Guide to the Best Coffees for French Press Brewing [2020]

The French Press, also known as a coffee plunger, cafetiere or press pot has been around for over 100 years.

It is a simple brewing method and one of the most popular ways to make great coffee at home. However to achieve a high quality flavor you need to know what kind of coffee to use in a French Press.

Here we share some of the best coffees for French Press brewing, plus what french press coffee grind size will help you draw the most flavor from your beans.

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Best Coffees for French Press Brewing – Our Top 3 Picks

Short on time? You can’t go wrong with one of these french press coffee brands. We think they are three of the best coffee beans for French Press brewing.

Read on for our reviews of the best coffee to use in a french press.

Best Roast for French Press Coffee

Each coffee brewing method benefits from a particular coffee roast and the French Press brewing method is no different. Here is a brief run down on the types of roasts considered the best coffee roast for French Press.

Light Roast

Light roast coffee beans tend to be light brown in colour with little bitterness or oil on the surface of the bean. 

They have a delicate flavor which doesn’t make them a great choice for brewing in the French Press. If you love light roast french press beans we suggest you skip the milk as it will overpower the subtle coffee flavor.

Medium Roast

Slightly darker in colour, medium roast coffee beans are dry with little oil on the surface. The longer roasting process brings out more flavor and aroma. 

They tend to be more balanced than light roasts and are one of the best roast for french press brewing. Many kona coffee brands offer medium roast beans and are the perfect gift idea for the french press coffee lover in your life.

Medium Dark Roast

Medium dark coffee beans are slightly darker with more oil on the surface. Acidity levels are lower and the beans have more body and flavor. 

Tasting notes will typically include floral, chocolate and nutty flavors. They are the best beans for french press if you add milk to your coffee as the flavor still carries through the milk and below we share some of the top french press beans for you to try.

Dark Roast

On dark roast coffee beans there will be noticeable oil on the surface, usually almost black in colour. These beans have a robust flavour with smoky, bitter notes that come from the longer roasting time. 

Dark roast beans are a traditional favorite for espresso but are not ideal for French Press brewing unless you love strong coffee and add milk, in which case the stronger flavor will still carry through. 

Note: Dark roast coffee beans are sometimes labelled as French roast coffee beans, but this shouldn’t be confused with the French press coffee method. 

Best coffees for french press - coarse grind

Best Coffee for French Press

Okay, now that we know what factors influence the best brew for a French Press, let’s get down to it. Here are 10 of the best french press coffee beans available now.

Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend Light Roast: Premium quality arabica beans from Central and South America. If you are looking for a french press light roast this is a great choice. Best for black coffee drinkers, it has a light citrus flavor and a clean finish.

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Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger: Medium roast organic beans from a company with a strong following. One of the best coffee brands for French Press brewing. The Cliff Hanger finish is smooth with a berry aroma and chocolatey flavor, and one of the best medium roast coffee for french press.

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Two Volcanoes Gourmet Guatemala: Organic, single origin medium roast bean with a distinct regional flavour grown at the base of, you guessed it, two volcanoes. Small batch roasted to enhance the quality, it offers a well balanced flavor and is one of our favorite french press medium roast coffees. 

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: A popular single origin medium roast from Fresh Roasted Coffee. Citrus and spice flavours with a sweet aftertaste. Ethiopian beans are renowned for producing flavourful coffee and this is a great example from this region. One of the best coffee to use for french press brewing.

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Koffee Kult Sumatra Mandheling: A single origin, specialty grade, medium-dark bean from Sumatra. The flavors have been well preserved with hints of chocolate and cedar. A very popular coffee brand for French Press.

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Stone Street Fair Trade Organic Peru: Single origin bean sourced from Peru. This is a light to medium bean roasted in NYC. It has a sweet and nutty finish and is 100% organic. It is a great choice and one of the best coffee for a French Press.

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Valhalla Java by Death Wish Coffee Company: Renowned for producing some of the strongest coffee around, this is a dark roast french press coffee with maximum flavor. Only for lovers of robust and very strong french press coffee!

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe by Volcanica: Sourced predominately from wild coffee trees from a region renowned for fruity and floral toned coffee, this french press coffee is a medium roast, with lavender and chocolate aromas and a sweet structure. A delightful choice for your daily french coffee. 

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Major Dickason’s Blend by Peet’s Coffee: One of the most popular coffee bean brands on Amazon, this dark roast blend is a full bodied, complex coffee with a loyal fan base. A great french press dark roast for your everyday coffee.  

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The Mentalist by Bulletproof: Sourced from Rainforest Alliance-certified organic farms in  Central America, this medium-dark roast is full bodied with cocoa aromatics and caramel undertones. If you are a follower of the Bulletproof Diet, this is a great coffee bean for french press brewing.

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Where To Buy Coffee For French Press Brewing

If you are lucky enough to live close by to a coffee roaster or cafe, they are great places to buy freshly roasted coffee beans. 

For maximum convenience you can to buy coffee beans online. Amazon has a huge range of fresh coffee beans to choose from and many are delivered direct through the coffee roaster. 

