The Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker [2024 Reviews]



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If you love brewing your coffee using the pour over method but find you just don’t have the time in the morning, perhaps its time to consider investing in the best automatic pour over coffee maker.

With an automatic pour over machine, you can have great tasting coffee without the need to brew it yourself manually.

If you’ve been considering purchasing an automatic pour over coffee machine, but are not sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place!

In these automatic pour over coffee maker reviews, I not only take you through all the various factors to consider when purchasing the best electric pour over coffee maker, but I also compare some of the most popular automatic pour over coffee makers currently on the market.

Let’s get into it and help you choose the best auto pour over coffee maker!

Automatic pour over coffee machine on table with cups.

The Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews Comparison Chart 2024

Below is a handy table where you can see all the different top pour over coffee makers reviewed within this guide.

Keep reading below for more information on each of the electric pour over coffee machine options.

ImageModelCupsCarafeProgrammableOur RatingPrice
Bonavita Connoisseur Coffee MakerBonavita BV1901TS One-Touch Coffee Maker8 cupsGlass & ThermalNo4.6CHECK
Breville Previsions BrewerBreville BDC450 Precision Brewer12 cupsStainless Steel ThermalYes5.0CHECK
Ratio Six brewerRatio Six Automatic Pour Over Brewer8 cupsStainless Steel ThermalNo5.0CHECK
Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee MakerTechnivorm Moccamaster KBGV10 cupsGlassNo4.8CHECK
OXO Brew 9 Cup coffee makerOXO BREW Coffee Maker9 cupsStainless Steel ThermalYes4.8CHECK
Cuisinart PurePrecision Coffee BrewerCuisinart CPO-850 Coffee Brewer8 cupsGlass & ThermalYes4.5CHECK
Hamilton Beach Automatic Coffee MakerHamilton Beach 46700 Pour Over Machine8 cupsGlassYes4.4CHECK
Glass Ratio Eight Coffee Maker Ratio Eight Coffee Maker8 cupsGlassNo5.0CHECK
Brim Pour Over coffee maker kitBrim Pour Over Coffee Maker8 cupsGlassNo4.2CHECK

My Pick For The Best Electric Pour Over Coffee Maker: Breville Precision Coffee Maker

If you don’t have time to read my entire auto pouring machine guide, here’s a quick look at our pick for the top rated pour over coffee maker, the Breville Precision.

Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer

The Breville can brew large pots of coffee for entertaining and single serve cups too. It also has a huge range of adjustable settings and a gold cup preset feature if you want to brew coffee to SCAA guidelines.

These impressive features are why the Breville Precision brewer is the top choice on our list of the best automatic pour over coffee makers.


What Is An Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine?

Automatic pour over coffee makers are designed to replicate the manual pour over brewing method without the need for you to be involved in the process.

They are a lot like regular drip coffee machines, but with some very important differences that completely change the taste of the coffee.

The main differences between an auto pour over coffee machine and a regular drip coffee machine are:

  • How the water temperature is controlled.
  • and how the water is dispensed over the coffee.

We discuss these features below. Want to skip the features to consider? Click here to hop straight to the reviews.

Controlled Water Temperature

With an automatic pour over coffee brewer, the water is heated to the optimal temperature and held at this temperature during the entire brewing process.

In some machines the heated water is even kept separately from the water storage tank to ensure the water is maintained at the correct temperature.

Some drip coffee machines have this feature, but many don’t.

Automatic Water Distribution

In an automated pour over coffee machine, once the water has been heated to the optimal temperature, the water is then distributed across the grounds evenly using a showerhead system to allow the coffee grounds to “bloom”.

The term “bloom” refers to the process of allowing the coffee grounds first to absorb some of the water and then release the oils, which give coffee its great flavour.

Once the blooming process has occurred, the water is once again evenly distributed over the grounds to complete the brewing process, often with a pulsing pattern.

This is different to a standard drip coffee maker, where the water is dispensed directly into the basket in which the coffee grounds are kept, in a continuous stream. 

