest, best quality beans.

You take their fun questionnaire to get started, then provide feedback each month in order to tailor your subscription based on what you like.

Every batch is roasted to order and shipped within 24 hours to guarantee freshness.

>> Click here to compare the options and check the price

BeanBox Coffee Subscription

Bean Box are a well known company with a range of coffee gift baskets and coffee subscriptions.

The BeanBox Monthly Subscription is a curated selection of roasted to order small batch coffee roasters from the Pacific Northwest.

Choose from whole or ground coffee, your preferred roast and frequency and sit back and enjoy coffee from award winning roasters and special one off roasts.

Every batch is roasted to order and shipped fast for maximum freshness.

>> Click here to compare the options and check the price

Coffee Bean Gifts For The Coffee Lover

Sometimes the best coffee gift isn’t the newest coffee gadget, it is just a bag of amazing coffee beans.

If you can’t decide what to buy a coffee lover, you can rest assured that a selection of the highest quality fresh coffee beans make awesome gourmet coffee gifts.

They are the perfect addition to a DIY gourmet coffee basket, but are just as great on their own too. Here are some of the best coffee bean gifts on my list!

Koa Coffee Kona Coffee Beans

There is nothing more special than a bag of Kona whole bean coffee and Koa Coffee offer a fantastic range to choose from.

These Peaberry beans from Koa are in high demand and not always available, so if they’re in stock, grab a bag! You won’t be disappointed.

>> Click here to check the price and current availability

Volcanica Coffee Exotic Estate Coffee

Choose from Volcanica’s range of gorgeous coffee baskets (which are some of the best gourmet coffee gifts) or freshly roasted coffee beans from some of the best regions in the world including Africa and Central America.

If you’re wondering what is the best coffee to gift, my top recommendations from their range are the Jamaica Blue Mountain and the Hawaiian Kona coffee.

>> Click here to check out the full range and price

BeanBox Sampler Coffee Gift Box

This coffee sampler gift set is the perfect coffee lovers gift basket for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Choose your preferred plan and enjoy 4 gourmet coffee samplers from Seattle’s top small batch roasters.

>> Click here to check the price and different options

Best Coffee Gift Sets

One of the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers is a coffee gift set. With everything you need to start making great coffee, here are some of the best coffee gift sets around.

Hario V60 Pour Over Kit Bundle

Hario V60 Pour Over Kit

This Hario pour over kit is one of the best presents for coffee lovers who want to try different brewing methods.

This coffee lover’s gift set has everything you need to start making pour over coffee at home, including the dripper, filters and a glass serving pot.


Nitro Coffee Brew Kit

Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

For the coffee lover who has everything, this Nitro cold brew coffee kit is one of the most cool gifts for coffee lovers.

With the help of nitrogen cartridges, it turns your everyday cold brew into a creamy, bubbly coffee drink similar to beer!

Great for parties and entertaining, this is perfect for those who love the latest coffee gadgets.


Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set

Cold Brew Starter Kit

If you are looking for gifts for cold brew lovers, this cold brew starter kit has everything they need to brew cold coffee at home.

With a mason jar, stainless steel filter, burr grinder, recipes, instructions and coffee beans, these starter kits are very cool coffee gifts for coffee lovers.


Turkish Coffee Gift Set

16 piece Turkish Coffee Making Gift Set

Need gifts for coffee nerds who have everything? This 16 piece Turkish coffee making gift set is one of the more unique coffee gifts you’ll find.

The coffee maker gift set includes a traditional coffee pot, two cups and saucers, a decorative tray and 2 bowls along with two packets of efendi coffee.


Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Snobs

There is a never ending list of gift ideas for coffee snobs. You know, those people who want to learn every coffee brewing method, own every coffee accessory and want to know everything about coffee.

If you know a craft coffee lover who is also a coffee snob, here are some artisan coffee gifts to consider.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Ratio Six Coffee Brewer

This premium drip coffee maker by Ratio is a luxury coffee gift for the lover of drip coffee at home and one of my all time favorites.

With a contemporary matte black design and high quality stainless steel and glass construction, this coffee maker not only looks good but is certified to make great coffee at the push of a button.


