The Best Scales for Coffee (2020 Guide)

If you want to have the absolute perfect tasting cup of coffee, time after time, then you really should consider investing in the best coffee scale.  The best scales for coffee brewing remove all the guesswork and help you make amazing tasting coffee, exactly the way you like it, every single time.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a barista scale for your morning brew, but have no idea where to start, then our coffee scale reviews will point you in the right direction. 

In this guide I will take you through everything you need to consider in terms of buying a great coffee brewing scale and also compare a couple of coffee weighing machine options currently on the market.

Whether you’re looking for the best espresso scale, the best pour over coffee scale or a set of scales for another coffee brewing method, I have no doubt you will find the coffee bean scale that’s just perfect for you in this best kitchen scale for coffee guide.

coffee flat lay - best coffee scale

My Pick for the Best Coffee Scale: Hario Scale V60

Don’t have time to read my entire coffee scale reviews and just want to hear my recommendation for one?  I just love the Hario scale. Not only is the Hario V60 coffee drip scale a great price, it contains everything you need to make consistently gorgeous tasting coffee.

Keep reading below for my full review on the Hario V60 drip scale or click here to check the price now.

Comparison of The Best Scales for Coffee 2020

Below is a handy table where you can see all the coffee digital scale options reviewed within this guide.  It lists the various features side by side to help you choose a coffee scale that’s just perfect for you.

Keep reading below for more information on each of the coffee scales listed below.

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Hario V60 Scale
• 0.1g precision
• Timer
• Auto Shut Off with Override
• 2 AAA Batteries
4.9Check Price
American Weigh Scales Pocket Scale
• 0.1g precision
• 2 AAA Batteries
• 10 year warranty
4.5Check Price
Acaia Scale Lunar
• 0.1g precision
• Rechargeable USB power supply
• Water Resistant
• Timer
• 20 ms response time
• 2 year warranty
4.5Check Price
Acaia Pearl Digital Coffee Scale
• 0.1g precision
• 20 ms response time
• Timer
• Auto Shut Off
• Rechargeable USB power supply
4.9Check Price
Brewista Pour Over Coffee Scale
• 0.1g precision
• Timer
• Auto Shut Off
• Water Resistant
• Rechargeable USB power supply
4.7Check Price
Coffee Gator Digital Scale with Timer
• 0.1g precision
• Timer
• 2 AAA Batteries
4.5Check Price
HuiSmart Digital Coffee Scale
• Timer
• 0.1g precision
• Auto Shut Off
• 2 AAA Batteries
4.0Check Price
ERAVSOW Coffee Scale
• Timer
• 0.1g precision
• Auto Shut Off
• 2 AAA Batteries
4.1Check Price
Etekcity Digital Kitchen

• 1g precision
• 2 AAA Batteries
4.0Check Price
Ozeri Kitchen Scales
• 1g precision
• Auto Shut Off
• 2 Lithium Batteries
4.0Check Price

Why You Need A Coffee Brewing Scale

So why do you need a weighing scale for coffee? One of the essential steps for brewing great coffee at home is getting the coffee to water ratio right. This is pretty hard to achieve without a coffee scale.

When measuring coffee using the scoop method, you’ll generally be a bit over or a bit under. Coffee bean weight varies depending on how fresh they are, so even if you use the same scoop each time, the weight may differ.

You probably already know coffee beans can be expensive, so using the best coffee weighing scale to measure out your coffee will help reduce waste too.

Regardless of whether you enjoy pour over coffee, espresso, french press coffee or other coffee brewing methods, a coffee scale will help you achieve the right water to coffee ratio. As a result you will achieve more consistency in your daily cup of joe.

Can I Use My Digital Kitchen Scale?

You may already own kitchen scales to cook and bake, so you’re probably wondering why you need to grab yourself a special coffee scale – right?

Well you can of course use everyday kitchen scales. But there are some special features that make it worth purchasing the best digital scale for coffee.


When it comes to brewing the perfect coffee, every gram or even 1/10th of a gram matters.  Coffee scales are far more precise than your everyday kitchen scales.

Auto Shut Off Override

Your standard kitchen scales tend to have an auto shut off function to save battery life, however when it comes to weighing and brewing coffee it takes time. If your scales turn off mid-brew it can be pretty frustrating. 

The best coffee scales generally don’t feature an auto shut off function, have an override function when the timer is in use or have a longer time before the auto-off function is activated.


