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If you love french press coffee, then it goes without saying you’re going to want to grind your own coffee beans to the perfect coarseness just before brewing.  By investing in the very best coffee grinder for french press, you’ll achieve the perfect grind every time.

If you’re in the market for the best grinder for french press coffee, you are in the right place! 

In our coffee grinder for french press reviews I not only explain the different types of french press coffee grinder options and various features, but also compare some of the best coffee grinder french press options currently on the market.

So, whether you’re after the best burr grinder for french press, the best manual coffee grinder for french press or just the best budget coffee grinder, I have no doubt you will find a french press grinder that’s just perfect for you in this guide.

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Best Coffee Grinder For French Press Brewing Comparison Chart 2024

Below is a handy table where you can see all the different options for the best french press coffee grinder. 

It lists the various features side by side to help you choose a good coffee grinder for french press that’s just perfect for you.

ImageModelBest ForPowerTypeHopper CapacityOur RatingPrice
Rancilio Rocky Coffee GrinderRancilio Rocky GrinderBest for french press and espressoElectricSteel flat burrs10 oz5.0CHECK
Baratza VirtuosoBaratza Virtuoso PlusBest overall grinderElectricSteel conical burrs8 oz5.0CHECK
1Zpresso JX Coffee Grinder1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee GrinderBest premium manual optionManualSteel conical burrs1.2 oz4.8CHECK
Baratza Encore Coffee GrinderBaratza Encore Coffee GrinderBest overall - mid rangeElectricSteel conical burrs8 oz4.6CHECK
Fellow Ode Brew Electric coffee millFellow Ode Brew GrinderBest overall - premium rangeElectricSteel flat burrs2.8 oz4.8CHECK
OXO Brew Burr Coffee GrinderOXO Brew Coffee GrinderBest overall - value rangeElectricSteel conical burrs12 oz4.4CHECK
Capresso Burr GrinderCapresso Infinity Burr GrinderBest entry level optionElectricSteel conical burrs8.8 oz4.4CHECK
Cuisinart DBM-8 Coffee MillCuisinart Coffee Grinder DBM-8Best cheap optionElectricSteel block burrs8 oz4.0CHECK
Bodum Bistro Coffee GrinderBodum Bistro Coffee GrinderBest value option with color choicesElectricSteel conical burrs7.75 oz4.2CHECK
Timemore Manual Coffee GrinderTimemore C2 Manual Coffee GrinderBest mid range manual optionManualSteel conical burrs1.05 oz4.6CHECK

My Pick for The Best Grinder for French Press Coffee: Baratza Virtuoso+

Don’t have time to read my entire french press coffee grinder reviews and just want to hear my recommendation for the best coffee grinder for a french press? 

Baratza Virtuoso+ Burr Grinder

I just love the Baratza Virtuoso Plus as it’s a great looking machine from one of the best grinder brands on the market. Plus it can produce the right french press grind every time.

This grinder has 40mm conical burrs and 40 different settings, so you’ll be able to brew coffee for all your friends and family, regardless of whether they prefer french press coffee or a different brew.


Why Purchase A French Press Coffee Grinder?

So why buy a french press coffee grinder anyway?  Can’t you just get your coffee beans ground at the store, buy good quality coffee grounds or use any coffee grinder?

There are two main reasons why you should consider buying a french press grinder:

For the freshest coffee

For the perfect tasting french press coffee, the coffee needs to be ground right before brewing. 

If you let ground coffee beans sit too long, they quickly lose the aroma and natural oils that deliver much of the flavor in your cup, which is the reason you love freshly brewed coffee after all.

So with a home coffee grinder you can freshly grind coffee when you need it.

For the right grind size

Plus, when it comes to french press coffee, the beans need to be ground at a larger grind size compared to espresso. 

The best grind for french press coffee beans is somewhere between a medium to coarse grind.

Not all grinders are capable of producing a consistently good coarse grind.

  • If you have a grind too fine, you’ll risk having coffee grinds slip through the mesh filter, leaving sediment or gritty coffee in your cup. 
  • If the beans are too coarse, then you won’t extract the right amount of flavour from the bean, resulting in a weak tasting coffee. 

So to have the perfect french press grind and the very best tasting coffee every single time, it’s well worth investing in the best burr coffee grinder for french press brewing.

Woman pouring coffee from coffee plunger.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Coffee Grinder for a French Press

When it comes to the best grinder for french press, there are some great options on the market.

There really isn’t one size that fits all, as everyone has their own individual preferences.

To purchase the best french press grinder for you, consider the following factors.

