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We’ve all been there – you brew a nice hot cup of coffee, you get distracted, and before you know it you have half a cup of cold coffee in your cup.

Thankfully the age old problem of how to keep coffee hot is much easier to solve these days thanks to innovative technology and new coffee products designed with the slow drinking coffee lover in mind.

So if you are tired of drinking lukewarm coffee, you have come to the right place. Here we share our best tips to keep your coffee hot for longer so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee anywhere. No scarves, microwaves or tin foil required.

Whether you are looking for a coffee mug that keeps coffee hot, the best coffee warmer, the travel mug that keeps coffee hot the longest or unique new ways of keeping coffee warm, we are confident you will find a good solution here.

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How To Keep Coffee Hot For Longer

Whether you work outdoors, in the office, spend time on the road or are a busy parent at home, one of the daily frustrations is how to keep coffee warm.

There are many factors that influence the rate at which coffee cools including the:

  • Coffee mug material
  • Ambient temperature
  • Brewing temperature

So the best options for keeping coffee warm center around these factors.

For example, options include focusing on the cup material, reducing the impact of the external temperature or maintaining the temperature while brewing.

The right option for you to keep coffee piping hot will also depend on where you drink your coffee and for how long you need it to stay hot.

So to cover all the options, we found 10 ways to keep your coffee hot that are great for when you are at home, at your desk, in your car or outdoors.

Best of all, none of these options will ruin the taste of your coffee.

pink cup of coffee on coffee warmer next to laptop.

Use A Coffee Mug That Keeps Coffee Hot

For many years ceramic coffee cups were considered the best for heat retention.

Compared to other options like plastic, glass and steel, ceramic cups are by far the best choice to keep coffee warm.

But the fact is no regular mug will be as good as a new age mug with precision sensors and built in battery to keep your coffee hot.

So if you are looking for the best cup that keeps coffee hot for longer, you should take a look at the Ember temperature controlled mug.

Ember temperature controlled mug

The Ember allows you to set your preferred temperature (between 120F – 145F).

It then uses innovative technology to regulate the temperature in your cup to maintain that temperature for up to 1.5 hours.

The Ember is not cheap, but it is the only coffee mug that stays hot and with precision sensors will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature all the way down to the last drop. Interested? Click here to check the price and color range for the Ember mug.

Use A Travel Mug To Keep Coffee Hot

If the Ember is out of your budget, or you want to know how to keep coffee warm without electricity, then the next best thing to keep coffee hot is an insulated coffee mug.

Also called travel mugs, vacuum mugs or double walled coffee cups, they are designed to keep coffee piping hot on the go.

But there is no reason why you can’t use them at home or in the office too.

However like all products, not all travel mugs are equal.

The best travel mugs that keep coffee hot for hours use double walled technology and a lid to create a vacuum within the cup and prevent heat loss.

If you are looking for the the best travel mug to keep coffee hot, take a look at the Zojirushi stainless steel vacuum insulated mug.

Zojirushi vacuum insulated coffee mug
  • 12, 16 or 20 oz capacity
  • Keep coffee hot for 6 hours
  • 5 year warranty on heat retention
  • BPA free plastic and stainless steel
  • Lightweight and compact

>> Click here to see the range and the reviews.

Use A Thermos To Keep Coffee Hot

Similar in concept to a travel coffee cup, a thermos is designed to keep larger quantities of coffee hot for hours.

They are perfect for people who work outdoors, for picnics and long road trips.

But they are also useful at home to decant your brewed coffee out of your coffee maker so your coffee can stay hot for longer throughout the day.

Thermos have long been the leaders in designing vacuum insulated bottles and their 40 oz Stainless King thermos bottle is one of the best thermos to keep coffee hot all day.

  • Keep coffee hot for up to 24 hours
  • Large 40 oz capacity
  • Cool to touch
  • Convenient carry handle

Whether you want to enjoy hot coffee while working, camping or at home, a thermos is a great option to keep your coffee warm for longer.

>> Click here to check the price and reviews for the THERMOS Stainless King Bottle

Thermos is on the bench in park.

Use A Coffee Carafe To Keep Coffee Hot

Another good option to keep coffee warm all day is a coffee carafe.

The best carafe to keep coffee hot will have similar features to the thermos, but in a more convenient design.

They are a great option for use in offices and by community groups if you use coffee urns to brew large quantities of coffee and don’t want to leave the coffee brewing and turning bitter in the urn once it is brewed.

Features to look for in a good coffee carafe include:

  • Convenient easy carry handle
  • Wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Double walled vacuum insulation to keep coffee hot.

Cresimo are one of the most popular choices for coffee carafes and boast a long 12 hour heat retention time for hot drinks in their coffee carafes.

Cresimo coffee carafe
  • 68 oz capacity
  • Keep coffee hot for 12 hours
  • Single hand pouring

>> Click here to see the price and reviews

Keep Coffee Warm With A Coffee Warmer

An electric coffee warmer, also known as a coffee mug hot plate, is one of the most popular ways to keep coffee hot at your desk.

