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If you find yourself wanting the option of a single serve coffee or shot of espresso as well as a full pot of coffee, then perhaps it’s time to consider investing in the best 2 way coffee maker.

By having one of the best dual coffee makers in the kitchen, you don’t have to compromise. Make that single serve coffee when it is just you, and when friends and family come around, you have the convenience of being able to brew a pot of coffee for everyone.

If you’re considering purchasing the best dual brew coffee maker, you are in the right place!

In these dual coffee maker reviews, I not only take you through all the various factors to consider when purchasing the best 2 in 1 coffee maker, but I also review and compare some of the best two way coffee makers on the market.

So let’s get into it and find the perfect two way coffee maker for you.

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TOP PICKS – Best Dual Coffee Maker 2024

Don’t have time to read my entire dual pot coffee maker guide and just want to hear my recommendations? Here are my top 3 picks.

The Best 2 Way Coffee Maker 2024 Comparison

Below is a handy coffee maker comparison chart where you can see all the different dual coffee machine options reviewed within this article.

Keep reading for the full review of each 2 in one coffee maker and if you need help choosing, read our buyer’s guide at the end.

ImageNameCoffee PotSingle ServeOur RatingPrice
Hamilton Beach Flexbrew TrioHamilton Brew FlexBrew Trio12 cup carafe10 oz K-Cup or 14 oz ground coffee4.6CHECK
Cuisinart SS-16 Coffee CenterCuisinart SS-16 2-Way Coffee Maker12 cup carafe4,6,8,10 or 12 oz capsules or ground coffee4.8CHECK
Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro SystemNinja DualBrew Pro Coffee Maker12 cup carafe6, 8, 10 or 12 oz K-cups or ground coffee5.0CHECK
Keurig K-Duo Coffee MakerKeurig K-Duo Coffee Maker12 cup carafe6, 8, 10 or 12 oz K-cups4.8CHECK
Mr Coffee 2 in 1 Coffee MakerMr Coffee Two way coffee maker10 cup carafe8, 10 or 12 oz K-cups 4.4CHECK
Espressione Espresso and Coffee MakerEspressione Espresso and Coffee Maker10 cup carafeEspresso4.6CHECK
Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee MakerKeurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker12 cup carafe6, 8, 10 or 12 oz K-cups5.0CHECK
Cuisinart Coffee CenterCuisinart Dual Coffee Maker With Grinder12 cup carafe8, 10 or 12 oz K-cups or ground coffee 4.6CHECK
Galanz Combination Pump Espresso and single serve coffee machineGalanz Dual Coffee MakerNAEspresso and 10 oz ground coffee4.2CHECK
CucinaPro Double Coffee BrewerCucinaPro Dual Carafe Coffee Brewer2 x 12 cup carafeNA4.2CHECK

The Best Dual Coffee Maker Reviews 2024

Let’s take a look at each of these machines in turn to help you decide which suits your home and coffee preferences.

1. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Trio 2 Way Coffee Maker Review

Best Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Trio


  • Pot: 12 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup or grounds
  • Auto shut off: 2 hours
  • Water reservoirs: Separate


The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Trio 2 Way Coffee Maker is a popular and versatile brewer with three options for brewing your coffee – a full pot or single serve using grounds or pods.

The full pot of coffee on the Hamilton Beach coffee maker brews up to 12 cups while the single serve provides the option of brewing coffee with fresh grounds or any pod including K-cups.

The single-serve section can brew directly into a cup or even in a 7″ travel mug for those who are on the run and there are 5 single serve sizes to choose from.

With the Hamilton Beach 12 cup programmable coffee maker, you can choose from two different brew strengths, so you have coffee just the way you like it.

Hamilton Beach 2 Way Flexbrew features:

  • Programmable start function
  • Pause brew for a mid-brew cup
  • Keep warm and auto shut off
  • K-cup, pod and grounds compatible for single serve
  • Fast 90 second single serve brewing

On this Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Maker, there are two water reservoirs with a removable 56 oz water reservoir on the single serve size.