World Atlas Of Coffee

The World Atlas of Coffee

This book is the ultimate book on coffee and one of the best gifts for the coffee connoisseur.

It includes detailed information on coffee regions, brewing tutorials and explanations for how coffee is harvested.


Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

For the espresso lover who cannot do without, even on the go, this Wacaco Nanopresso manual espresso maker is sure to impress.

All you need is hot water and ground coffee to produce a delicious shot of espresso, wherever you are.


Coffee Scoop

Apace Living Coffee Scoop

For the coffee snob who has everything, these gorgeous coffee scoops are a lovely (and affordable) gift idea.

Built to last, they are an elegant coffee measure with a comfortable handle design and a choice of three colors.


Brew Better Coffee At Home

Brew Better Coffee Book

Looking for a gift for the coffee connoisseur? This coffee book is perfect for anyone serious about improving their coffee making technique.

Sure, you could watch a you tube video, but is there anything nicer than a hardcover book with beautiful pictures to read while you brew your coffee?


Gifts For Coffee Enthusiasts And Home Baristas

Some people make their coffee the same way every day. Others love to learn new techniques and brewing styles.

Here are some great gift ideas for the coffee enthusiasts or home baristas and in your life.

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Pour over coffee maker

Producing exceptional flavor, this glass coffeemaker with wooden collar and leather tie is a thing of pure beauty and function.

I can assure you that a Chemex will be a much appreciated gift for craft coffee lovers.


Coffee Bean Storage Container

Airscape Coffee Storage Container

Air is the enemy of fresh coffee beans so this patented coffee storage container is the best way to store your coffee beans so they stay fresh for longer.

Made from high quality stainless steel, it is sturdy and stackable and resists staining.


Ceramic Espresso Cups

BlogBlog Demitasse Espresso cups

Forget your everyday espresso cups. These unique Japanese inspired espresso cups are a unique and contemporary cup to enjoy your morning espresso.

Ceramic with a wooden handle, this lovely gift box set is sure to be appreciated.


Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker

1 Gallon Cold Brew coffee maker pitcher

Cold brew is all the rage and this coffee maker is the perfect gift for cold brew coffee lovers.

Made from reinforced thick glass, making cold brew coffee for a crowd couldn’t be easier.

Paired with some of my favorite cold brew coffee beans, they are ideal gifts for iced coffee lovers.


Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum french press

This classic French Press is an essential coffee gadget.

Matched with the right coffee beans you may wonder what all the fuss is about espresso machines!

Also a great option if you’re looking for gift ideas for college students who love coffee.


Coffee Accessories For Coffee Lovers

There is no shortage of coffee accessories to choose from when you are looking for coffee present ideas. Here are some of the best accessories for coffee lovers.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you’re looking for a pour over gift idea for coffee drinkers, this luxury electric gooseneck kettle is the perfect choice.

With variable temperature control, a sleek contemporary design and wooden handle, it is a gorgeous addition to a pour over coffee set up.

It comes in a range of colors including white, pink, blue and a stunning copper.

>> Click here to check the price and read the reviews

Latte Art Gift Set

Latte art set

This fun latte art set is a great gift idea for coffee drinkers who want to create latte art at home.

The set includes a handheld milk frother, stainless steel pitcher, cocoa powder shaker, spoons and and 16 coffee stencils.


Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

Latte art set

Chances are if your coffee lover has a Chemex, the next best coffee gift is a gooseneck kettle like this one.

The inbuilt temperature gauge will ensure water is delivered to your coffee beans at precisely the right temperature.

Plus, the gooseneck spout ensures smooth water flow over those ground beans.


Hario V60 Drip Scale And Timer

Hario V60 Drip coffee scale and timer

If you’re looking for coffee connoisseur gifts the Hario Scale and Timer is a unique coffee gift.

The Hario coffee scales will help your coffee expert achieve the perfect coffee water ratio.

No more guesswork required. Just perfectly weighed, perfectly timed coffee, every time.


Luxhaus Espresso Tamper

Coffee Tamper

If your coffee lover is still using the plastic tamper that came in the box with their espresso machine, this premium coffee tamper is the perfect gift.