Everyday kitchen scales don’t have timers on them – whereas many coffee scales do. 

A coffee scale with timer allows you to set a timer while the coffee is brewing.  This way you will know the perfect amount of time to pour your coffee.


Coffee scales are often waterproof or at least water resistant to protect from any liquid spills.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Coffee Weighing Scale

In order to purchase the best coffee scale that is right for you, consider the following factors.


Consider the brewing method you use before rushing out to buy a coffee scale.  If you use the pour over method, the best pour over scale is one big enough for the decanter to rest on (and with a higher total weight capacity). 

On the other hand, if you’re just going to be placing a small filter basket on the scales, then a smaller scale will be fine.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the scales in terms of your ability to store them and whether you want it to be portable so you can take it to the office with you or when you are away on vacation.


The very best coffee scales are super accurate.  The best scale for coffee brewing can measure in increments of 0.1g and detect a change in weight from evaporation and temperature.

Tare Function

Scales with a tare function are handy and convenient as it means you can weigh your coffee directly in the brewer or filter. 

All you need to do is put the brewer (or filter or French press or whatever it is you may use) on the scales, zero the weight out and then add your coffee.

For pour over methods you can then press the tare function again when you begin pouring the water.

espresso coffee gear scales


If you like to brew your coffee manually a timer is another handy feature to have in built into your coffee scales. 

With a coffee scale and timer combo, once you have the perfect amount of coffee grounds and water you can leave it sit on the scales, set the timer and the scales will let you know when your coffee is ready to pour.

Coffee scales with timer are perfect for chemex brewing, manual pour over filters, and french press coffee.

Water Resistant

Given you’re making coffee on your scales, it’s a good idea to consider getting scales that are water resistant. 

You can also get coffee weighing scales that are waterproof – but as long as it is water resistant this should suffice. 

Make sure the buttons are also protected from any spillages.


If you want to take your coffee scales to work with you, or while you go on vacation, look for one that is lightweight and small in size. There are some great pocket scales, and we have listed our favorite below.

Auto Shut Off

An auto shut off function is great in order to save battery life on your coffee scales, however some of the best coffee scales DON’T have an auto shut off. 

The reason being is that if you’re using a manual coffee brewing process, the scales may tend to turn off before you have finished brewing.

If you make pour over coffee at home, the best coffee scale for pour over will have an override function while the timer is on so your scales don’t turn off mid-brew, or they at least have a longer time before shutting off.

Power Supply

If you plan on using your coffee scales every day, you will soon go through a lot of batteries – particularly if you use them to manually brew coffee. 

Some coffee scales come with rechargeable batteries to save on replacing batteries regularly. Others have a USB connection or can be plugged into a power source. 

Keep in mind that coffee scales that require power aren’t as portable in the kitchen and you may need to find a permanent spot for them to sit on your kitchen bench.

The Best Digital Coffee Scale Reviews

Here we share our top coffee scale recommendations.

1. Hario Drip Scale V60 Review

Best coffee scale 2020

The Hario V60 drip scale is the best coffee scale with timer and best all rounder for coffee enthusiasts. This digital coffee scale comes packed with all the features you need to brew the perfect cuppa every morning.

The Hario coffee scale takes all the guesswork out of coffee brewing.  The Hario V60 scale has the capability to measure in 0.1-gram increments and features an integrated drip timer which enables you to set the perfect bloom and pour time. 

The scale has a tare button as well as an auto power off function, but it won’t operate while the timer is operating. We love this feature and if you are looking for the best scale for Chemex coffee brewing, the Hario scales should be high on your list.

In terms of size, the Hario weighing scale is of a medium size at 7.4 x 4.7 x 1.1″, so great for placing your brewer on top up to a total capacity of 2000 g. Note scale measurements are in grams only. The scale is powered by two AAA batteries (included).

If you are serious about getting your coffee to water ratio just right and want a top-rated coffee scale, the Hario digital scale is well worth considering.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

2. American Weigh Scales Pocket Scale Review

Best compact coffee scale

If you’re after super small scales that don’t cost the earth – the American Weigh Scales are for you. Don’t let its small size or cheap price fool you, this portable small coffee scale includes all the features you need to make great coffee. 

With the ability to measure a 10th of a gram of coffee, you will consistently make good coffee time after time.