Perfect for use in the office or at home, the best coffee warmer will keep coffee hot till the very last drop.

There is a huge range of coffee warmers on the market, but we like the Nice Lucky coffee warmer with auto shut off.

Nice Lucky coffee warmer auto shutoff
  • Powerful 25 watts
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 4 hour auto shut off

>> Click here to see the price and reviews

Brew With A Certified Coffee Maker

One of the biggest challenges with many drip coffee makers is they don’t brew coffee hot enough to start with.

It is going to be near on impossible to keep your coffee warm if it isn’t brewed hot enough.

So how hot should coffee be when it is brewed?

The SCAA standard states water should be between 195 F to 205 F (90 – 96 C) when it comes into contact with the coffee grounds.

Many coffee makers do not achieve this standard throughout the brewing process.

So if you want to drink hot coffee, brew with a high quality coffee maker with a thermal carafe like the Technivorm Moccamaster.

Use A Thermal French Press Coffee Maker

Glass coffee makers are notoriously difficult to keep warm.

Sure, you can place the carafe on a hot plate, but your brew will turn bitter sitting on a heated plate for hours.

If you love to drink french press coffee slowly, then our best tip for how to keep your french press coffee hot is to invest in a thermal french press coffee maker.

There are plenty of stainless steel french press coffee makers. The ones that will keep your coffee warm for longer have dual vacuum insulation.

A good example is this Stanley Coffee Press, which will keep you coffee warm for up to 4 hours.

Silver thermal stainless steel french press coffee maker on wooden board on bench.

Use A Coffee Cup With A Lid

One of the reasons why a travel mug keeps your coffee warm for longer is that it has a lid. Much of the heat lost in a cup of coffee is through the top of the open cup.

So to increase the time your coffee remains hot, consider popping a lid on top of your mug, or buy a coffee mug with a fitted lid.

Nice Lucky coffee warmer auto shutoff

These dishwasher safe ceramic cups with lids are a great option.

They fit most car cup holders and can be used for loose leaf tea too.

>> Click here to check the color range and the price.

Keep Your Coffee Maker Warm With A Carafe Cozy

My nan drank a lot of tea and she always popped a tea cozy on top of the pot. You know, those knitted, crocheted or fabric covers that covered the the tea pot?

Well there is a sensible reason for this old fashioned device, and that was to keep the liquid in the pot warm for longer.

If you are wondering how to keep chemex coffee warm, or how to keep french press coffee hot, then a cozy cover will certainly help.

It won’t keep your coffee piping hot like a thermos will, but it will slow down the rate of cooling in a glass coffee maker, which may be all you need.

Here are two great options:

Zeal Neoprene French Cafetiere cosy jacket
Blue Horse Cozy Chemex

Pop A Coffee Sleeve Over Your Cup

In much the same way a coffee carafe cozy works, a coffee cup sleeve will slow the rate of cooling in your cup.

They are particularly good to use with takeout cups which have little insulation.

The GoCuff neoprene reusable cup insulator is perfect for Starbucks, McCafe, Dunkin Donuts cups plus will fit your travel mug too.

The handle makes it so easy to hold and carry.

>> .

There are plenty of cute designs, they keep your hands cool too when holding a hot cup and it can be used to carry cold drinks too.

Red knitted cup cozy and book.

Prewarm Your Cup And Carafe

Finally, one of the best ways to slow the rate at which your coffee cools down once brewed is to pre warm the carafe and mug.

Run your carafe under hot water before brewing, then fill your mug, thermos or travel mug with boiling water. When your coffee is ready, empty your mug and fill with your coffee.

It won’t keep your coffee hot for hours, but it will help slow the rate at which it cools down while you drink it.

It is particularly effective for extending the keep warm duration in a thermos or travel mug.

How To Keep Coffee Hot For A Party

If you are entertaining and need to know how to keep coffee hot for a crowd, the best option is to use a thermal coffee carafe.

Prepare your coffee then pour the brewed coffee into a coffee carafe and seal tightly until needed.

The other option is to use a coffee urn, which will keep your coffee hot for hours after brewing.

What Keeps Coffee Hot The Longest?

A double walled vacuum sealed thermos with a lid will keep coffee hot the longest. A good quality thermos can keep coffee hot for up to 24 hours.

How To Keep French Press Coffee Hot

Unfortunately the classic glass french press does not keep your coffee hot for long. The best option is to use a thermal stainless steel french press coffee maker.

Alternatively use a coffee press neoprene cozy to keep your coffee warm.

How To Keep Coffee Warm Without Electricity

The best way to keep coffee warm without electricity is to pour your brewed coffee into a thermal vacuum travel mug.

The double walled stainless steel design and sealed lid are the most effective way to keep coffee hot at home, on the road or when camping.

More Coffee Brewing Tips

If you loved this guide on how to keep your coffee hot for hours, here are some more brew guides to help you make better coffee:

Find all our brew guides here and if you love making coffee at home, try one of our tasty coffee recipes.

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