These 100% stainless steel coffee tampers are great affordable coffee enthusiast gifts to help pull the perfect espresso shot.


Automatic Milk Frother

Coffee Tamper

Automatic milk frothers are great gifts for latte lovers who don’t have a machine with a milk frother.

This one by Breville has a ton of features, from controlling milk temperature, to different discs for lattes and cappuccino and you can even use it to make hot chocolate for the kids!


Gifts For Iced Coffee Lovers

Iced coffee is one of the most popular coffee drinks. If you’re buying a gift for a cold coffee lover, here are some great iced coffee lover gifts to choose from.

Hyperchiller HC2 Coffee Cooler


The Hyperchiller coffee coolers are such cool coffee gadgets and one of the best iced coffee gift ideas.

Pour your hot coffee into the cooler and in 60 seconds your coffee is ice cold! You can use it for tea, wine and spirits too.

With the Hyperchiller you can enjoy ice cold coffee drinks in the same time it takes to brew hot coffee.


Reusable Straws Set

Hiware reusable Silicone straws

These reusable straws are fun, cheap and practical iced coffee gifts.

The long silicone straws are perfect for iced coffees or coffee smoothies, and for both hot and cold drinks.

They are compatible with most travel tumblers and are dishwasher safe too.


Coffee Ice Cube Trays

Silicone ice cube trays

If your coffee drinking friend regularly drinks cold brew or iced coffee, they know adding regular ice dilutes your coffee.

So instead, freeze brewed coffee in these cool coffee ice trays and add the coffee ice cubes to your cold coffee instead.

These ice cube trays are great cheap gifts for coffee lovers and perfect to add to DIY coffee gift baskets.


Travel Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

For anyone looking for gifts for people who like coffee and travel, there is no shortage of good coffee gifts listed in this coffee gift guide.

Read on as I share my top four travel coffee cup gift ideas.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

Zojirushi TRavel Coffee Mug

For anyone who loves to drink coffee on the go, whether it is in the car or train, the Zojirushi coffee thermos make the best coffee gifts.

Stainless steel with vacuum insulation they come in a range of sizes and will keep your coffee warm for up to 6 hours!

Combine with a portable coffee maker for the ultimate gift for travel lovers.


KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

KeepCup 12 oz reusable coffee cup

In a world rapidly filling with garbage, the reusable KeepCup for your takeout coffee is one of the most environmentally friendly coffee lover gifts.

Coming in a range of colors and sizes, they are made from toughened glass and come with a convenient silicone band around the middle.


Collapsible Coffee Cup

Stojo on the go coffee cup

These gorgeous collapsible coffee cups by Stojo come in a huge range of colors for him and her.

They collapse down to just 4″ x 2″ in size and are perfect for storing in your handbag or backpack to enjoy coffee when you are out and about.

If you are looking for gifts for coffee lovers under $25, this is a great choice.


Insulated Coffee Mug

Simple Modern insulated travel mug

A thermal coffee mug gift is the perfect gift for your coffee lover and these insulated tumblers by Simple Modern are double walled and vacuum sealed with a leak resistant lid.

They come in a huge range of colors. And best of all they donate 10% of their profits to helping others each year.


Gifts For Someone Who Loves Coffee Outdoors

There are so many outdoor coffee gift ideas, I have had to restrain myself and list only three. Camp coffee has certainly come a long way from the days of cowboy coffee.

Your outdoor coffee lover will never have to drink bad coffee again with these camping coffee gift ideas.

Cafflano All In One Coffee Maker

Cafflano Klassic coffee maker

For the best all in one solution to good coffee on the go, the Cafflano Klassic portable coffee maker is my top choice.

This surprisingly compact brewer includes a fully adjustable grinder, drip kettle, stainless steel dripper and insulated tumbler – amazing!!


GSI Outdoor Commuter JavaPress

GSI Outdoors Outdoor french press coffee maker

If your coffee lover loves to get outdoors and go camping, they will tell you how hard it can be to make good coffee.

Thankfully the GSI Outdoor JavaPress is a super easy way to make french press coffee outdoors.