3 ways to brew – pot, pod & ground

Brew strength control

Removable water reservoir


Warming plate shuts off when single cup side activated

The Flexbrew coffee maker with k cup combo is one of the best single serve and carafe coffee maker options on the market. Perfect if you want to choose between a full pot, single pod or single grounds brew.

>> Click here to check the price for the Hamilton Flexbrew Trio

2. Cuisinart SS-16 Dual Brew Coffee Maker Review

Best Dual Coffee Maker – Premium

Cuisinart SS-16 Coffee Center


  • Pot: 12 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup or grounds
  • Auto shut off: 0-4 hours
  • Water reservoirs: Separate


If you are looking for the best coffee maker with k cup option and you’re ok to spend a little more, then the Cuisinart SS-16 coffee maker is an excellent choice with some great features that make it stand out from the rest.

Made with durable stainless steel finish, a 12-cup glass carafe and brew strength control, the Cuisinart two way brewer single serve and 12 cup coffee maker has been designed to impress the needs of the most avid coffee drinker!

Cuisinart’s Extreme Brew technology delivers your coffee up to 25% faster, and the removable 42 oz single serve water reservoir means you don’t need to refill it for every cup.

It includes the option of 5 single serve brew sizes, a reusable filter cup for your favourite coffee grounds or use your favourite K-Cup pod. The drip tray is removable to accommodate your taller travel mug.

Cuisinart 2 in 1 coffee maker features:

  • Fully programmable 24-hour control panel
  • Brew pause function
  • Coffee temperature control and bold or regular brew strength option
  • Gold tone permanent filter and charcoal water filter included
  • Flip shelf to accommodate short and tall cups (no mess!)
  • 0-4 hour programmable auto-off and self-clean function
  • Ice coffee option for both carafe and cup.

The Cuisinart Coffee Center also features hot plate temperature control so you don’t burn your brew and a power loss backup function so you’ll never miss that morning coffee, even after a power blackout!

If you are comparing the Cuisinart SS-16 v Ninja Dual Brew Pro, the key difference is the Cuisinart does not have a milk frother. The rest of the features are very similar.


Coffee and hot plate temperature control

Ice coffee option

Coffee strength controls


Premium price point

No strength control options for single serve reusable pod

The extra features on Cuisinart SS-16 Coffee Center really help make it stand out from the other options and it is a great choice for lovers of ice coffee.

However if you aren’t prepared to spend this much, don’t worry there are other great machines in these dual brew coffee maker reviews.

>> Click here to check the price for the Cuisinart SS-16 coffee maker

3. Ninja DualBrew Pro Two Way Coffee Maker Review

Best 2 Way Coffee Maker Overall

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System


  • Pot: 12 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup pods and grounds
  • Auto shut off: No
  • Water reservoirs: Shared


If you’re after the best coffee maker k cup combo that gives you ultimate versatility, then the Ninja DualBrew Pro has to be one of the best options.

From a small cup all the way to a full pot, there are 9 grounds brew sizes and 4 pod sizes to choose from.

You can choose from Classic, Rich, Over Ice or Speciality Coffee brew styles using grounds or pods. There is even a separate hot water dispenser to make tea and hot chocolate.

If you love lattes or cold foam it also includes a milk frother to make coffeehouse style brews and also the ability to make your favourite iced coffee drink in the warmer months.

The large water reservoir can be positioned at the side or rear depending on the space you have and it is removable to make refilling it a breeze.

This combo coffee maker really is the best all in one coffee maker for lovers of all styles of coffee.

Features of the Ninja coffee brewer include:

  • 60oz water reservoir
  • Brew sizes from single cup to full carafe
  • Brew strength control for a fully customizable brew
  • 24 hour programmable delay brew
  • Hot and cold milk frother.

The Ninja dual coffeemaker is a great option if you have numerous people to please. The flexible brew styles and sizes and easy clean features are great and it is relatively compact on your kitchen counter too.


