29 Delicious Coffee Desserts For Coffee Lovers



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If you love coffee and dessert, you are in for a treat with this collection of some of the most delicious coffee desserts!

From homemade coffee ice cream to creamy coffee cheesecake, classic Italian Tiramisu and decadent espresso brownies, cookies and cupcakes, this list of coffee dessert recipes is a coffee lover’s dream guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds with every spoonful.

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Coffee Dessert Recipes For Coffee Lovers

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or just someone looking to add a dash of excitement to your dessert repertoire, these coffee dessert recipes are a must-try.

Coffee desserts aren’t just reserved for cozy evenings by the fireplace – they are the perfect sweet companions for celebrations, dinner parties, and lazy weekend brunches alike.

The versatility of these recipes ensures that these desserts with coffee will be loved by both devoted caffeine enthusiasts and those seeking a tasty surprise in their after-dinner treats.

So no matter what the occasion, I’m confident you’ll find the perfect coffee flavored dessert for your next occasion.

Types Of Coffee Desserts For Coffee Lovers

You’ll soon discover there are many irresistible coffee dessert ideas to try. So to help you choose, I’ve grouped the coffee desserts recipes into the following categories:

Note that in many cases you can swap out the different types of coffee – depending on what you have at home.

Most recipes will tell you if you can modify the type of coffee and advise you on how to adjust the volume depending on whether you are using brewed coffee, espresso or instant coffee.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the recipes – let me know your favorite coffee flavored dessert recipe in the comments below!

No Bake Coffee Desserts

These easy no bake coffee dessert recipes are perfect for dinner parties. Make them ahead of time so you’re not stuck in the kitchen preparing dessert!

Classic Coffee Mousse

coffee mousse in single serve white mugs.
Photo credit: Coffeewise

This easy coffee mousse recipe served in individual cups is simply divine. With just 4 ingredients and no baking required this coffee mousse is one of the tastiest and simplest coffee desserts to make at home.

Serve in a simple mug, small dessert bowl or dessert coupe glasses for special occasions.

Get the recipe: Coffee Mousse

Coffee Granita

coffee granita in small glass dessert cups.
photo credit: coffeewise

Coffee granita is a super easy frozen coffee dessert recipe hailing from Italy. With just 3 ingredients it is a great choice for hot Summer days. Light, cool and refreshing, you will love this coffee flavored granita recipe.

Get the recipe: Coffee Granita

Chocolate Fudge Truffles With Java Chip Oreos

chocolate fudge truffles with mocha oreos stacked.
photo credit: creators of coffee

These chocolate condensed milk truffles topped with crushed java chip Oreos have a sweet creamy filling and are a delicious no bake dessert idea. Perfect for dinner parties, celebrations and gifts.

Coffee & Chocolate Mousse

easy chocolate mousse in individual ramekins.
photo credit: my chefs apron

You might think homemade mousse is hard to make, but this easy coffee chocolate mousse recipe has easy to follow instructions that will have you whipping it up like a pro. With only 5 ingredients, and a healthy serving of brewed coffee, this is a mouth watering, creamy dessert for coffee lovers!

Get the recipe: Coffee Chocolate Mousse

Coffee Slice

pieces of coffee slice on plate.
photo credit: chef not required

This no bake coffee dessert is just the thing to slice up and share with your friends who love a cup of coffee. With a rich coffee flavored base and a choc-coffee icing, this mocha slice is perfect to serve at parties and functions.

Get the recipe: Coffee Slice

Coffee Cake Desserts

A slice of coffee cake is a popular choice to serve for dessert, particularly when you are also serving a cup of tea of coffee. Here are some great coffee cake dessert ideas.

Coffee Walnut Loaf Cake

top view of baked coffee date and walnut bread on wooden chopping board.
photo credit: creators of coffee

Simple, yet delicious. This coffee and walnut loaf cake is full of crunchy walnut pieces and coffee soaked dates. It is the perfect choice to serve with tea or coffee after a light supper or meal with friends.

Get the recipe: Coffee Walnut Loaf Cake

Espresso Desserts

For lovers of the strong and rich taste of espresso coffee, here are some of the tastiest espresso dessert recipes to make at home.