1. Types of Coffee Grinders

The first thing you will need to decide is whether to invest in a burr, block or blade grinder as well as decide between ceramic or steel.

When it comes to grinding coffee beans for french press coffee, you want a consistently coarse grind.  Unevenly ground coffee results in under or over extraction and a weak tasting brew. 

While the best burr grinder for french press coffee tend to be more expensive than blade grinders, burr grinders produce the perfect french press coffee grind – every time. 

With a good quality burr grinder, you can expect consistency in terms of the grind size.

Blade Coffee Grinder

Low cost grinders tend to have blade grinders.  This type of grinder uses blades to slice up the coffee beans into a fine grind, similar to a spice grinder.

The main disadvantage with using a blade grinder for french press is they don’t create a consistent coarse grind size needed for great tasting french press coffee.  I don’t recommend blade grinders and none have been listed in this guide.

Block Coffee Grinder

Block grinders are a step up in quality from blade grinders. They offer better consistency of grind than a blade coffee grinder.

However the burrs are flatter than either conical or flat burr grinders, resulting in more fines in the grind which isn’t ideal for making the best french press coffee.

Burr Coffee Grinder

Finally, good quality burr grinders come in either a flat burr grinder or conical burr coffee grinder.

  • A conical grinder has two cone shaped burrs with ridges that grind and crush the coffee
  • Flat burr grinders have two sets of serrated rings of burrs.

Both styles of burr grinders are great options for french press coffee brewing and we include both in our coffee grinder reviews.

Ceramic or Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Burr grinders come in both ceramic and stainless steel designs.

Many coffee lovers claim that ceramic grinders create a better, more traditional and better tasting coffee.

Overall ceramic grinders tend to be longer lasting given they don’t rust or deteriorate when exposed to heat and moisture. 

However, they don’t tend to do well under sharp and sudden impacts such as any knocks to the machine or foreign material in the coffee beans. 

These days most good coffee grinders are made from stainless steel components.  Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and doesn’t rust when exposed to moisture.  Most of the best coffee grinders for french press brewing now have stainless steel components.

However, unlike ceramic, they can be more affected by hot environments which shorten their lifespan overall. 

Also note that some stainless steel grinders tend to lose their overall sharpness much quicker than ceramic grinders, particularly at the lower end of the quality scale.

2. Manual or Electric Grinder

You’ll also need to decide whether you prefer a manual or electric grinder.

A manual (or hand) grinder operates with a hand crank.  The best hand grinder for french press is much quieter than an electric grinder, cheaper and more portable.

They are great to take to the office with you or when travelling.  Manual grinders are also easy to keep clean as they have less parts.

But if you want your coffee beans ground with minimal effort, an electric grinder is the way to go. 

The best electric coffee grinder for french press works easily with a flick of the switch, but they do tend to be more expensive than a manual grinder.

Close up of coffee beans in manual coffee grinder.

3. Number of Settings

Although you’re after the best coffee bean grinder for french press, it’s still a good idea to get a grinder with several grind settings. 

This will allow you to make great coffee for friends and family who might like different types of coffee brews.

Plus it allows you to grind coffee to the right consistency when you might want to experiment with different kinds of coffee or just don’t have the time for a french press brewed coffee.

4. Hopper Capacity

Consider the size of the bean hopper, which impacts how much coffee you can store and grind at once in the grinder.

When considering hopper capacity, think about how many cups of coffee you’re likely to be brewing at once. 

If you are generally make coffee for a few people at once, the best grinder french press for you will be one capable of grinding enough coffee for everyone in one go.   

If you tend to brew a single cup french press, hopper size is not so important when comparing the best grinders for french press.

5. Grinder Size

It is important to consider how much space you have in the kitchen for your grinder.  The grinder should ideally be set up on your coffee station close to your coffee machines.

The best manual grinder for french press takes up next to no space at all, while some of the electric grinders can be a bit bulkier. 

Be sure to consider this, to avoid getting your grinder home, only to realise you don’t have enough counter space.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance

If you end up with a coffee grinder that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then you won’t love it and might stop using it altogether. 

Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy it, so you know how involved the process will be.

The more features and components the grinder has, the more likely it will need more time to clean. But some grinders have more removable parts to make deep cleaning simpler.

The Best Coarse Coffee Grinder 2024 Product Summary

To recap, here is a summary of the best grinder french press coffee options – detailed reviews are below!