4 brew styles for full flexibility

9 brew size options

Milk frothing arm

Quick to brew


Premium price point

No warming plate

Frother does not heat milk

One of the best rated dual coffee makers on Amazon, this Ninja dual coffee maker is definitely a ninja when it comes to making that perfect cup for all tastes!

>> Click here to check the price for the Ninja DualBrew Pro

4. Keurig K-Duo Dual Brew Single Serve Review

Best Keurig Dual Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker


  • Pot: 12 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup pods
  • Auto shut off: 2 hours
  • Water reservoirs: Shared


The Keurig K-Duo single serve and 12-cup carafe drip coffee maker has been designed to provide ultimate flexibility to brew your favorite K-Cup or ground coffee.

Keurig combo coffee maker features:

  • 24 hour programmable auto-brew
  • Heating plate
  • Pause and pour function
  • Large 60 ounce water reservoir, which is shared between the two sides.

The dual brew coffee maker is compatible with the Keurig gold tone mesh filter, which is sold separately.

The coffee pot on the Keurig dual coffee maker can brew as little as 6 cups all the way up to a full 12 cups of coffee.

The Keurig single serve coffee maker can brew k-cup pods in a small 6 oz cup all the way up to a large 12 ounce cup of coffee and is travel mug friendly thanks to the removable drip tray.

If you are comparing the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew vs Keurig Duo, the main difference is the Flexbrew can use ground coffee in the single serve coffee maker, whereas the Keurig uses pods only for single serve brews.


Single shared water reservoir

Carafe side programmable

Compatible with reusable pod filter


Plastic coffee filter

Strength control for single side only

K-cup pods only

The Keurig coffee pot combo is one of the best coffee maker with k cup combo options. It brews a flavorful cup of coffee and is a great choice for busy households who love the Keurig brand.

>> Click here to check the price for the Keurig K-Duo

5. Mr Coffee Combo Brewer Review

Best Combination Coffee Maker – Budget

Mr Coffee Combo Brewer


  • Pot: 10 cup thermal pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup pods and grounds
  • Auto shut off: No
  • Water reservoirs: Shared


The Mr Coffee Space Saving Combo Brewer is a 1 to 10-cup programmable coffeemaker system than can cater to your coffee beverage needs.

With a super compact design, this combo coffee maker is perfect for small kitchens.

Mr Coffee two way coffee maker features:

  • Strong brew selector
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Brew later feature for both carafe and single serve
  • Select a cup feature controls the amount of water delivered
  • Brew pause feature.

The programmable timer means you can wake to a fresh carafe or cup of coffee and the strong brew selector means you can brew a bold batch.

The removable water reservoir includes a water filter cartridge for better tasting coffee and the thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for hours too.


Brew strength control

Advanced water filtration

Compact design


Limited features

Leaks are a common complaint

If you are looking for a compact and affordable combo brewer, the Mr Coffee Space Maker brewer is one of the best duo coffee makers for you.

>> Click here to check the price for the Mr Coffee 2 in 1 brewer

6. Espressione Combination Espresso + Coffee Maker Review

Best Dual Coffee Maker For Espresso

Espressione Espresso and Coffee Brewer


  • Pot: 10 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: Espresso
  • Auto shut off: 2 hours
  • Water reservoirs: Separate


If you like to enjoy the occasional espresso coffee but don’t want to invest in an espresso machine, the Espressione Combination Brewer is the perfect option.

When you want a cafe quality espresso, pull an espresso and heat the milk with the powerful steam wand.

For the days you will be entertaining or want to enjoy a few cups of coffee, the 10 cup coffee maker with glass carafe will satisfy your coffee needs.

Espressione combination coffee maker features:

  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Dual water reservoirs
  • Programmable espresso shot volume control
  • 2 hour auto-shut off.

The Espressione dual coffee maker has two water chambers, one for each side. The simple control panel allows you to choose between a full drip coffee carafe or 1 or 2 shots of espresso.

The powerful 19 bar thermoblock is quick to heat up and the powerful steam wand means cafe quality milk foam is just a few minutes away!