This process tends to flood the basket and results in poorer flavour extraction as opposed to the pour over method.

Automatic Pour Over vs Drip Coffee Maker

So as you can see, an automated pour over machine is quite different to a regular drip coffee machine. Don’t be fooled by reviews that call regular drip coffee makers automatic pour over coffee makers.

An auto pour over machine will have much better control over water temperature.

Plus they will have a pre-infusion or bloom function and better quality showerheads to distribute the water more evenly over the coffee grounds to ensure a flavorful cup of coffee.

Close up of white pourover coffee machine carafe.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker (Automatic)?

To purchase the best pour over coffee machines, give consideration to the following features. 

Water Capacity And Size

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing an automatic pour over coffee brewer is how many people you will be brewing coffee for at any given time.

Will it just be for yourself? If so a single cup pour over coffee maker may suffice.

Do you drink multiple cups or perhaps there are a few of you who drink coffee at the same time? If so, you are best to purchase a large pour cover coffee maker.

In terms of the size, consider the capacity of the carafe that holds the coffee.

Usually, these are measured as the number of cups, but sometimes a machine will just list how many ounces / liters it holds.

You might also need to consider how much space you have on your kitchen counter top.

The size of pour over coffee machines can vary quite a bit, so do measure up the space you have in mind for it in the kitchen and ensure the pour over brewer you choose will fit nicely.

closeup of brewed coffee in glass carafe.

Water Temperature Control

When it comes to the best way to make pour over coffee, the water temperature is crucial for a good cup of coffee!

The best temperature for pour over coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 – 96 degrees Celsius).

Ensure the pour over coffee system you purchase is capable of not only heating the water to this temperature but also maintaining this temperature during the entire brewing process.

Thermal Carafe Or Hot Plate

While a hot plate might sound like a good idea to keep your coffee hot, the fact is this creates poor tasting coffee as it’s continually “cooking” the coffee after brewing.

A good alternative is to look for a pour over coffee set that comes with a thermal carafe to keep the coffee hot. Some of the very best pour over machines have double wall insulated carafes.

However, for the very best tasting coffee, it’s best to make just the right amount that will be consumed within 30 minutes from the end of the brewing process.

Number Of Programmable Settings

Just like any other coffee machine on the market, the best pour over coffee makers come with a variety of programmable options and display settings.

Some machines allow you to set it the night before so that brewing starts at a certain time and you can wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

When it comes to an automatic pour through coffee maker, check whether it comes with a “blooming” step – this step is essential to extracting the perfect flavours from the coffee beans.

It’s also recommended to look for pour over coffee equipment that has a digital display.

This is much easier to navigate than one with simple indicator lights, particularly when it comes to programming your machine.

Paper filter and coffee grounds sitting in the top of a pour over coffee maker.

Ease Of Cleaning

If you end up with a pour over maker that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually the best pour over coffee machine after all.

Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy, so you know how involved the process will be.

For the best pour over coffee dripper, look for removable parts, such as the filter basket, carafe and showerhead that are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning.

The more features and components the machine has, the longer it will take you to clean.


For a long lasting and durable pour over automatic coffee maker, look for one that has parts made with stainless steel or glass.

The main parts to consider are the filter basket, carafe and showerhead.

The best pour over drip coffee maker models all come with a warranty, which can give you some idea of what to expect from their durability.

It’s recommended that you take into consideration the brand’s reputation for making durable products as well as read other pour over filter coffee maker reviews. 

Best Auto Pour Over Coffee Maker Summary

To recap, here are the best automatic pour over coffee machine models reviewed below:

  • Bonavita BV1901TS pour-over coffee maker, 8 cups
  • Breville BDC450BSS Precision auto pour over coffee maker, 12 cups
  • Ratio Six matte black pourover machine, 6 cups
  • Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV pour over coffee machine, 10 cups
  • OXO Brew pourover brewer, 9 cups
  • Cuisinart CPO-850 pourover coffee machine, 8 cups
  • Hamilton Beach 46700 pour over machine, 8 cups
  • Ratio Eight pour over coffee maker, 8 cups
  • Brim Automatic pour over coffee maker, 8 cups

The Best Automatic Pour Over Machine Reviews 2024

1. Bonavita 8-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Best affordable automatic pour over coffee machine

Bonavita Connoisseur One-Touch Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Thermal
  • Warming Plate: No
  • Programmable: No


The Bonavita 1901TS is a reliable pour over coffee maker with a small price tag yet it has some high quality features.