Coffee Panna Cotta Dessert Cups

coffee panna cotta in single serve dessert coupe cups.
photo credit: Coffeewise

With a creamy coffee base, rich espresso syrup and melt in your mouth texture, these espresso panna cotta cups are the ultimate coffee lover’s dessert.

Get the recipe: Coffee Panna Cotta

Espresso Cupcakes

espresso cupcakes with coffee buttercream in muffin tray.
photo credit: Barley & Sage

These espresso cupcakes are a coffee lover’s dream. With a coffee flavored cupcake and creamy espresso buttercream. they are perfect for dinner parties, birthdays and events.

Get the recipe: Espresso Cupcakes

Salted Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

stack of salted coffee choc chip cookies.
photo credit: broken oven baking

Upgrade your chocolate chip cookie experience with the addition of espresso. The bitterness of the coffee offsets the sweetness of the chocolate and a touch of salt rounds things out! A delicious variation on the classic chocolate chip cookie that’s perfect for coffee lovers.

Espresso Bean and Almond Chocolate Bark

sheet of espresso bean chocolate bark.
photo credit: scattered thoughts of a crafty mom

If you like chocolate covered coffee beans, you are going to want to make this easy and decadent chocolate bark recipe. It is just the thing for a coffee lovers dessert to share.

Affogato Coffee (Espresso Ice Cream)

top view of affogato in glasses on tray.
photo credit: the forked spoon

A classic espresso dessert, affogato ice cream is a simple yet delicious Italian coffee dessert for espresso lovers. The pairing of espresso and ice cream is simply divine and takes just minutes to prepare.

Get the recipe: Affogato Coffee

Tiramisu Coffee Desserts

Perhaps the most well known coffee flavored dessert and a classic Italian coffee dessert recipe, Tiramisu is always a winning coffee dessert – so why not try one of these Tiramisu recipes.

Authentic Tiramisu

authentic tiramisu on white plate.
photo credit: if you give a blonde a kitchen

Impress your coffee loving friends with this classic Tiramisu recipe. Espresso-dipped ladyfingers, the perfect amount creamy mascarpone and espresso for a rich, but light espresso dessert that is perfect for your next dinner party.

Get the recipe: Authentic Tiramisu

Tiramisu Brownies

piece of tiramisu brownies on fork.
photo credit: simply stacie

Why not bring two favorite desserts together into one dreamy dessert with big coffee vibes. This Tiramisu brownie recipe is a rich and tasty coffee dessert recipe combining a chocolatey brownie base topped with a layer of espresso soaked ladyfinger biscuits and mascarpone cheese. Yum!

Get the recipe: Tiramisu Brownies

Raspberry Tiramisu

single serve raspberry tiramisu cups.
photo credit: yummy addiction

This Summery twist on the classic Tiramisu dessert recipe is fresh and light and the perfect way to indulge in Summer berry fruits. Prepare in individual glasses for a pretty coffee dessert perfect for serving at your next party.

Get the recipe: Raspberry Tiramisu

Coffee Ice Cream Desserts

These coffee ice cream dessert recipes are perfect on their own or to pair with other desserts.

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

coffee ice cream in a cone.
photo credit: the oregon dietitian

Homemade ice cream is just the place to tuck coffee flavor. This coconut milk icecream recipe is dairy and egg free, with a smooth coffee taste. You are going to want to make this and share it on a hot summer day.

No Churn Coffee Ice Cream

no churn coffee ice cream in cone.
photo credit: midwestern home life

You don’t need an ice cream machine to make this coffee ice cream treat! This coffee flavored ice cream is creamy, dreamy and has so many choc chips inside!

No Churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream with Boba

vietnamese coffee ice cream with boba in dessert glass.
photo credit: xoxo bella

For a more unusual no-churn coffee ice cream recipe, you have to try this Vietnamese coffee ice cream with boba. The delicious coffee flavored ice cream combined chewy pearls is such a fun dessert to share with friends.

Coffee Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake is a tried and true dessert to make at home and coffee cheesecake is one of the best coffee dessert ideas. Here are some of the tastiest coffee cheesecake recipes to try.