Unique espresso & coffee combo

Auto shut off

Stainless steel body


No auto start

No brew pause function

Regular cleaning required

If you love filter coffee and espresso, the Espressione EM1040 combination coffee and espresso maker is an excellent choice.

>> Click here to check the price for the Espressione Espresso Coffee Combo Brewer

7. Keurig K-DUO PLUS Dual Coffee Maker with K Cup Review

Best Compact Combination Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker


  • Pot: 12 cup thermal pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup pods or grounds
  • Auto shut off: No
  • Water reservoirs: Shared


The Keurig K DUO Plus 2-way coffee maker (K cup) is a compact, versatile and customizable single serve and pot coffee maker that brews a rich, smooth and delicious cup of coffee every time.

The Keurig 2 way brewer uses k-cups or ground coffee to brew a single cup and ground coffee for the carafe.

A gold tone mesh filter is included for use with the carafe and the machine is compatible with the My K-cup reusable coffee filter if you prefer to use ground coffee instead of K-cups for single cups of coffee.

This duo coffee maker offers multiple brew sizes – 6,8,10 or 12 oz single serve and 6,8,10 and 12 cup carafe in a super-compact coffee maker. Travel mugs up to 8″ tall can be used with the single serve brewer.

Keurig 2 way coffee maker features:

  • Permanent filter
  • Multi-position large 60 oz water reservoir
  • Programmable start
  • Brew pause function
  • Thermal carafe and auto off
  • Strong brew function

The slim design makes it one of the best dual coffee maker with k cup options if you lack space in your kitchen.

Choose from strong, mild, decaf or flavoured brews from the world’s best brands, including Green Mountain Coffee, Starbucks and Lipton, the kids can even enjoy a hot cocoa! Note the machine is not compatible with K-Carafe pods.


Compact design

Brew strength for both single and carafe options

Multi-position water reservoir


Premium price point

My-cup adaptor not included

Coffee not piping hot

This Keurig combination coffee maker is a premium and compact coffee maker that looks good and is a great choice for anyone looking for a single cup and pot coffee maker.

>> Click here to check the price for the Keurig K-Duo Plus

8. Cuisinart Coffee Center Grind And Brew Plus Review

Best 2 in 1 Coffee Maker With Grinder

Cuisinart Coffee Center SS-GB1 Coffeemaker


  • Pot: 12 cup glass pot
  • Single Serve: K-cup pods and grounds
  • Auto shut off: 0-4 hours
  • Water reservoirs: Separate


For the ultimate all in one machine you can’t go past the Cuisinart Coffee Center Grind and Brew Plus.

With 24 hour programming and an integrated blade coffee grinder, you can enjoy the freshest coffee any time of day. Choose between a 12 cup carafe or a single cup (3 sizes) using your favorite pod or grounds (with the Homebarista cup – not included).

Cuisinart SS-GB1 dual coffee maker features:

  • Large 64 oz and 40 oz water reservoirs
  • Brew strength control and brew pause
  • Gold tone filter and water filtration tablet
  • Programmable start and auto off time
  • Self-cleaning function

You can use whole beans with the integrated grinder, or your favorite pre-ground coffee too.

The single serve flip down shelf reduces splatter when using small cups and the power loss backup function means your settings are saved for up to a minute in the event of power loss.


Integrated grinder

1-4 cup carafe setting

Self cleaning functin


Grounds pod not included

12oz is largest single cup size

Small grinder capacity

The Cuisinart dual coffee maker can product single serve beverages, and the 12-cup carafe more than accommodates multiple drinkers plus the integrated grinder ensures the freshest brew!

>> Click here to check the price for the Cuisinart Coffee Center Grind And Brew Plus

9. Galanz 2 in 1 Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker Review

Best Espresso And Single Serve Coffee Maker

Galanz Combination Pump Espresso and drip coffee machine


  • Pot: No
  • Single Serve: Espresso or Filter
  • Auto shut off: No
  • Water reservoirs: Shared


If you can’t choose between single serve filter and espresso coffee, then the Galanz BC0430 is a great choice.