The Bonavita machine comes with an 8 cup carafe, and you can choose from either glass or double walled thermal stainless steel.

The powerful 1500 watt motor delivers and maintains the water at the optimal temperature, and the bloom setting allows for a smoother cup of coffee.

The flat bottomed filter basket on this machine, coupled with the showerhead design ensures an even distribution of water throughout the coffee grinds.

The Bonavita also features an automatic shut off setting, so you don’t have to worry about excess energy consumption and all plastic on the machine is 100% BPA free.

Unfortunately this machine does not have an automatic start option and it isn’t programmable. But it brews a full carafe in just 6 minutes, so is super quick.

But still, this is one of the best pour over electric coffee maker options, particularly if you already own a manual pour over coffee maker such as the Chemex and would like to have the option of manual or automatic brewing.

You can just pop the Chemex straight underneath the showerhead to convert it into a Chemex auto pour over for easy coffee brewing on days when you don’t have time to oversee the full brewing process.

The Bonavita BV1900TS 8 cup coffee maker comes with a two year warranty. It is not exactly a cheap pour over coffee maker, but it is one of the most affordable options that will produce a quality cup of coffee every time.


Good value machine

Optional bloom setting

Integrates with Chemex


No automatic start

No brew pause

Best for: The Bonavita 1901TS is perfect for pour over coffee lovers looking to purchase a high quality, affordable brewer without the bells and whistles.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

2. Breville Precision Pour Over Coffee Brewer Review

Best pour over coffee maker (automatic) – versatility

Breville Previsions Brewer BDC450BSS

Key features

  • Capacity: 12 cups
  • Carafe type: Thermal
  • Warming Plate: No
  • Programmable: Yes


The Breville Precision pour over coffee maker is our top pick of all the top rated pour over coffee makers in this guide and for good reason. 

With its great combination of excellent presets and fully customizable settings, it is such a versatile brewer that meets the needs of most coffee lovers.

This pour over coffee maker has a huge 12 cup capacity stainless steel carafe, so it’s great if you often entertain guests.

However, it’s also a great one cup pour over coffee maker, thanks to the auto steep and release function which holds the water in contact with the coffee automatically when it detects the carafe is not being used.

The two separate filters, cone or flat bottomed, mean whatever amount of coffee you need to brew, you have the perfect setup.

One of the standout features of the Breville pour over coffee brewer is that you can fully customise the settings. 

Setting options include three different flow rates, precise digital temperature control and adjustable bloom time to suit the type of coffee, using the “my brew settings”.

If you don’t feel confident choosing your own settings on this Specialty Coffee Association certified brewer, the gold cup preset mode automatically uses SCAA guidelines to ensure the perfect cup.

Best of all, you can also purchase a manual pour over adaptor kit and use this best rated pour over coffee maker with your Kalita or Hario pour over dripper for ultimate flexibility.


Range of customizable settings

Flexible 1 to 12 cup capacity

Integrates with Hario and Kalita


Tall machine

More expensive than others

Best for: The Breville Precision is a great choice if you are particular about your coffee and want full control and flexibility to choose the optimal settings.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

3. Ratio Six Pour Over Brewer Review

Best automatic pour over coffee maker – contemporary design

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Thermal
  • Warming Plate: No
  • Programmable: No


If you are looking for a cool pour over coffee maker look no further than the Ratio Six pour over coffee maker with it’s sleek and stylish design and quality finish.

The Ratio Six small pour over coffee maker is made from quality materials and is one of the more premium brewers on our list.

