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When you’re part of a small household, in college or have a small kitchen, the best 4 cup coffee maker is all you need to enjoy great coffee.  Small coffee makers don’t take up a lot of space, are quick to brew and you don’t waste any fresh coffee!

If you’ve been considering buying a small coffee pot, then this guide is for you. 

In these 4 cup coffee maker reviews, I take you through what to consider when purchasing the best small coffee maker. I also compare some of the best 4 cup coffee makers currently on the market so you can choose the right small brewer for your home.

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The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker 2024 – Top Picks

Don’t have time to read my complete best four cup coffee maker reviews and just want to hear my top recommendations for the best small drip coffee maker?

Best Small Coffee Maker Comparison

Below is a handy table where you can see all the different 4 cup coffee pot options reviewed within this guide. 

Keep reading below for the detailed reviews.

ImageNameCarafe TypeCapacityOur RatingPrice
Cuisinart DCC-450KCuisinart 450BK 4-Cup CoffeemakerStainless Steel20 oz / 4 cups4.8CHECK
Zojirushi EC-DAC50 coffee makerZojirushi Zutto Drip CoffeemakerGlass23 oz / 4 cups4.6CHECK
TS Brentwood coffee makerBrentwood coffee makerGlass20 oz / 4 cups4.4CHECK
Mr Coffee espresso makerMr Coffee Espresso Coffee MakerGlass20 oz / 4 cups4.6CHECK
Gevi small coffee makerGevi Small Coffee MakerGlass20 oz / 4 cups4.2CHECK
Mr Coffee Simple BrewMr. Coffee Simple Brew Drip Coffee MakerGlass20 oz / 4 cups4.6CHECK
Farberware percolatorFarberware PercolatorStainless Steel20 oz / 4 cups4.8CHECK

Why Purchase A Small Coffee Pot?

These days, it seems like everyone is buying the biggest and fanciest coffee machine. So why consider a small coffee maker?

Well there are a range of reasons why having the best four cup coffee maker at home might come in handy including:

  • The best small cup coffee maker is fast, and you’ll have great tasting coffee in just minutes.
  • When there are only one or two coffee drinkers in the home, a large fancy coffee machine is often a waste of money and coffee.
  • The best buy is easy to use, there are no complicated steps to learn.
  • A small coffee maker is, well small. It doesn’t take up much space which is great if you’re using it as a backup or need to store it away.
  • Also perfect if you have a small kitchen with limited counter space, you’re at college or travel in an RV.
  • A drip coffee maker is a more affordable option when compared with a single serve coffee maker that uses pods.
Coffee carafe with coffee cup.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Four Cup Coffee Maker

To purchase one of the top rated brewers, you should consider the following factors. 

If you already know what you need, hop straight to the reviews here.

1. Cup Size

When it comes to coffee machines, a cup doesn’t equal your standard 8 ounce cup.  In fact there is no standard at all – with variation between each coffee maker.

Often in coffee maker designs, a standard cup is often just 5 ounces, which is about half the size of a regular cup of coffee!

So be sure to check the total capacity in our reviews so you know exactly what you are buying.

And if these coffee makers are too small, consider a 5 cup coffee maker or one with a larger capacity such as quality coffee makers like these.

2. Coffee Maker Size

One of the benefits of having a four cup coffee maker is they are nice and compact. 

If you’re purchasing a small drip coffee maker as you don’t have a lot of kitchen space, be sure to double check the overall dimensions of the machine before purchasing. 

Check the width of the machine’s base as well as the height to ensure it will fit under your kitchen cabinets.

Also check if the water reservoir needs to be filled up from the top or the side too. This may impact where you can put the coffee maker on your counter.

4 cup coffee brewer on kitchen bench.

3. Carafe Type

Coffee makers come with carafes made from either glass or stainless steel. 

In some cases, you can even get a cheap 4 cup coffee maker with heavy duty plastic carafes, although that’s not something we would recommend if you are searching for the best compact coffee makers.

  • Stainless steel is a great durable material for coffee carafes.  Some stainless steel carafes are also thermal carafes, which are great for keeping your coffee warm. 
  • Glass is the classic option and won’t add any flavors to your brew.  They are also easy to clean as you can see inside the pot.

However the downside of glass is that it is more fragile and easier to break.  Thankfully most coffee maker brands offer replacement carafes should yours break.

4. Filter Type

Another feature to consider when purchasing the best 4 cup drip coffee maker is the type of filter it uses.  Filters can be either disposable paper or reusable mesh.

Reusable filters are generally best as they are environmentally friendly and convenient as you’re not having to constantly buy more filters. 

If the coffee maker you’re thinking of buying has a reusable filter, just be sure it is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.

If you prefer brewing coffee through paper filters, you can still use these with a reusable coffee filter.

Closeup of black and stainless steel small coffee pot.

