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If you’re tired of your coffee going cold before you finish it, then it’s probably time you invest in the best coffee cup warmer with auto shut off.  With the best coffee mug warmer with auto shut off, there is no wasting those precious drops of caffeine. 

With the best coffee warmer with auto shut off it really doesn’t matter if you take 30 minutes or 3 hours to drink your coffee!  The best coffee warmer plate will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature until you’ve consumed every last drop. 

Plus in the long run, it will save you money and time as you’re not having to make or buy more coffee when the last one goes cold.

If this sounds like the perfect item to make your cup of joe go the distance, then you’re going to love this best coffee mug warmer guide. 

In this guide, we look at the various features that make the best desk coffee warmer and a few things you should look out for so you buy the best one for you. 

Finally, in the best coffee cup warmer reviews section, we take a closer at some of the best options currently on the market.

So let’s get into it and find you the best rated coffee mug warmer!

Hot cup of coffee sitting on coffee cup warmer with biscuits alongside.

The Best Coffee Cup Warmer With Auto Shut Off 2024 Product Comparison

Below is a handy coffee cup warmer plate table where you can see all the different options reviewed within this guide. 

The table lists the main features side by side to help you decide which desk coffee cup warmer is ideal for you.

ImageProductMax TemperatureTemp. SettingsWattsOur RatingPrice
nicelucky coffee warmerNicelucky mug warmer167F325w5.0CHECK
Vobaga  Coffee Cup warmerVobaga Coffee Cup Warmer149F320w4.8CHECK
Cosori  coffee warmerCosori pressure activated mug warmer131FRange24w4.8CHECK
Bestinnkits induction mug heating plateBestinnkits smart coffee mug warmer131F119w4.6CHECK
Ember smart mugEmber temperature control smart mug145FRangeLithium batteries5.0CHECK
HOWAY mug warmerHOWAY Coffee Warmer140F220w4.6CHECK
Misby mug warmerMisby coffee warmer140F116w4.2CHECK
Dimux electric warmerDimux coffee mug warmer plate131F119w4.2CHECK

My Pick for the Best Coffee Mug Warmer With Auto Shut Off

Don’t have the time to read my entire coffee mug warmer  / auto shut off guide and just want to hear my recommendation? 

Well, I think the nicelucky coffee mug warmer is the best choice.

nice lucky cup warmer

Thanks to its flat heating base, the nicelucky coffee mug warmer is perfect for a range of different sized mugs. 

Plus it has three temperature settings to choose from – right up to 167℉, so ideal for those who like their coffee piping hot.


Things To Consider When Buying The Best Coffee Warmer With Auto Shut Off

When it comes to the best coffee warmer for desk, there are some great options on the market, all with their subtle differences. 

At the end of the day, there is no size fits all, so to ensure you buy the perfect desktop coffee mug warmer for you, consider the following factors.

If you already know the features you need, click here to skip straight to the reviews.


Coffee cup warmers come in all shapes and sizes to suit different mugs.

Also, some desktop coffee warmer designs have a raised rim around the heating plate, others are completely flat. 

You’ll have a little more flexibility with the warming plates that are completely flat as it doesn’t matter so much if the mug slightly overhangs the heating element. 

Whereas a mug warmer with a raised rim limits your mug options.

Mug Types

Besides your mug’s size, you also need to consider what the mug is made from and whether it has a flat or round shaped bottom. 

While there is a coffee mug warmer plate for all kinds of mugs, some only accommodate mugs made from certain materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, glass etc.

Generally, mugs with a flat bottom and not overly thick walls work best with a coffee cup warmer.  Stainless steel mugs work better than ceramic mugs.

You can even get a coffee mug and warmer set, so there is no need to provide your own mug at all.

Woman with hands resting around white mug of hot coffee sitting on a coffee mug warmer.

Maximum Temperature and Temperature Settings

To ensure your coffee is kept at the optimal temperature, check the maximum temperature of the desktop coffee cup warmer. 

The maximum temperature settings vary quite a bit from one cup coffee warmer to the next.

You might also want to consider the number of temperature settings the coffee plate warmer has. 

A coffee cup warmer with multiple temperature settings is ideal to adjust the temperature down as you drink your coffee or if you want to use the cup warmer for different types of drinks.