The die cast stainless steel base comes in a contemporary matte black, stainless steel or white, and the carafe is thermal double wall stainless steel.

You can also use your favorite glass carafe underneath the showerhead too.

But far from just looking great the Ratio Six coffee brewer also makes a great cup of coffee.

The machine simulates the manual pourover process, measuring the water flow through each phase and maintaining the ideal brewing temperature throughout.

The adaptive brewing function ensures the right ratio of water to coffee every time and the borosilicate water tubes enable maximum heat retention. The simple three LCD display lets you see at a glance what stage the machine is at.

The bloom function and simple one button operation mean you can have a delicious, smooth tasting cup of coffee with very little effort

The makers of the Ratio Eight and Ratio Six coffee makers have made a huge effort to minimize plastic and the small amounts of plastic in the machines are BPA free.

The machine is also pump free, with natural pressure forcing the water through the supply lines to the showerhead. The spiral shower head mimics the manual pour over method to fully saturate the coffee grounds.

If you are comparing the Ratio Six vs Breville Precision, they both brew a great cup of coffee but the Breville Precision has far more ability to customize the brew. So it depends what is important to you when choosing between the two machines.

It is one of only three machines in these reviews to come with a 5 year warranty and is the perfect gift for your craft coffee lover.


Quiet pump free machine

Double walled thermal carafe

Long 5 year warranty


Expensive machine

No brew pause function

Best for: The Ratio Six premium coffee pour over machine is elegant and sure to please any serious pour over coffee lover with it’s smooth and full bodied brews.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

4. Technivorm Moccamaster Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best auto pour over coffee maker – long warranty

Moccamaster KBGV Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Carafe type: Glass
  • Warming Plate: Yes
  • Programmable: No


The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select is one of the very best drip coffee makers, which will ensure you have your favourite pour over brewed coffee every morning at the simple push of a button.

This SCAA Certified 10 cup pour over coffee maker is perfect for a family of coffee drinkers and comes in a huge range of colors to match your decor.

It’s simple to use with the option to brew a half or full carafe and an auto-off function.

The entire brewing process takes no more than 6 minutes thanks to the powerful copper heating element and simple design. There is even the option to brew small quantities like 2 or 4 cups too.

The stainless steel pour over coffee maker has the all-important “blooming” option to ensure the coffee is primed for the extraction process.

Other great features of the Technivorm automatic pour over are the showerhead design which facilities even saturation of the coffee grounds and a powerful 1520 watts to heat the water at the optimal temperature.

The 1.25 liter glass carafe is easy to pour and the heading plate keeps the coffee warm for up to 100 minutes. It comes with a huge 5 year warranty too.


SCA certified

5 year warranty

Smooth tasting brew


Premium price point

No customization

No auto start

Best for: If only the best will do, the Technivorm Moccamaster pour over coffee maker is great to consider. It is a high quality, simple and easy to use pour over brewer, and one of the best pour over automatic coffee maker options.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

5. OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

OXO Brew 9 Cup coffee maker

Key features

  • Capacity: 9 cups
  • Carafe type: Thermal
  • Warming Plate: No
  • Programmable: Yes


The OXO pour over coffee maker is one of the best pour over coffee pot options for people who want an easy to use machine that still delivers a great cup of coffee, without the need for complicated setting changes.

This SCA certified metal pour over coffee maker comes with a 9 cup maximum capacity, insulated stainless steel carafe.

The intelligent microprocessor monitors the brew cycle from start to finish, including brew time and volume and keeps the optimal water temperature throughout to get the perfect cup every time.

The showerhead delivery system also ensures the even dispersion of water through the coffee.

The best thing about this coffee machine is the ease with which it can be programmed.

The single dial allows you to set the number of cups and the backlit display indicates the machine’s status and freshness of the coffee. Oxo offer a two year warranty on this coffee pour over.