Pair with a manual hand grinder for the perfect outdoor coffee set up.


Aeropress Coffeemaker

Aeropress Go Portable Travel Press

For backpacking travellers, the Aeropress Go Travel Coffeemaker is one of the best gifts for coffee drinkers.

Light and compact, quick to make, all you need is access to hot water and you can have a delicious cup of coffee wherever you are.


Manual Coffee Grinder

1Zpresso Q2 manual coffee grinder

A compact manual coffee grinder is one of the best coffee gift ideas for coffee drinkers who love to get outdoors and enjoy top quality coffee.

The 1Zpresso Q2 grinder is made from stainless steel and considered one of the best small manual coffee grinders.

It actually fits right inside the Aeropress for easy storage too!


Luxury Coffee Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

If you have a special coffee lover in your life, or you’re searching for wedding gifts for coffee lovers, one of these coffee makers, grinders and roasters will certainly be loved.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

Breville BES500 Bambino Plus

If you’re looking for high end gifts for espresso lovers, the Breville Bambino Plus is it.

One of my favorite espresso machines for making great coffee at home.

With a compact size, automatic milk frother and easy to use control panel, your coffee lover will love this machine almost as much as they love you.


Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso Grinder

Every home barista knows how important it is to use freshly ground coffee beans.

With 40 grind settings, simple to use controls and a small footprint on the kitchen bench, this Baratza is an excellent grinder.

Buy this best selling coffee grinder from the award winning company, Baratza, and your coffee lover will whip you up the best tasting coffee you have ever had to say thank you.


Fresh Roast SR800 Coffee Roaster

Fresh Roast coffee roaster

Once you start making great coffee at home, the next step for coffee enthusiasts is often to start roasting coffee beans at home.

If you’re searching for gifts for coffee roasters, this home coffee roaster by Fresh Roast is the perfect gift.

Roasting up to 8oz per batch, this is one of the best home coffee roasters on the market and so easy to use.


Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Drinkers at Home

If your coffee lover has a coffee station at home, here are some great coffee accessories for the home.

Fellow Double Walled Ceramic Mugs

Fellow make gorgeous coffee products and these matte ceramic mugs are no exception.

The sleek no handle design and stylish copper base of the Joey ceramic mug is made possible thanks to the double walled design.

Available in matte black or white in 8 oz or a larger 12 oz size, these coffee cups are the perfect luxury gift for the coffee lover in your life.

>> Click here to check the price and read the reviews

Temperature Control Coffee Mugs

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Seriously, there are thousands of coffee warmers to choose from, but if you’re looking for coffee mug gift ideas, this Ember temperature controlled coffee mug is certainly a unique and one of the best options.

With features like app control, auto sleep and a SMART LED light you would be forgiven thinking this coffee mug had come straight from a James Bond movie.


Travel Themed Coffee Mug

Camp Casual travel cup

Enjoy your coffee at home with a travel themed coffee mug. This range of gorgeous retro printed 15 oz ceramic coffee mugs are the perfect gift for the outdoor lovers in your life.

They look like an enamel camping cup, but are actually ceramic mugs that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

There are quite a few different designs to collect and enjoy at home and make great coffee drinker gifts.


Starbucks Coffee Mugs

Starbucks Been there mugs

If you are looking for Starbucks coffee gifts, these Been There Series mugs are super fun coffee accessories to give your coffee lover.

Choose from a range of cities both in the US and internationally.


Coffee Art Print / Poster

Coffee Art Print

If your coffee lover has a coffee bar in the house, these contemporary posters are great coffee gifts.

With so many different coffee styles it can be hard to remember the difference between all of them!

A good reminder of the different coffee drinks and ratios of coffee to milk, it is 12″ x 16″ and comes unframed.


Quirky Coffee Gifts For People Who Love Coffee

What coffee presents do you buy for someone who is a little quirky? A quirky coffee gift of course! Here are some fun coffee accessories for the coffee drinker.

Coffee Phone Cover

Coffee Phone Cover

Do you have a phone obsessed person who loves their coffee? Well, they are going to love you when you buy this coffee phone cover.