The Galanz 2-in1 machine means you can enjoy your favourite single serve filtered coffee brew, cappuccino, espresso and on top of that lattes and hot chocolate too.

Galanz combination coffee maker features:

  • LED Display touch control panel
  • Manual milk frother
  • 1 and 2 espresso shot options
  • Single serve 10oz coffee
  • 40 oz water reservoir

Choose between 1 or 2 shots of espresso or a 10 oz single serve coffee using your favorite ground coffee beans.

The machine has automatic shot volume control for espresso extraction and will brew up to a 10oz cup of coffee on the single serve side.

Plus with the manual milk frother you can make great foam for your favorite specialty coffees.


Automatic espresso volume control

Easy to use control panel

Manual milk frother


1 single serve size

No pot option

All in all the Galanz is a nice little machine for lovers of single serve and espresso coffee.

>> Click here to check the price for the Galanz Combination Brewer

10. CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station Review

Best Dual Pot Coffee Maker

CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer


  • Pot: 2 x 12 cup glass pots
  • Single Serve: No
  • Auto shut off: No
  • Water reservoirs: Separate


This CucinaPro dual coffee maker is a great option as a two way coffee brewer for the home or the office because of its two separate sides.

One side can be your favourite, full brew coffee and the other side, decaf or a low acid coffee! How convenient is that?

CucinaPro double coffee percolator features:

  • 2 x 12 cup carafes
  • Separate water reservoirs and water windows
  • Warming plates

Each brewer has its own water window and heating element and feature a convenient spring out filter basket for easy filling.

The CucinaPro dual carafe coffee maker is a great machine for the office as there will be coffee on-hand all day or for households with caffeine and decaf drinkers!


Good for small offices and functions

Heating elements individually controlled


No auto shut off

Not programmable

Slow to brew

The convenience of the two pot carafe is just perfect for households and small offices who need different coffee options and like to drink hot coffee throughout the day.

>> Click here to check the price for the Cucina Pro

filter coffee maker with cup of black coffee in foreground.

Dual Coffee Maker Buying Guide

If you need help to choose the best 2 way coffee maker for your home or office, read on for an explanation of the features, benefits and types of dual coffee makers you can buy.

What Are 2 Way Coffee Makers?

A two-way coffee maker (also known as a dual brew coffee maker, a 2 in 1 coffee maker, a dual coffee pot, duo coffee makers or a double coffee maker) is pretty much two separate coffee machines in a single appliance.

Usually, the purpose of a 2-way brewer coffee maker is the option to make a single serve cup of coffee or to brew a large pot.

However, in some cases, the “2 way” component of the coffee machine is a second carafe, a hot water dispenser for tea or other hot drinks or even an espresso machine.

Often, the side of the machine used to make a single serving of coffee uses k-cups or pods, while the side used to make a pot of coffee usually uses coffee grounds.

Some of the best dual purpose coffee maker options will use pods and / or coffee grounds for both functions.

Why Buy A Two In One Coffee Maker?

So what are the reasons to buy a dual coffee maker? There are several:


The benefit of a 2-way brew coffee maker is having the convenience of making a single serve coffee when it’s just for yourself or one other person, rather than having to brew a whole pot of coffee.

This is of course, true the other way round too – not having to make multiple single serves of coffee when you have a large group to make coffee for. Either way you won’t waste coffee unnecessarily.


Dual brew coffee makers also conserve space in your kitchen. Many households and offices have both a single serve coffee maker as well as a coffee maker capable of brewing a pot.

With the best combo coffee maker you can enjoy the added benefit of freeing up some of your countertop in addition to the flexibility to choose your brew.


And finally, a 2 in 1 coffee maker satisfies the different needs of all the coffee drinkers in the home.

Whether you want to brew a single pod coffee, a full pot or even a shot of espresso, a dual coffee maker can satisfy everyone’s preferences.

coffee carafe with brewed coffee.