Simple to use

SCA Certified

Small overall size


No customization options

Smaller capacity than others

Best for: If you want a great cup of coffee without having to read complicated manuals you will love this easy to use but efficient insulated pour over coffee maker.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

6. Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Cuisinart CPO-850 PurePrecision Coffee Brewer

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Thermal or Glass
  • Warming Plate: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes


The Cuisinart PurePrecision pour over coffee maker is SCAA certified, meaning it meets their requirements for an “exemplary home brewer” so you know with this machine you will brew a quality cup of coffee.

This affordable machine comes with a whole heap of great features without a high price tag and for this reason it is one of the best pour-over coffee maker options available..

The Cuisinart CPO-850 pour over machine comes with the choice of a standard glass carafe or thermal carafe – both hold up to 8 cups.

You can choose between three intensity settings (mild, medium or bold) and two temperature settings (hot or extra hot) and the blooming feature allows for superior flavour extraction.

This 24 hour programmable pour over coffee maker allows you to set a time so your coffee will brew automatically and be ready for you in the morning.  

The glass carafe will remain warm on the heating plate for up to 2 hours and it won’t take up tons of space on your kitchen counter either.

This machine also comes with a reusable laser etched stainless steel filter, or if you prefer to use paper filters it will also fit 4” filters.

The self clean function makes cleaning a breeze, and the brew pause feature lets you pour a cup mid brew without drips if you just can’t wait any longer. Cuisinart offer a 3 year warranty.


SCAA certified brewer

Flexible coffee intensity settings

Easy to clean


Smaller carafe may not suit all

Carafe not as good as others for keeping coffee hot

Best for: The Cuisinart PurePrecision brewer is perfect for you if you are looking for a smaller brewer with all the custom settings to tailor your brew perfectly.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

7. Hamilton Beach 46700 Pour Over Coffee Machine Review

Best automatic pour over coffee maker with integrated scale

Hamilton Beach Craft Programmable Automatic Coffee Maker

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Glass
  • Warming Plate: Yes
  • Programmable: Yes


If you are looking for a completely automatic experience will love the Hamilton Beach glass pour over coffee maker.

The Hamilton Beach 46700 really does automate the entire process of making pour over coffee, but allows you to take over and pour manually too when you have the time.

Features of this 8 cup pour over coffee maker include 24 hour preset timer, integrated scale, digital display, heating plate and glass carafe.

The helpful display guides you through the brewing process, which is perfect for beginners. It tells you how much coffee and water to add based on your selections.

The integrated coffee scale ensures you load the right amount of ground coffee. Then just fill the tank and the machine will do the rest, keeping your brew warm for up to 2 hours.

The Hamilton Beach fully automatic pour-over coffee brewer then performs that all important bloom pause and, finally, uses an oversized showerhead to mimic an authentic barista pour to evenly saturate the coffee grounds.

Custom options also allows full flexibility to adjust the bloom, brew strength, temperature and number of cups. The machine includes a one year warranty.


Customizable settings

Fully automated

Integrated scale


Too small for some

Display a little complicated

Best for: The Hamilton Beach Automatic Pour Over machine is one of the best pour over maker machines if you are just starting out and want an all in one machine with fully customizable settings.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

8. Ratio Eight Auto Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best automatic coffee pour over (premium range)

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Glass or Thermal
  • Warming Plate: No
  • Programmable: No


If you’re looking for a high quality American made pour over coffee maker that could also double as a piece of art, the Ratio Eight pour over brewer is the perfect choice.

The Ratio Eight is hand assembled in Portland, Oregon and comes in a range of gorgeous colour and hardwood combinations.

It has an 8 cup carafe made of handblown borosilicate glass, or you can upgrade to a thermal carafe.

The machine’s powerful 1400w heating element ensures that the ideal temperature is reached quickly and the lab grade glass water lines and BPA free water tank deliver water to the filter.

Choose from between 2 to 8 cups and switch the button on to start brewing. There is just one button – no programming, customization or adjustments required.

The coffee maker comes with 4 sample Chemex paper filters for a clean crisp brew, or you can also use the carafe with the Able Kone stainless steel filter (sold separately) for a more full bodied flavor.

The stainless steel shower style head ensures even distribution of water over the coffee grounds for blooming the grounds and brewing.