The AWS digital pocket scale is the ideal travel coffee scale as it is small, lightweight and comes with a lid for protection. It is just 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.8″ in size and can display both grams and ounces.

Other features of these tiny scales include a tare button and the included two AAA batteries to operate. It is a great choice if you enjoy making coffee when camping or traveling by RV.

Backed by a whopping 10-year warranty, coffee lovers all over the world can purchase these little scales with absolute confidence. They are one of the best pocket scale options on the market.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

3. Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale Review

Best scales for espresso

If you are looking for the best espresso scales, then you’re going to want to take a look at this top of the range Acaia Lunar coffee scale.  Packed with so many great features, there isn’t much these scales can’t do.

The Acaia scale is capable of measuring 1/10 of a gram of coffee and has a super-fast 20 millisecond response time – so great for accuracy when you’re pulling an espresso shot on your espresso machine.  It has a built-in timer too.

Where this espresso scale with timer really differs from the others is its Bluetooth capabilities.  Yes that’s right!  This bluetooth coffee scale can connect to an App so you can track and monitor your brew settings.  There is an auto-off function but the settings can be customized in the app.

The breadth of features make this scale one of the best barista scales, particularly for trainee baristas. The scale provides precision, accuracy and makes the process of learning to make great coffee so much easier.

The Lunar Acaia scales are also water resistant and at 5.3 x 2.2 x 5.5″ they fit on most espresso machine trays. They measure in both grams and ozs, come with a calibration weight and a two year warranty.

If you are looking for the best scale for espresso, you can’t go past the Acaia Lunar Scale – all your coffee friends will be so jealous!

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

4. Acaia Pearl Scale Review

If the Acaia Lunar is a little out of your price range, yet you still want a scale considered one of the best scales for coffee, then the Acaia Pearl scale is a good choice.

Basically the Pearl Acaia coffee scale has all the same cool features of the Lunar, but without the hefty price tag.  It comes in a choice of black or white.

It will still measure a 1/10 of a gram of coffee in 20 milliseconds, has USB rechargeable power with 25 hours of life, a built-in timer and capable of Bluetooth connection. The Pearl has the same capacity as the Lunar at 4.4 lbs / 2 kg capacity and like it’s brother can measure in both grams and ounces.

The main difference between the two scales is that the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is a little bigger than the Lunar at 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.8 “, it isn’t as water resistant (they say it’s spill proof rather than water resistant) and it comes with a shorter 1-year warranty.

As you can see the Pearl and Lunar scales are very similar with only a few slight differences.  Unless you are looking for a compact waterproof coffee scale, the Pearl would be my recommendation between the two.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

5. Brewista Ratio Pour Over Scale Review (BWRRS1)

Coffee drinkers who brew their cuppa using the pour over method will love the Brewista Ratio Scale, which is another highly rated set of scales for coffee lovers.

One of the cool things about this Brewista scale is how it automatically calculates how much water is required based on the amount of coffee grounds used and based on your preferred ratio.  It has seven preset coffee to water ratios. So no more guesswork and perfect for different brewing methods! 

The display shows actual and desired pour rates so you can achieve the recommended pour rate. This is great too if you’re a beginner and still trying to figure it all out. This feature is the top reason we think this is the best scale for pour over coffee.

The Brewista Ratio scales are made from durable food safe plastic and feature silicone non slip pads on the base to ensure it stays securely fixed to the kitchen bench.  They measure 8.3 x 6.5 x 1.8″ in size, making them one of the largest scales on our list.

Other features include the ability to measure 1/10 of a gram, auto tare button, built in timer, water resistant and it has a USB rechargeable battery making it great for the environment and your hip pocket.

Packed with some great features, the Brewista coffee scale is ideal for those wanting to take their coffee skills to the next level and is one of the best coffee bean scale options in this list.

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6. Coffee Gator Scale Review

Best affordable coffee scale

If you’re after a cheap set of coffee scales, then consider the Coffee Gator scales.  These scales are suitable no matter what sort of brewing method you prefer.

Precisely accurate being able to weigh anything from 0.003 ounces to 6.6 pounds (plus weigh in grams too).  It also comes with an additional tray that you can place on the scales which is great to weigh coffee beans in bulk (such as when roasting) and other food items too.

These coffee brewing scales come with a non-slip rubber mat and feet to ensure they safely stay in place during the brewing process.  Other features of these scales include a tare button and built in timer and a size of 8.9 x 6 x 7.9″.