  • Rancilio Rocky HSD-ROC-SD coffee grinder
  • Baratza Virtuoso+ conical burr coffee grinder
  • 1Zpresso JX manual coffee grinder
  • Baratza Encore conical burr grinder
  • Fellow Ode Brew Grinder
  • OXO Brew conical burr coffee grinder
  • Capresso Infinity steel conical burr grinder
  • Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind automatic burr mill
  • Bodum Bistro electronic burr grinder
  • Timemore C2 manual coffee grinder

The Best French Press Coffee Grinder 2024 Reviews

1. Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder Review

Best coffee grinder for french press and espresso

Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: 50mm flat steel burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.7 lb
  • Grind Settings: 55


The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is designed for espresso drinkers but comes with all the essential features that make it a great grinder for french press lovers. 

This is a top quality, highly reliable grinder and a great choice for those after the best coffee grinder for espresso and french press. 

The Rancilio Rocky grinder is constructed from stainless steel with 50mm plate grinding burrs (which are often found in entry level commercial grinders). You can be confident that this grinder will grind your coffee beans to the perfect consistency every time.

This best burr grinder for french press coffee is reasonably quiet for an electric grinder, thanks to its powerful 166 watt motor.  The bean hopper has a generous capacity for up to 10oz of coffee beans. 

The grinder is easy to use with simple controls and grind settings can be changed quickly and easily through a simple twisting mechanism on the hopper. It comes with a 12 month warranty for piece of mind.

The doser is sized to suit Rancilio espresso machine portafilters, but there is a version of the grinder with doser instead of portafilter holder that suits all portafilter sizes. See it here.


Commercial grade burrs

Solid construction


Premium price point

Manual push button control

For home baristas serious about achieving a quality grind, large households or offices full of coffee drinkers, the Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder is the perfect choice.

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2. Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder Review

Best grinder for french press overall

Baratza Virtuoso Grinder


  • Burr Type: 40mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.5 lb
  • Grind Settings: 40


Baratza makes a great range of coffee grinders and the Virtuoso Plus is a great one to consider for those after a premium option.  The Virtuoso+ is a great looking machine and comes with a range of settings to please all kinds of coffee lovers.

Featuring 40mm conical burrs, this machine will produce uniform coffee grounds for the perfect flavour from espresso to french press to pour over. 

Plus with 40 different settings, you’ll be able to brew coffee for all your friends and family, no matter what their personal tastes are.

The Virtuoso grinder comes with a range of other great features including a large bean hopper capacity of 8oz, digital timer, and it’s backed by a 1 year warranty too.

Do keep in mind that this is a relatively large machine, so be sure you have plenty of kitchen counter space to accommodate it before purchasing.


Excellent support

Adjustable timer

Consistent grind size


Timer function not intuitive

Not suitable for espresso

For those after the best burr grinder french press machine, the Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder is well worth considering. It’s a high quality machine which will produce the perfect coarse grind. 

>> Click here to check the price of the Baratza Virtuoso+

3. 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Best manual burr coffee grinder for french press – premium range

1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: 48mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2 oz
  • Grind Settings: 40


If you don’t have the space for a large electric coffee grinder, or perhaps you just want something quiet and portable, you really can’t go past the 1Zpresso JX manual grinder.

This premium manual grinder is compact, well designed and quick to grind.

Weighing just 650 grams it is comfortable to hold and is compact and light enough to take anywhere with you.

The large 48mm stainless steel conical burrs make surprisingly quick work of coffee beans, and it is possible to grind enough coffee grinds for a small pot of french press coffee in just a minute or two.

This best hand burr grinder for french press has an internal adjustment dial with 30 clicks per rotation to find the perfect coarseness setting.

It produces a high quality coarse grind comparable to the electric coffee grinders on our list, perfect for french press or pour over brewing, with very few fines in the coffee grounds.

The handle is easy to grasp and the rubber grip makes it easy to keep hold of when grinding. There is little to no wobble thanks to the high quality bearings and it is virtually silent when operating.

Keep in mind that you can only grind around 1.2 oz of beans at a time, so if you aren’t bothered about having to refill it for a large pot, the 1Zpresso is a great option even for larger brews.


Lightweight and compact

Easy to clean

Fast to grind


Small capacity

Whether this is your first grinder purchase, or you are swapping over from an electric grinder, the 1zpresso JX manual grinder is one of the very best hand coffee grinder for french press options.

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4. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

Best conical burr grinder for french press – mid range

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: 40mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.5 lb
  • Grind Settings: 40


If you are looking for the best coffee grinder for french press coffee, but would prefer a mid range priced machine, the Baratza Encore grinder is a great machine to consider. 

In fact it is considered by many coffee experts to be the best entry level coffee grinder on the market. 