Made from flexible silicone and available for a wide range of smartphone models it is the perfect stocking filler.


Coffee Cup Cozy

Hug your mug cup cozy

This super cute knitted coffee cup cozy protects your hands from the heat and means no more disposable coffee cup grippers!

It will also keep your coffee hot for longer.

The coffee cup cozy stretches, so will fit a range of coffee cup sizes (12-20oz cups). If you are looking for small coffee gifts, this is a good option.


Unique Coffee Products

If you are looking for coffee related gift ideas that aren’t for drinking, here are some coffee based gifts for use in the home.

Coffee Scented Candle

Espresso bean scented candle

If you’re looking for simple coffee Christmas gifts, these luxury hand poured soy candles are just the ticket.

Handcrafted in the US, they are long lasting and come highly recommended by many happy customers.

It is a great choice if you are looking for inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers at colleagues or school.


Coffee Body & Face Scrub

Coffee body scrub

There are a lot of great beauty products for coffee lovers and this coffee scrub by Brooklyn Botany is one of them.

Coffee grounds are blended with coconut oil, salt and shea butter for an invigorating scrub for use on your face and body.

This product is great for birthday gifts for coffee lovers.


Coffee Dish Towel

Coffee cotton dish towel

Looking for affordable coffee related gifts for the home? These dish towels are a fun housewarming gift for coffee drinkers.

Screen printed and handmade in the US, they are 100% cotton and sized at 28″ x 28″. One of the nicest gifts for coffee lovers under $20.


Secret Santa Gifts For Coffee Lovers

When did secret santa gifts become a thing? I actually find these some of the most difficult gifts to buy as they are usually for a co-worker, a long lost relative or neighbour..

You could buy some coffee socks, but here are some unique secret santa gift ideas that are coffee themed gifts.

Iced Coffee Sleeves

Neoprene Iced coffee sleeves

For Starbucks and Dunkin iced coffee lovers, these neoprene iced coffee cup sleeves are such a great gift idea.

The 3 pack includes 3 different sized sleeves to suit grande, venti and trenta sizes and they come in a huge range of patterns and colors!

They are reusable and can be machine or hand washed too.


Wooden Coffee Scoop And Clip

Wood coffee scoop and clip

If you are looking for gifts for coffee lovers under $10, this 2 in 1 wooden coffee scoop and clip is a great choice.

Made from Beechwood, it doubles as a coffee measuring spoon and clip to keep your coffee beans fresh in the bag.

It is actually a pretty cool secret santa coffee gift that may actually get some use.


Iced Coffee Glass Set

Can shaped glass and straw set

For your iced coffee loving co-workers, this 4 pc can glasses set is a lovely, practical gift idea.

Each glass comes with a bamboo lid and glass straw and the set includes a cleaning brush too.

Perfect to enjoy your iced and blended coffee drinks at home.


Coffee Cup Warmer

Vobaga Coffee Mug warmer

No more cold cups of coffee with this compact and elegant coffee mug warmer.

This cute coffee mug warmer makes a great coffee gift idea for coworkers, friends with a new baby or as a secret santa gift idea.

It comes in a range of colors and is a great gift for busy coffee lovers.


Best Coffee Gifts For Dad

A special section just for coffee gifts for Dad. Because, well, dads are so darned hard to buy for IMHO.

If nothing on this list has grabbed your attention already for your dad, then perhaps one of these coffee gifts for him will suit.

Coffee T-Shirt

Coffee heartbeat t-shirt

A t-shirt is perhaps one of the safest coffee gifts for men.

100% cotton, designed and printed in the United States and in a huge range of colors this t-shirt will make your Dad’s day.

And if he doesn’t like it, wear it yourself!


Coffee Cap

Coffee baseball cap

You can never have too many hats, can you?

100% cotton with an adjustable buckle closure, this design will suit many a coffee (and dog) dad!


More Coffee Lover Gift Ideas

I hope you found some great coffee gift ideas in this list.

If you’re still looking for the best gift ideas for coffee lovers read my coffee accessories articles where I share more of my favorite coffee gear.

Plus you will find more great coffee gifts in these reviews:

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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