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15 Easy Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes

Forget expensive store-bought coffee creamers. These homemade coffee creamer recipes take only minutes to prepare with just a handful of ingredients.

If you don’t enjoy black coffee or just love to add a little flavor or sweetness to your cup of joe, you have come to the right place! Here we share 15 easy recipes that show you how to make a coffee creamer at home.

Whether you are looking for healthy coffee creamer recipes, flavored coffee creamer recipes, vegan, whole 30 coffee creamer or heavy whipping cream coffee creamer recipes, you are sure to find the best homemade coffee creamer in our list.

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Why Make Your Own Coffee Creamer?

There are a few reasons why we think it is worth knowing how to make coffee creamer at home.

  1. You will never run out of creamer again! How annoying is it to brew your coffee, reach for the creamer, only to realize someone else finished it off.
  2. The cost savings are significant. There is no comparison – homemade creamer will save you a lot of cash, even this sweetened condensed milk peppermint mocha creamer.
  3. Perhaps the best reason to make homemade coffee creamer is so you know EXACTLY what is in it. No preservatives, no chemical flavors or additives – just natural basic ingredients and your favorite flavors.

Our cashew coffee creamer recipe is super creamy and easy to make – you can see the full recipe here or read on below for other creamer recipes.

How To Make Coffee Creamer

You may be surprised just how easy it is to make your own creamer at home.

Most of these home made creamers have just 3 or 4 ingredients and can be blended together in a jar. Simply make and store in the refrigerator.

While the majority of these recipes are liquid coffee creamers, we also share a powdered milk coffee creamer recipe for the ultimate in convenience.

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Best Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes

We have split our coffee creamer recipe ideas into 5 sections:

  • DIY coffee creamers with milk or cream
  • Homemade vegan creamer recipes
  • Paleo coffee creamer recipe ideas
  • Homemade Keto creamer recipes
  • Powdered homemade dry coffee creamer recipe

Homemade Coffee Creamer Recipes

These recipes for homemade coffee creamer take only minutes to prepare with just a handful of ingredients.

From the classic homemade french vanilla coffee creamer recipe options to the popular homemade pumpkin creamer, these are tasty yet simple coffee creamer ideas you can try at home.

Vegan Coffee Creamer Recipe Ideas

Go dairy free and enjoy creamy tasting coffee with these homemade vegan coffee creamer recipes.

From homemade coconut creamer to DIY hazelnut creamer and homemade almond milk coffee creamer, there are so many ways to make your own non dairy creamer.

Homemade Paleo coffee creamer

Making coffee creamer for Paleo diet followers couldn't be easier. Here are some flavored coffee creamer recipes to make at home.

Homemade Keto Coffee Creamer Recipe

Why pay for expensive keto creamer when you can make your own keto coffee creamer at home? Here are some quick and easy keto coffee creamer recipe ideas to try.

Homemade Powdered Coffee Creamer Recipe

DIY powdered coffee creamer is so easy to make and lasts for months. It is also perfect for camping trips and weekends away.

For more great recipes with coffee, see all our coffee recipes here. If you are interested in brewing better coffee, our Brew Guides can help!

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