It comes with a range of features so you can produce consistent coarse coffee grounds for great tasting french press coffee. Like all good coffee grinders, the Encore features 40mm conical burrs and will deliver coffee fast, with a consistent and uniform grind. 

The Baratza Encore grinder settings include 40 different settings, ranging from fine to coarse, so you can please a range of coffee drinkers.  It’s easy to use and the bean hopper has a large 8oz coffee bean capacity, so perfect for regular coffee drinkers, large households or offices.

While on the surface the Encore and the Virtuoso+ appear similar, there are a few subtle differences when you compare the Baratza Encore vs Virtuoso. 

The Virtuoso+ has more parts made from stainless steel for a more durable long-lasting machine, whereas the Encore has more components made from durable plastic. 

Also the Virtuoso+ has a more powerful motor and grinds the beans at around double the speed of the Encore.


Good value for money

Compact size

Simple to use


Slower to grind

No timer or dosing controls

Despite these differences, overall the Encore coffee grinder is a great alternative to the Virtuoso+ if that machine is over your budget. It is one of the best coarse grind coffee grinder options in our list.

>> Click here to check the price of the Baratza Encore

5. Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder Review

Best coffee grinder for french press – premium range

Fellow Ode
Electric coffee grinder mill


  • Burr Type: 64 mm flat steel burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 2.8 oz
  • Grind Settings: 31



The Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder is a sleek and powerful home grinder to consider if you are a french press coffee drinker.

Fellow specifically designed this grinder for coarse grinds – french press, pour over, drip, cold brew and aeropress.  There are 31 settings to choose from for your perfect brew.

It has large professional 64mm flat steel burrs and is super quiet to run – noticeably quieter than most other grinders in this best coffee grinder for french press review.

There is a choice of burrs when buying direct from Fellow. The optional SSP Red Speed Coated MP brew burrs will give you a wider range of coarseness to accommodate pour over brewers too (but not espresso).

The bean hopper is small, as the focus is on single dose loading and grinding only what you need just before brewing, up to 2.8 oz (or 80g) in one go.

Other nice features include auto stop once the beans are ground, a grinds knocker to help reduce grind retention and a magnetically aligned catch for extra cleanliness.

While relatively compact, this is a heavy unit, so not easy to move around at home.


Quiet and compact

Consistent coarse grind size

Fast 64mm steel burrs


Generates a lot of static when grinding

Grinds retention in hopper can be an issue

Not suitable for espresso

If you are looking for a contemporary coffee grinder with a quiet motor and high quality features, the Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder is worth the investment.

>> Click here to check the price for the Fellow Ode grinder

6. OXO Brew Coffee Grinder Review

Best coffee grinder french press – value range

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: 40mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.75 lb
  • Grind Settings: 15


The OXO conical burr grinder is the perfect all-round coffee grinder.  The coffee grinder comes at a great price and has all the essential features to produce great tasting coffee.

This french press burr grinder features 40mm stainless steel conical burrs which produce uniform coffee grounds that are perfect for extracting optimal flavour in your cup of french press coffee. 

With 15 different settings, you can also adjust the burr grinder setting for french press or to suit a range of individual preferences.  Plus no need to mess with controls, because this machine has a one touch start timer and will keep your last setting.

This machine comes with a large 12oz bean hopper, so you’ll be able to grind enough coffee for a large french press coffee maker in one go.  This is perfect if you’re after a grinder for a large family or office.


Value price point

Timer and manual override

Easy to use


Limited grind size range

Timer not 100% accurate

With the OXO Brew coffee grinder, you’ll get consistent coffee grounds on every occasion, so you can brew the perfect french press coffee every time.

>> Click here to check the price for the OXO Brew coffee grinder

7. Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder Review

Best entry level coffee grinder for coarse ground coffee

Capresso Burr Grinder


  • Burr Type: 35mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.55 lb
  • Grind Settings: 16


The Capresso Infinity conical burr grinder is another great option when it comes to a mid-range priced grinder. 

The Capresso 560.01 Infinity burr grinder has 16 different grind settings well suited to french press coffee as well as a range of other coffee brews. 

With its commercial grade solid steel conical burrs, it has precision grinding to produce consistent and uniform ground coffee.  It also has a slower grinding speed which creates less heat, and therefore helps preserve the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

As far as coffee grinders are concerned, this model is relatively quiet thanks to its gear reduction motor that operates at less than 450 rpm.

Other features include a built-in timer and an 8.8oz bean hopper. It is also easy to clean thanks to a removable upper burr and the included brush to clean the grind chamber.

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder is sturdy, user-friendly, and does an excellent job of providing a consistent coarse grind.