Auto Shut Off Feature

The auto shut off feature of a desk coffee mug warmer can be super helpful and it is worth checking the settings for this feature. 

The automatic shut off feature varies across products:

  • Some coffee cup warmers will turn off each time you lift your mug
  • Others will turn off once they sense the mug is empty
  • Some simply turn off after a set time frame. 

Be sure to check out what the auto shut off feature is on the cup warmer you’re considering buying to ensure it matches the way you drink your coffee.

Ember Smart Mug

Power Requirements and Cord Length

If you purchase a plug in electric coffee cup warmer, you will need to consider the cord length. 

Too short and you’ll need to compromise on where you have your coffee which really defeats the purpose of having a cup warming plate in the first place. 

But too long and you just end up having excess cords all over your desk. 

For this reason a cordless mug warmer can be a good alternative.  These are either a battery powered cup warmer or a USB coffee cup warmer.  

However, you need to ensure your battery or USB coffee mug warmer is charged up when you want to use it and that it stays charged for the entire time it takes you to drink your coffee.


A great coffee cup warmer with automatic shut off doesn’t just keep your coffee warm, it can keep a range of liquids warm. 

  • They can be used for a cup of soup
  • Keep a range of drinks warm like tea, hot chocolate etc. 
  • Some can even be used to release scents from candles.
Coffee warmer for desk


Most cup warmers cost around the $20 to $30 mark, however there are some anywhere up to $100. 

The more expensive cup warmers usually come with additional features such as the best USB coffee warmer or a cordless coffee mug warmer.

At the end of the day, you need to consider how much you’re comfortable spending on a coffee warmer.


Often a good way to determine the quality of a coffee warmer with automatic shut off is the warranty it comes with. 

A cheap plug in coffee cup warmer might not come with one at all, while others might come with a 2 or one year warranty.

If you want to be assured you’re purchasing a coffee mug warmer with automatic shut off that’s going to last a bit more than a few months, then consider buying a cup warmer that comes with a warranty.

Other Features

Of course, like any products a beverage warmer with auto shut off can come with a range of different features, so a few other things to consider are:

  • Design:  Coffee cup warmers come in all types of designs – some are pretty basic that get the job done, while others have a stylish look to them which might be your preferred option if you want to use it while in the office.
  • Indicator lights:  Indicator lights are a great way of knowing what temperature your cup warmer is at or how much charge is left for cordless cup warmers.  Plus, it’s easy to see that it is on as a light reminds you to switch it off when your coffee is empty.
  • Safety Features: Auto shut off, as discussed above, is a safety feature and a way to conserve power.  Other safety features include having cup warmers that are waterproof, spill resistant and have non slip feet. Also check if they are certified for Standard UL 1026 if in the United States.
  • Wattage:  The wattage of the coffee cup warmer indicates how much power it will use – the higher the number, the more power it will use per hour.  Although a higher wattage warmer should perform more proficiently.

Best Coffee Cup Warmer Reviews 2024

Okay, so now you know what features to consider, let’s take a look at the best rated coffee cup warmer reviews below. 

These are some of the best desktop coffee warmer options currently on the market.

1. Vobaga Coffee Cup Warmer Review

Vobaga Wood Grain Coffee Cup warmer


  • Auto shut off: after 4 hours
  • Power: 20 watts
  • Temperature settings: 3
  • Max. temperature: 149℉
  • Cord length: 60″


Coming in a range of different colors, the Vobaga coffee mug warmer is perfect for all kinds of coffee drinkers. 

As well as being used to keep coffee hot, the Vobaga electric coffee mug warmer can be used to keep a variety of beverages warm such as tea, milk, hot chocolate or even soup – basically for any liquid needing to be kept hot to be enjoyed.

The Vobaga portable coffee warmer comes with three temperature settings so you keep your drink at 104℉, 131℉ or 149℉. 

The coffee mug warmer will stay hot for up to 4 hours, after which time it will automatically turn off.  However, while hot, a blue light will flash to remind you the coffee warmer coaster is still hot.

This coffee cup electric warmer is heat resistant and fire resistant.  It is also spill proof which avoids any damage if coffee is accidentally spilled and makes it easy to clean.

The mug coffee cup warmer has a long 60 inch cord, so you should be able to plug it in pretty much anywhere you enjoy your cup of joe. 

The base is 3.5 inches and is best used with thin walled, flat bottomed mugs (or even those with a slightly concave bottom). 