The Coffee Gator scale does everything you need – measures coffee, water and times your brew to ensure you have consistently great tasting coffee day after day. They are without doubt the best cheap coffee scale on our list.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

7. HuiSmart Coffee Scale Review

Another great inexpensive coffee scales to consider is this one by Huismart.  It features everything you need to make great tasting coffee, at the fraction of the price of some of the other scales featured in these reviews. They make a great all rounder coffee scale for beginners.

Like all good coffee scales, the Huismart coffee scale is precise and accurate, measuring coffee to an accuracy of 0.1g.  It also has a built-in timer, tare function and requires two AAA batteries to operate. It has a large 6.6 lb / 3kg capacity and overall size of 7.9 x 5.1 x 1.2″ and can weigh both grams and ounces.

One of the things I love about these scales is the detachable mat, which is great for cleaning.  The mat also helps to protect the mechanism sensors.  Plus I like how it has a built in hanger, which makes it easy to store away or the wall when not in use.

No need to spend a fortune on top of the range coffee scales. If you are looking for an affordable option, with the Huismart digital coffee scale you can have gorgeous tasting coffee every morning at a fraction of the cost.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

8. ERAVSOW Digital Hand Drip Coffee Scale Review

For beginner home coffee baristas, the ERAVSOW coffee scales are a good option to consider.  These coffee scales are similar to the Coffee Gator and HuiSmart reviewed above featuring all the essentials and all at a good low price.

With the ERAVSOW coffee scale, the measure is less precise, with the scales able to measure to an accuracy of 1 gram of coffee (in both grams and ounces).  The scales include a built-in timer, tare function and two included AAA batteries which are required for operation. 

The generous 6.6 lb / 3kg capacity and stainless-steel platform of the Eravsow scale makes them easy to clean, so you can use these scales to weigh a range of other food items, not just coffee. It does have an auto-off function after 5 minutes. With a convenient hanger hole this scale is easy to store away when not in use. The scales measure 7.7 x 6.1 x 1.15″.

Coming with a 1-year warranty, these inexpensive ERAVSOW digital scales are a great all rounder and ideal for beginners.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

9. Etekcity Scale Review

If you’re after budget coffee scales, it’s worth considering a high-quality set of standard kitchen scales. These Etekcity scales are a prime example and our top pick for the best budget coffee scale. 

The Etekcity digital kitchen scale is made from food grade stainless steel and has laminated buttons which make it easy to clean.  Features include a tare button, the overall size is 7 x 5.5 x 0.7″ and measurement can be made in ounces, grams, ml and pounds.

Even though the Etekcity is a scale for weighing food, they are surprisingly accurate with the ability to weigh just 1 gram of coffee.  Note the auto off function activates after just 2 minutes, so these scales aren’t a great choice for pour over coffee brewing.

With the included 1-year warranty you can purchase these inexpensive scales with confidence.  Plus these scales are by far the cheapest in these reviews, yet still feature all the essentials for making a great tasting cuppa.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

10. Ozeri Kitchen Scale Review

Another great set of kitchen scales that are worth considering for weighing coffee is the Ozeri Touch Professional kitchen scales.  In fact I recommend these as the best multipurpose coffee scales.

The Ozeri Touch scale has a nice stylish look and it comes in a great range of colors – so will certainly look the part in the kitchen. 

The Ozeri kitchen scale, features coloured tempered glass which is 4 times stronger than normal glass as well as high precision sensors that can measure coffee accurate to 1 gram. 

These scales also feature a tare button, can weigh in both grams and ounces, have a large LCD screen and run on 2 lithium batteries. Like the Etekcity, the scale powers off after two minutes of inactivity.

In terms of size, this Ozeri scale is one of the larger ones in these reviews at 9 x 6 x 0.6″, so not the best if you’re after something portable, however they are exceptionally thin and lightweight. 

For coffee drinkers after a good quality set of scales to both measure their coffee as well as help them out in the kitchen, the Ozeri kitchen scales are a great one to consider.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the current price

We hope you found the best coffee scales 2020 in our coffee scale review.

See our top recommendations for the best coffee beans here. If you love pour over coffee read our guide to the best electric gooseneck kettles. Don’t have the time? Check out our best automatic pour over coffee maker reviews.

To read more of our coffee accessories articles click here.

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