The machine detects the amount of water added to determine the right brewing time. The simple display shows the progress through the brewing process.


Smooth and full bodied flavor

Simple to use

Built to last, 5 year warranty


Premium price point

No heating plate

Best for: The Ratio Eight pour over coffee machine is in a class of its own. A beautiful quality finish, it will be a talking point in your kitchen and brew a smooth cup of coffee for years to come.

>> Click here to check the price

9. Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

Best pour over coffee maker automatic (affordable design)

Brim Pour Over coffee maker kit

Key features

  • Capacity: 8 cups
  • Carafe type: Glass
  • Warming Plate: Yes
  • Programmable: No


The Brim 8 cup pour over coffee machine has some excellent little extra features to ensure you can brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

The water in the Brim pour over style coffee maker is heated and passed through the pour over shower head for even coffee saturation.

The constant brew temperature enables a high quality extraction, as does the pulsing bloom function.

Other features of this great automatic pour over coffee maker include the fine meshed, permanent stainless steel filter, the attractive glass carafe reminiscent of the Chemex and an automatic 30 minute shut off.

It lacks the brew customizations found on other pour over brewers, but the simplicity of using a stainless steel filter and a simple on/off button is appealing to many coffee drinkers. It comes with a two year warranty.


Contemporary design

Simple to use


Few customization options

Fragile carafe

Best for: The Brim pour over brewer is a great choice if you’re after the best pour over coffee brewer with a contemporary glass carafe at an affordable price.

>> Click here to check the price and read Amazon reviews

What Is The Difference Between The Manual Pour Over Method And Automatic Pour-Over Coffee?

So what is the difference between making pour over coffee manually and with an auto pour over coffee maker?

Manual pour over coffee brewing involves heating water to a certain temperature and then pouring it in a controlled manner evenly over and through the ground coffee with a gooseneck kettle, into your mug or coffee carafe.

The ground coffee sits in a filter and, through the controlled pour over process, the coffee flavours are extracted perfectly, directly into your mug.

The benefits of pour over coffee and using the manual method as opposed to using a drip coffee machine are that you have complete control of all the variables being:

  • the water temperature,
  • blooming time,
  • and the flow of water. 

Of course with the manual pour over method, you must manually complete each step of the process.

An automated pour over coffee maker replicates the manual pour over method perfectly with little to no input from you.

So with the best automatic pouring machine, you can have a delicious manual pour over tasting coffee at the push of a button.

Close up of gooseneck kettle pouring water into pour over filter.

Automated Pour Over System FAQs

What is the best automatic Chemex coffee maker?

The Bonavita BV1901TS is a great choice to use with the 4,6 or 8 cup Chemex Pour Over coffee maker. Simply remove the filter basket from the coffee maker, add the paper filter and grounds to your Chemex and pop directly underneath the showerhead.

What are the best coffee beans for an automatic pourover coffee maker?

We recommend medium roast coffee beans for pour over coffee. Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans are a great option for a smooth, bright flavor.

What is the best coffee grind for a pour over electric coffee maker?

Medium coarseness is suitable for both cone and flat bottomed pour over coffee makers. If you are using Chemex paper filters, increase the grind size to medium-coarse as the filters are thicker than most.

What is auto drip pour over?

An auto drip pour over coffee maker combines the best features of both drip coffee makers and manual pour over brewers. By integrating a bloom phase and a better showerhead for more even grounds saturation, automatic pour over coffee makers can produce a manual pour over quality brew, automatically.

Before You Go

We hope you have found the perfect automatic pour over coffee system from our best auto pour over coffee maker reviews.

To make great coffee you will need a good coffee grinder. We review all the best coffee grinders for coarse ground coffee here.

You will also need a good set of coffee scales for a precise brew. We review all the best coffee scales here.

If you are still undecided on the automatic pour overs, another option is an SCAA approved brewer. See our SCAA certified brewer reviews here.

You can find all our coffee maker guides here and all our coffee gear reviews here.

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