The warmer is suitable for stainless steel, ceramic, milk boxes and glass but it is not ideal for double layer insulation cups.


Large spill proof base

Long cord

Certified for UL 1026


Buttons very sensitive

Mug size limited by diameter of warming plate

The Vobaga coffee mug warmer is perfect whether you want to keep your coffee hot at home or while in the office. 

Coming in a range of contemporary colors such as wood grain, pastel pink, and black, it would also make a great coffee gift.

>> Click here to check the price for the Vobaga mug warmer with automatic shut off

2. Nicelucky Coffee Mug Warmer Review

Best 25 watt coffee mug warmer

nicelucky coffee warmer with heating function


  • Auto shut off: after 4 hours
  • Power: 25 watts
  • Temperature settings: 3
  • Max. temperature: 167℉
  • Cord length: 59″


If you like your large cup of coffee to stay hot, then the nicelucky large coffee warmer is one to check out. 

The nicelucky coffee mug warmer has a completely flat base, whereas others have a raised rim around the heating plate.  This means that even if your cup slightly hangs over the warmer, you’ll still be able to keep your coffee warm.

Of course, for the best results, you’ll want to use a mug that sits perfectly within the heating plate. 

It can accommodate mugs made from ceramic, glass, stainless steel, paper or even baby bottles.  Also, it is best suited to mugs with flat bottoms as well as thin sides. 

This cup warmer is not ideal for mugs made from thin plastic or that have double wall insulation.

With three temperatures to choose from – 131℉, 149℉ and 167℉, this coffee mug warmer has one of the hottest temperatures in these reviews – perfect for those that prefer their coffee piping hot.  It’s easy to adjust the temperature with the touch control buttons.

This is one of those clever hot coffee warmer plates that has a gravity switch.  This means it will keep the cup warmer at the same temperature whenever it senses a cup is removed. 

It will then automatically turn off after 4 hours, which should be ample for most coffee drinkers.


Large cup surface

Gravity switch and auto shut off settings

Powerful 25 watts, UL certified


No on-off switch

Beeps when setting cup down

With its completely flat base, the nicelucky coffee mug warmer is the perfect product for those who enjoy large cups of hot coffee. 

It is made with safe and durable materials and comes with a 1 year warranty.

>> Click here to check the price for the Nicelucky cup warmer with auto shut off

3. Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Cup Warmer Review

Bestinnkits Smart gravity-induction mug heating plate


  • Auto shut off: when mug removed
  • Power: 19 watts
  • Temperature settings: 1
  • Max. temperature: 131℉
  • Cord length: 47″


The Bestinnkits smart coffee cup warmer is a great option for those tired of their coffee going cold.  It’s a stylish little cup warmer coming in a range of great colors such as black, pink, white and red.

The Bestinnkits has a built in gravity induction switch – this means there is no need to turn it on or off as it will work when it senses a mug. 

You will need to use a thin walled, flat bottomed mug with the Bestinnkits and the weight of your mug needs to be over 13 oz to activate the gravity switch.

This mug coffee warmer is waterproof, with the heating plate covered with a layer of thermal conductive glass.  This makes it easy to clean and you don’t need to be concerned with the odd coffee spill. 

It has just one temperature setting of 131℉, which makes it ideal for keeping not only coffee warm but also tea, milk, hot cocoa or even candle wax.


Gravity induction sensor

FCC and UL certified

Spill proof


Stays on if empty cup left on warmer

Short cord length of 50″

One temperature setting

If you’re someone who takes quite a while to drink their coffee, the Bestinnkits smart cup coffee mug warmer is a good choice. 

Given it won’t switch off after a certain time, rather it switches on or off as it senses your mug. So you’ll be able to enjoy hot coffee no matter how long it takes you to drink it.

>> Click here to check the price of the Bestinnkits coffee cup warmer

4. Cosori Coffee Mug Warmer Review

Best stainless steel coffee cup warmer

Cosori pressure activated coffee warmer


  • Auto shut off: after 8 hours
  • Power: 24 watts
  • Temperature settings: Range
  • Max. temperature: 131℉
  • Cord length: 70″


For those after a powerful coffee warmer, the Cosori pressure activated warmer is the right choice.  It’s a popular option, reasonably priced and has some great features for keeping your coffee piping hot for long periods.