5. Settings

Like any appliance, the best rated 4 cup coffee makers come with a range of settings.  Here are a few settings worth considering:

  • Programmable Timer: A 4 cup programmable coffee maker which you can set the night before is great if you like to wake up to freshly brewed coffee.
  • Keep Warm Function:  If you’re not buying a machine with thermal carafe, then you’ll want to ensure it has a keep warm function to keep your coffee warm after brewing.
  • Brew Pause:  This is essential for those times where you just can’t wait for the entire pot to brew.  The brew pause feature allows you to sneak a cup of coffee mid brew.
  • Auto Shut Down:  Will shut down after a certain period of non use. This means you don’t need to worry about whether you turned the coffee pot off after you’ve left the house.

6. Ease Of Cleaning

If you end up with a coffee maker that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually all that convenient after all.

Make sure you have an idea of the ease to clean the coffee maker before you buy it. The more features and components the machine has, the more likely it will take you a longer time to clean.

Generally, the best rated machines will have removable parts, such as the carafe and filter (if the machine has one), that are dishwasher safe.

7. Durability

The best coffee maker (4 cup) will come with a warranty, which can give you some idea of what to expect from their durability.

It’s also recommended you take into consideration the brand’s reputation for making durable coffee products.

All the brands we list in our 2024 coffee maker reviews are considered some of the top brands on the market.

2 white coffee cups on table with couple on couch in background.

The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews 2024

Below I have reviewed some of the best small coffee makers available.

1. Cuisinart 4 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Best 4 cup coffee maker overall

Cuisinart DCC-450K


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 5.25″ x 10″


The Cuisinart DC 450 is the perfect machine for those short on time or short on counter space in the kitchen.  With this compact coffee brewer, you’ll have great tasting coffee in minutes.

The Cuisinart features a durable stainless steel carafe, scratch resistant warming plate, which will keep coffee warm up to 185 F and automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

Cuisinart coffee pot features include:

  • Brew pause
  • Ergonomic handle with knuckle guard
  • Drip free spout
  • 30 minute automatic shut off

The top flips up to fill the water reservoir and the filter basket is compatible with a #2 paper filter or even a permanent filter.

It is low wattage at just 550 watts and comes with a 3 year warranty, which is a great indication of its longevity.


Shatterproof stainless steel carafe

Good quality brew

Low wattage machine popular for RVs


Short 30 minute warming time

Small paper filters can be hard to find

Not programmable

For anyone after a no fuss easy to use option, the Cuisinart 4 cup stainless steel carafe coffee maker is the best 4 cup coffee maker with auto shut off on our list. 

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2. Zojirushi Coffee Maker Review

Best looking small coffee maker

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto Drip coffee maker


  • Capacity: 5 cups / 23 oz
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 11″


One of the higher end coffee makers in our best small coffee pot reviews is the Zojirushi Zutto coffee maker.  While it markets itself as a 5 cup coffee maker, that is based on a cup size of 4.5 oz, so we’re calling it a 4 cup brewer!

This is a stylish looking, compact coffee maker that produces great tasting coffee for even the fussiest coffee drinker.

One of the features that sets this machine apart from the others is the charcoal water filter.  This filter is designed to purify water for a better tasting coffee. 

It also has a cone shape filter basket that sits within the carafe, which helps keep the coffee maker small. Note you do need to hold the lid on when you pour.

Other great features include:

  • Durable glass carafe
  • Automatic keep warm function
  • Removable water reservoir. 

Unfortunately for a coffee maker with this price tag, the Zojirushi has limited settings. It doesn’t have a programmable timer, auto off or the sneak a cup feature.

It does come with a one year warranty and runs at 650 watts.


Stylish design

Warming plate

Charcoal water filter


No auto shut off or auto start

No brew pause

For picky coffee drinkers that prefer to have their water purified before making a cup as well as wanting a contemporary looking coffee maker, the Zojirushi Zutto is certainly one worth considering.

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3. TS Brentwood 4-Cup Coffee Maker Review

Best cheap 4 cup coffee maker

Brentwood 4-cup coffee maker


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 6″ x 10″


With most coffee makers coming in black or stainless steel, this small coffee brewer by Brentwood is a refreshing change. 

The Brentwood small brewer not only looks great but provides all the basic features you need for great tasting coffee fast.

Brentwood is a well known brand that has made kitchen appliances for decades. The Brentwood TS-213BL is an easy to use coffee machine featuring a glass carafe and a warming plate to keep your coffee hot. 

Essential features include:

  • Removable, reusable permanent filter basket
  • Reusable scooper
  • Water level window which helps you fill the water tank with ease.

This 650 watt 4 cup blue coffee maker is not packed with settings and features.

There is no automatic shut off and it is not programmable. But it has all you need to make freshly brewed coffee fast and comes at a great price. 


Permanent filter

Warming plate


Not programmable

No auto shut off

Plus with a bright blue design, the Brentwood is perfect for those wanting something a little different on their kitchen bench. Note it also comes in black and white.