Value price point

Easy to use

Popular brand


Smaller range of settings

Timer inconsistent

Static build up in grounds container

For those after the best conical burr coffee grinder for french press, with an affordable price, this is a good one to consider.

>> Click here to check the price of the Capresso Infinity

8. Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Review

Best cheap coffee grinder for french press

Cuisinart DBM-8 Automatic Coffee Mill


  • Burr Type: conical block burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 0.5 lb
  • Grind Settings: 18


Another budget grinder well worth considering is the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Burr Mill.  This brushed stainless steel machine, with black accents, will look great on any kitchen countertop and won’t cost you the earth.

This Cuisinart coffee bean grinder is a block burr grinder with 18 different grind settings.

Like the Bodum, the burr grinder will produce a coarse grind but also generates more fines than others on our list. This machine is fast too, having the ability to grind enough coffee for 18 cups in under a minute.

This Cuisinart burr grinder comes with an 8oz capacity bean hopper which gives you the ability to grind enough coffee for up to 18 cups in one go. 

Simply choose the number of cups you wish to grind and press to start. The grinder will automatically grind your beans at the set size and number of cups and switch off when done.

The budget coffee grinder is reasonably easy to clean, coming with a removable grind chamber and bean hopper both of which are dishwasher safe.  Other features of this budget grinder include a 500w heavy duty motor and scoop and cleaning brush included.


Compact size

Cups dose control

Simple design


Inconsistent grind size

Imprecise measure

For those looking for the best budget coffee grinder for french press, you really can’t go wrong with this Cuisinart burr coffee grinder. 

It comes with all the essential features to produce good ground coffee for making french press coffee without the hefty price tag.

>> Click here to check the price for the Cuisinart Supreme grinder

9. Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder Review

Best french press grinder (value range) with color options

Bodum Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 7.75 oz
  • Grind Settings: 12


For those that want to make a statement in the kitchen with their grinder, you can’t go past the Bodum Bistro grinder.  This grinder comes in some great colours including black, red, white and even a shiny copper and will no doubt be a conversation starter when friends come to visit.

Of course the primary function of the Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder is to produce perfectly uniform coffee grounds for excellent tasting coffee. 

This grinder features quality stainless steel conical burrs which preserves the bean’s flavour and aroma much better than an inferior block or blade grinder. 

Unlike most of the other grinders in these reviews, this grinder is made from borosilicate glass, rubber, silicone, plastic, and steel.  The dishwasher safe container which holds the grounds is glass, which makes it static free.

Other great features of the Bodum burr grinder include 12 grind settings, 7.75 oz bean hopper, a timer and a built-in silicone band around the grinder body to prevent slipping and allowing for a firm grip.

It also has a helpful guide to grind size and timer settings on the underside of the hopper lid.


Value price point

Anti static grounds chamber

Large hopper size


Small grind size setting range

Inconsistent grind size

The Bodum Bistro coffee grinder is an excellent mid-price grinder, featuring all the essentials for making a great french press coffee and will look great on your kitchen bench too.

>> Click here to check the price of the Bodum Bistro grinder

10. Timemore C2 MAX Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Best manual coffee grinder french press – mid range

Timemore Chestnut C2 Max Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Burr Type: 38mm conical burrs
  • Hopper Capacity: 1 oz
  • Grind Settings: 30


If you want ultimate control over the grinding process, consider the Timemore C2 manual coffee grinder. 

This is a high quality, top of the line manual grinder which will produce a consistent coarse grind.

Like the electric grinders in these reviews, the Timemore coffee grinder comes with a 38mm conical ceramic burr. Bearings fix the central shaft to minimize burr wobble. This is critical for ensuring uniform and consistent grounds every single time. 

Also, this french press hand grinder comes with more than 30 stepped settings, so no matter what coarseness of grind you’re after, you’ll be able to produce it.

Of course being a manual grinder, this best manual burr grinder for french press is super lightweight at just 16oz , which makes it portable.  Take it camping with you, overseas or just to the office so you can have your preferred brew all day every day.


Portable and compact

High quality stainless steel burrs

Less than 30 second grind time


Small capacity

Stepped settings take some practice to use

The Timemore manual grinder for french press provides you with the ultimate control.  Its light, comfortable and easy to use and creates the perfect coffee grounds every time. 

Plus it comes with a 1 year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

>> Click here to check the price of the Timemore C2 MAX coffee grinder

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We hope you have found the perfect grinder in our reviews of french press grinders.

Another essential item for good french press coffee is the right coffee beans. See our reviews of the best french press coffee beans here and our complete guide to French press brewing here.

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