This coffee warmer is made with stainless steel and is easy to use thanks to its touch tech controls, LED display and pressure activated technology.  

The water resistant plate has a diameter of 3.55 inch which is the perfect size for the optional Cosori mug sold separately.

This electric coffee warmer plate has a temperature range of between 77°F to 194°F, while the coffee itself can be heated up to a temperature of 131°F. 

You can be confident with the temperature readings as they are precise, down to 1 degree.  Plus, you can easily switch between °F or °C, depending upon your preferences. 

Cosori advise you will get the best results using their specially designed stainless steel mug as it has a flat bottom to make complete contact with the coffee warmer hot plate ensuring your coffee is kept at the perfect temperature.

The optional 17 oz mug is made from food grade stainless steel and has a stylish brushed finish.  The mug features a cool to touch handle and a silicone slip resistant sleeve around it, so you have multiple options for handling it. 

Note that Cosori do have a coffee mug warmer set in their range, which includes the mug, but the set does not have an automatic shut off. You can see it here.


Powerful 24 watt warmer

Easy to read LED display

UL certified


Cup not included

Not effective with concave based cups

Of course, with the Cosori mug warmer, you can keep a range of liquids warm, not just coffee.  It is perfect for milk, tea, hot chocolate and more.  You can even use it to release the scents from a candle.

If you’re considering a coffee mug warmer, this Cosori coffee mug warmer is such great value for money and comes with a long 2 year warranty for peace of mind. 

>> Click here to check the price of the Cosori mug warmer

5. Ember Coffee Warmer Review

Best Portable Coffee Cup Warmer

Ember Temperature control smart mug


  • Auto shut off: when mug empty
  • Power: Lithium batteries
  • Temperature settings: Range
  • Max. temperature: 145℉
  • Cord length: 72″


The Ember coffee warmer and mug set is something a little different.  It’s the mug itself that keeps your coffee hot and it is charged up as it sits on the coaster using dual lithium ion batteries. 

So cool is this coffee warmer set that you even control it from an app on your smartphone!

The ceramic lined stainless steel coffee mug will keep your coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours.  This is perfect for those who tend to walk around with their cuppa or need something to keep their coffee hot as they go from one meeting to another. 

While at your desk though – you can keep the mug on the coaster and your cup will remain charged up and keep your coffee hot for as long as you need it to.

With the Ember coffee cup, you can choose the exact temperature you’d like your coffee kept between the range of 120°F – 145°F. 

You can easily change the temperature setting from your smartphone, as well as customize presets and more.


Long lasting battery

Keeps coffee warm even when off the warmer


Premium price point

Must use app to operate

So smart is the Ember coffee cup that it senses when it’s empty and will automatically switch itself off. If you add more hot coffee though it will turn itself back on.

The Ember coffee warmer and mug has a ceramic coating and comes in black or white.

>> Click here to check the price for the Ember Coffee Warmer

6. HOWAY Electric Coffee Warmer Review

Best Coffee Mug Warmer With Mug Set

HOWAY Coffee mug warmer


  • Auto shut off: after 4 hours
  • Power: 20 watts
  • Temperature settings: 2
  • Max. temperature: 140℉
  • Cord length: 48″


If you are looking for an all in one mug and coffee warmer, the HOWAY coffee mug warmer is a great option. 

This beverage cup warmer comes with a large dishwasher safe 14 oz ceramic mug and bamboo lid.

If you prefer to use your own mug it is compatible with most mugs up to 3.6″ diameter, such as those made with metal, ceramic or enamel as long as they have a flat bottom.

The coffee cup hot plate warmer is pressure activated so each time you remove the mug it will automatically shut off.

And if you’re someone who takes forever to drink their coffee, there is no concerns as it can be used continuously for up to 4 hours before automatically shutting off! 

The HOWAY mug warmer has two temperature settings: 104°F and 140°F.

So whether you like your coffee piping hot or just lukewarm, there is the perfect setting for you.  You can even use your coffee warmer mug plate as a candle wax warmer plate.

This plug in coffee mug warmer is made with durable materials making it heat resistant and easy to wipe clean.


2 temperature settings

Long cord

Pressure activated warmer


Base of cup gets too hot to touch

The HOWAY coffee mug warmer is such a great all rounder.