This is a better option than buying coffee beans at the supermarket, where you are unlikely to find the freshest coffee beans.

Finally, another great option many people don’t know about is using a coffee subscription service. We outline how it works below.

Use A Coffee Subscription Service

To achieve maximum freshness, another great option to buy the best whole bean coffee for french press is to sign up for a coffee subscription box.  Each month fresh coffee beans are delivered direct to your door!

Not only is this a great way to have a regular supply of fresh beans, you also get to experiment with a variety of bean styles to find your favourite.

Two subscription box options we recommend are:

How To Make Good French Press Coffee

Ultimately, while there are many quality coffee beans that will make great coffee in a French Press, the quality of the brew will vary depending on:

  • The freshness of the coffee beans
  • The roast of the bean
  • The quality of the grind
  • The coffee to water ratio

1. It’s All About Fresh Beans

Why are fresh beans important? Well there is a whole lot of flavor wrapped up in each of those little coffee beans!

Once it is roasted and ground, everything changes, quickly. The coffee grounds oxidise, their aroma changes and the oils that give the coffee much of its flavour dry out and disappear.

Pre-ground beans are convenient but the reality is you will never achieve a full bodied flavour with them, particularly in your French Press.

To achieve maximum freshness our recommendations are to:

  • Purchase freshly roasted whole bean coffee (ideally roasted within the last 30 days).
  • Buy small quantities often to ensure the freshest beans.
  • Grind only when needed to ensure maximum freshness.

If you have to buy pre-ground beans, our best tip is to buy whole beans in small quantities each week.  Read more about coffee freshness here.

Ask the barista at your local coffee shop to grind them for you at the correct coarseness then store in an air tight container in a cool place.

2. Which Coffee Is Best For French Press Brewing?

If you are wondering what kind of coffee is best for french press brewing, we suggest you start with medium and medium-dark roasts. They have more oil on the surface of the bean and a more robust flavor without being bitter. 

They are some of the best french press roast options and will taste great whether you enjoy black coffee or add milk.

Our best tip to discover good coffee for french press brewing is to experiment with different styles of coffee roast to make your perfect French Press brew. 

Try single origin coffee brands from different regions, experiment with different medium roasts, even try a dark roast to compare the taste. 

Also do taste comparisons between a number of different roasts at the same time to easily compare and find the best type of coffee for french press brewing. 

3. The Best Grind for French Press

French Press brewing requires a much coarser grind than most other coffee makers.

Coarse ground coffee is needed as the coffee grounds are steeped in water, so more surface area means more flavour extraction.

Ideally the grind size should be between .75mm to 1mm and it will feel like rough sand in your hands.

A good way to test whether you have ground the beans to the right coarseness is the pressure you feel when pushing down on the plunger.

Too fine and you will struggle to get the plunger down to the bottom. Too coarse and you will fly straight to the bottom with little resistance.

Click here to read our review of the best french press coffee grinders.

4. The Ideal Coffee to Water Ratio

What is the ideal coffee water ratio for French Press? The “golden ratio” is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 oz of water.

For example, if your French Press is 34 oz, you would add 11 tablespoons of ground coffee to your pot (34/6 x 2).

It seems complicated but once you get the hang of it, it is much easier to make a consistently great brew. A coffee scale can also help achieve the right coffee to water ratio – see our coffee scale reviews here.

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

If you decide to buy the best coffee beans for a french press we recommend you also buy a good coffee grinder.  It is a well established fact one of the secrets to a good quality brew is freshly ground beans.

The way to achieve this when making coffee at home is by purchasing a good quality burr coffee grinder.

Not all coffee grinders are able to produce coarse coffee grounds, so two grinders we recommend are:

Medium Range

Baratza Encore

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Premium Range

Rancilio HSD Rocky

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They aren’t cheap, but they will produce high quality grounds for years. 

It is possible to achieve great coffee from any machine, including a cheap espresso machine, if you use freshly ground beans from a quality burr grinder.

See our full review of French Press coffee grinders here.

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker

Finally, there is always a learning curve to make French Press coffee the right way. But once you understand the best way to make French Press coffee, you can make it at home or even when camping.

Watch the video below for a visual lesson. If you are confused by any of the coffee jargon, head over to our Coffee Glossary.

In summary, here are a few tips for how to make the best coffee in a french press:

  • Use freshly ground beans (yes, we will say it again!).
  • Pre-warm the French Press to keep the water warm for longer.
  • Don’t use just boiled water. Let the water rest for a few minutes before pouring into the French Press. 195-205F is the perfect temperature range.
  • Get the coffee to water ratio right.
  • Don’t steep the coffee for too long. Whilst there is much debate, it is generally agreed the optimum steeping time is 4-6 minutes. 
  • Don’t leave any leftover coffee in your French Press. It will continue to brew and become bitter. Empty any remaining coffee into a cup for later. Iced coffee anyone?

See all our guides to the best coffee beans here. Making coffee for a crowd? Click here to read our coffee urn reviews.

Find out more about the best coffee brewing methods here.

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