Coffee Cheesecake

slice of coffee cheesecake on white plate.
photo credit: fit and full

Coffee and cheesecake is always a great combo, so why not bring the flavors together for a decadent goodie. This coffee cheesecake with crushed oreo biscuit base is luxuriously smooth with a lovely coffee flavor.

Get the recipe: Coffee Cheesecake

Chocolate Espresso Tart

slice of chocolate espresso tart on white platter.
photo credit: the cozy plum

A rich and creamy chocolate espresso tart with a silky dark chocolate ganache and espresso whipped cream is a coffee lover’s dream that will not last long.

Get the recipe: Espresso Chocolate Tart

Baked Mocha Cheesecake

chocolate coffee cheesecake.
photo credit: a mummy too

This baked coffee cheesecake is rich, chocolatey and delicious thanks to the perfect combination of dark chocolate and coffee atop a simple biscuit base. If you love coffee and chocolate, this cheesecake recipe is a must-try.

Get the recipe: Mocha Cheesecake

Mocha Desserts

Coffee and chocolate really is a match made in heaven. Which is why so many coffee dessert recipes include these two ingredients. So for lovers of chocolate and coffee, here are some delicious mocha dessert recipes to make at home.

Dark Chocolate Coffee Truffles

dark chocolate coffee truffles on a plate.
photo credit: bakers table

These make ahead coffee dessert truffles are deep, dark and so dreamy. With just 7 ingredients, these truffles are surprisingly easy to make and make the perfect after dinner treat or gift.

Coffee Bean Cookies

coffee bean shaped cookies in white bowl.

Not only do these coffee cookies look adorable, but they also taste great paired with a cup of coffee. With a rich coffee flavor and a hint of chocolate, they are perfect for serving after dinner or brunch as a simple coffee dessert idea.

Get the recipe: Coffee Bean Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

gluten free chocolate cake.
photo credit: what the fork

With a healthy dose of brewed coffee, this gluten free chocolate cake is moist and rich. Perfect for birthdays, celebrations and dessert, this cake is a delicious dessert option.

Chocolate Whacky Cake

wacky chocolate cake with white icing on cake stand.
photo credit: cooking on caffeine

This depression era mocha cake is crazy. You won’t need eggs, butter or milk, but you will need coffee to make this deliciously decadent chocolate cake!

Get the recipe: Chocolate Whacky Cake

Mocha Coffee Blossom Cookies

mocha cookies with hershey kisses.
photo credit: midwestern home life

Give your sugar cookies a coffee chocolate kiss with this easy to make recipe. Perfect for the holidays, these soft and chewy cookies have a bold coffee flavor and a sweet Hersheys’s hug on top.

Instant Coffee Desserts

Coffee Creme Brulee

coffee creme brulee in ramekin.
photo credit: a baking journey

An irresistible combination of luxurious coffee custard and crunchy caramelised sugar is what makes this coffee flavored dessert so delicious and one of the best coffee dessert ideas. This caffeinated version of the classic French dessert is truly delicious.

Get the recipe: Coffee Creme Brulee

Hazelnut Coffee Macarons

hazelnut coffee macarons.
photo credit: rosanna etc

Coffee is the perfect partner to hazelnut. This coffee macaron recipe brings the flavor pairing to a much loved cookie for the best after dinner coffee treat.

Get the recipe: Hazelnut Coffee Macarons

Ultimate Chocolate Baked Donuts

choc coffee donuts with sprinkles stacked on top of each other.
photo credit: waiting for blancmange

These baked chocolate donuts are the ultimate treat and perfect as a fun coffee dessert. With a rich chocolate ganache icing and a hint of coffee, these donuts are super delicious.

Get the recipe: Baked Chocolate Donuts

Coffee Meringue Kisses

vegan coffee meringue kisses.
photo credit: keep calm and eat ice cream

This recipe turns classic coffee meringues into a vegan coffee dessert delight. Sweet and crunchy, you won’t believe these meringues are vegan!

Get the recipe: Coffee Meringue Kisses

More Coffee Recipes

If you loved these recipes, here are some more great coffee recipes to pair with your coffee dessert.

And you can find more coffee dessert recipes here or browse all our coffee recipes.

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