Plus, with a long 4 hours auto shut off and pressure activated warmer – with the HOWAY coffee warmer, you’ll be able to drink every last drop of your coffee without it going cold.

>> Click here to check the price of the Howay coffee mug warmer

7. Misby Electric Coffee Mug Warmer Review

Misby coffee warmer with automatic shut off


  • Auto shut off: when mug removed
  • Power: 16 watts
  • Temperature settings: 1
  • Max. temperature: 140℉
  • Cord length: 47″


The Misby coffee mug warmer is another product that has a completely flat base making it ideal for a range of different sized coffee mugs. 

Plus, with the ability to choose your exact preferred temperature, you’ll never drink mediocre coffee again!

The Misby coffee mug warmer allows you to choose your preferred temperature between 120°F-140°F with its 16 watt heating element. 

Plus, there is no need to turn this warmer on or off – just keep it plugged in close to wherever you enjoy your coffee. 

Thanks to the microgravity technology, the warmer will automatically switch on when it senses a mug and turn off when the mug is removed.  Just be sure that the weight of your mug is over 13 oz.

As mentioned, pretty much any sized cup can be used with the Misby, thanks to its completely flat base. 

The heating area has a diameter of 3.5”, so cups with a diameter no larger than this work best – but larger cups can also be used.  It also works best with mugs with flat bottoms and made with glass, stainless steel, or ceramic.


Gravity sensor

Spill proof top

Sleek simple design


140F maximum temperature

47″ cord a little short

Auto shut off only when cup removed

The Misby coffee mug warmer is perfect for those tired of wasting coffee, or even if you’re looking for a gift for someone and just don’t know what. 

Everybody is sure to appreciate no longer having to drink lukewarm coffee.  Plus, it’s perfect for keeping a range of drinks warm such as tea, hot chocolate, milk or even soup.

>> Click here to check the price for the Misby warmer

8. Dimux Desktop Coffee Warmer Review

Dimux electric beverage warmer


  • Auto shut off: when mug removed
  • Power: 19 watts
  • Temperature settings: 1
  • Max. temperature: 131℉
  • Cord length: 52″


The Dimux coffee mug warmer is another warmer that uses gravity technology, so it can keep your beverages warm all day, every day. 

There is no need to turn the Dimux on or off – just keep it plugged in and it will heat up as soon as it senses a mug and turns off when it doesn’t.

This coffee warmer is designed to keep your coffee at the desired temperature of 131℉. 

So unlike other warmers in these reviews, there is no temperature range to choose from, but most people should be satisfied with the coffee at this temperature.

A range of mugs can be used with the Dimux coffee warmer such as those made with metal, enamel, ceramic or glass; for best results, use a mug with a flat bottom and thin walls.  Also, your mug needs to be over 8oz with coffee in it to activate the gravity induction switch.

The Dimux heating area is covered with a layer of conductive glass.  This makes it safe for spillages as well as easy to clean. It is also UL certified.


Gravity switch

Wide 4″ heating ring

Simple design


Max temperature of 131 F

Must remove cup to switch off

Of course, like all good coffee warmers, the Dimux is designed to keep a range of beverages warm. 

You can use this coffee warmer to maintain hot drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, soups, or even use it to release the scent in candles without the need for a flame.

>> Click here to check the price for the Dimux mug warmer

Coffee Cup Warmer Frequently Asked Questions

Does the length of the coffee warmer cord matter?

If you’re not purchasing a cordless cup warmer, then yes, the length of the cord does matter.

The cord needs to be long enough to plug into a power supply and allow for the base to sit wherever it is you’d normally place your coffee cup. There is no point in buying a cup warmer only to discover you can’t use it where you normally drink your coffee.

To be absolutely certain the cord is long enough on the cup warmer you purchase, it’s worth measuring the distance from your nearest power supply to where you want the cup warmer to sit. This will avoid any disappointment.

Does every coffee warmer come with auto shut-off?

No, not every coffee warmer comes with an auto shut off.

Even those that do come with the feature have different kinds of auto shut off. While some shut off every time you lift your mug from the warmer, others will remain at a constant heat for a set period.

Are coffee cup warmers safe?

Provided you follow the manufacturer’s directions and only use the coffee cup warmer for its intended purpose, then yes, they are safe.

All the best products are either spill resistant or waterproof, so even if you accidentally spill a bit of coffee on the warming plate, there is no issue.

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