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4. Mr Coffee 4 Cup Steam Espresso Maker

Best 4 cup espresso coffee maker

Mr Coffee 4 cup espresso coffeemaker


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 6.5″ x 10.5″


If you enjoy the stronger taste of espresso coffee, the Mr Coffee 4 cup espresso coffee maker is a great option.

This model is a little different to a typical drip coffee maker, with steam forced through the coffee grinds to produce espresso like coffee in the 4 cup carafe.

It also has a frothing arm to produce foamed milk for cappuccino and latte coffees. The heat proof handle and easy pour carafe make this a really simple coffee maker to use.

Note this coffee maker doesn’t include a heating plate so you cannot keep coffee warm after brewing.

Top features include:

  • Milk frothing arm
  • Removable drip tray
  • Strong espresso-like coffee


Strong coffee

Froths milk

Easy to use


Not as powerful as regular espresso machine

No warming plate

For espresso coffee lovers looking for an affordable home coffee maker, this compact coffee machine is one of the best options to consider. 

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5. Gevi Coffee Maker 4 Cup Review

Gevi small drip coffeemaker


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 10.6″


Gevi is well known for making affordable coffee makers, so it’s no surprise that they feature in this 4 cup coffee maker review guide. 

This compact brewer from Gevi is a good inexpensive no fuss option.

The Gevi small coffee pot features:

  • A glass dishwasher safe carafe
  • Swing away filter basket for easy filling
  • Nonstick hot plate that keeps your coffee warm.

Like all great coffee machines, the Gevi small coffee maker has a brew pause function, which enables you to grab a cuppa before the brewing process is complete.  It is also easy to wipe down and keep clean.


Easy to use swing out basket

2 hr warming plate

Brew pause


No auto start or shut off

Poor customer support

For lovers of Gevi products looking for an easy to use, compact coffee maker, this is a good option to consider.

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6. Mr Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker Review

Mr Coffee Simple Brew 4 Cup Coffee Machine


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Glass
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dimensions: 10.1″ x 7.25″ x 11.8″


The Simple Brew is a great little Mr Coffee model. 

It has a simple on/off switch and handy grab a cup auto pause function. It uses basket style paper filters, or you can purchase a compatible permanent filter separately.

Other great features include:

  • A removable filter basket for simple filling and cleaning
  • Warming plate to keep coffee warm
  • Dual water window to make filling the reservoir easy and mess free.  

This small 650 watt brewer comes with a one year warranty.


Permanent filter compatible

Warming plate

Low wattage brewer perfect for home or RV

Brew pause function


Not programmable

No automatic shut off

Despite the small number of features, it is one of the top rated small coffee makers on Amazon.

It is a super cute looking compact coffee machine that is easy to use and super cheap.  Perfect for small apartments, occasional coffee drinkers or college students in dorms.

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7. Farberware 4 Cup Coffee Percolator Review

Best 4 cup electric percolator

Farberware 4 cup percolator


  • Capacity: 4 cups / 20 oz
  • Carafe: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Dimensions: 8″ x 5.3″ x 8″


For something a little different from all the drip coffee makers in these reviews, the Farberware is a stylish stainless steel 4 cup electric percolator coffee maker. 

With the ability to brew a cup a minute, with this coffee maker, you’ll have freshly brewed coffee in next to no time!

The Farberware percolator is a stainless 4 cup percolator constructed from durable stainless steel.

Percolator features:

  • Stainless steel coffee basket
  • Cool touch handle and lid knob with rolled edges for safe handling
  • No drip spout to minimise spillages.

With a robust coffee flavor more like espresso than other coffee makers, this small coffee maker is a top choice for those in small apartments, dorms and RVs.

Unlike the other coffee makers in this guide, the Farberware doesn’t have many features. 

However it does have an automatic keep warm mode to ensure every cup of coffee is at the perfect temperature.


Compact and light

Keep warm function

Quick to brew


Not programmable

Short power cord

The Farberware is a great looking and very compact appliance.

It will look fantastic on any kitchen counter and takes up very little space.  This is a premium appliance and perfect for coffee drinkers who enjoy percolated coffee fast.

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Are There 4-Cup Coffee Makers?

Yes! There are 4-cup coffee makers on the market. Keep in mind that a standard cup for coffee makers is defined as 5 oz, so small coffee makers tend to brew between 20-25 oz of coffee at a time.

How Much Coffee Do I Put In A 4-Cup Coffee Maker?

For a medium strength brew, it is recommended to use 1 coffee scoop or 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 5 ounces of water. But do check the recommended dosage in the instruction manual to ensure this is possible in each machine.

Before You Go

We hope you found the best mini coffee maker for your home in this guide. If you are still looking, check out our guide to RV coffee makers as they are also compact or the smaller 4 cup brewers reviewed here.

If you are ready to make great coffee, read our guide to the best coffee beans or discover how to brew a great tasting coffee here.

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