Types Of Dual Coffee Makers

There are several different types of dual coffee makers, so it is useful to understand the different options before choosing a machine for your home.

Drip Coffee Maker With K-Cup Pod

This is the most popular type of 2 way coffee maker, with a drip coffee maker on one side and a single serve k-cup pod maker on the other.

Single serve coffee makers are perfect for coffee on the go. Which is why a k cup and carafe coffee maker combo are the most popular 2 in 1 coffee makers.

Drip Coffee Maker With Grounds Pod

Similar to the first type, this 2-in-1 coffee maker has a drip coffee maker with carafe as well as a single serve coffee maker on the other.

These types allow you to use coffee grounds instead of k-cups for your single serve coffee, although they often come with a k-cup or generic coffee pod adaptor as well so you can brew coffee three ways.

There are even some dual coffee maker with grinder options for a fully integrated brewer.

Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker

A more unique type of dual coffee brewer is the Combination Coffee and Espresso makers.

With a traditional espresso machine and milk frother on one side and a drip coffee maker on the other, you can make pretty much make any type of coffee drink with this machine.

Espresso Machine and Coffee Pod

Perhaps the least common style of combo brewer, these machines have an espresso machine and milk steam wand on one side and a single serve coffee maker on the other.

Perfect for small households and lovers of espresso, these allow you to brew a single cup to go or an espresso coffee drink when you have the time.

lady pouring coffee from carafe into cup.

Things to Consider When Purchasing The Best 2 in 1 Coffee Maker

To purchase the best dual brew coffee maker, you will need to consider all the usual type of features that you would when purchasing a standard coffee maker.

1. Combination Of Coffee Machines

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a two pot coffee maker is combination and type of coffee you want to make.

As we explained above, 2 way coffee brewer machines come in a range of combinations so you can choose the right option for your home.

2. Serving Size

Most dual coffee makers for home use are capable of making around 10-12 cups of coffee at once.

The best 2 in one coffee maker designs also offer flexibility on the single cup coffee maker, from 6 oz all the way up to 14 oz travel mugs.

man holding thermo coffee mug in car.

3. Programmable And Display Settings

Just like any other coffee machine on the market, the best dual brew coffee maker comes with a variety of programmable options and display settings.

Some coffee machines allow you to set it the night before so that the brewing starts at a certain time so you can wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

It’s also recommended to look for a 2 way coffee pot that has a digital display as this is much easier to navigate than one with simple indicator lights, particularly when it comes to programming your machine.

4. Size Of Coffee Machine

Before you buy any appliance, you want to ensure you have enough bench space for it and this is also true for a two-way brewer coffee maker.

Some dual coffee machines are huge, so be sure to measure the space you have planned for it and check that the machine will fit.

The area must have enough surface area and top clearance to use the machine properly as well as be located near a power outlet.

kitchen with dual coffee maker on countertop.

5. Budget

There is a wide price range for a two-way coffee brewer, so have a budget in mind and weigh this up against the features that you require in your coffee maker.

Many factors impact the price, such as what the coffee maker is constructed from, the brand, how easy it is to use and the number of features it has.

With the cost of take out coffee continuing to rise, your investment in one of the best duo coffee maker options on our list will be paid back very quickly.

6. Ease of Cleaning

If you end up with a coffee maker that’s easy to use but a pain to clean, then it’s not actually all that convenient after all.

Make sure you have an idea of what will be involved in cleaning before you buy it, so you know how involved the process will be.

The more features and components the machine has, the more likely it is that it will take you a long time to clean.

7. Durability

The best double coffee models usually come with a warranty, which can give you some idea of what to expect from their durability.

It’s recommended that you take into consideration the brand’s reputation for making durable products as well as read other 2 way coffee maker reviews.

Best Combination Coffee Maker Summary

So to recap, here are the best two in one coffee maker products we reviewed. Click the link to hop back to the review for each machine.

coffee carafe half full of coffee on kitchen bench next to cup.

2 In 1 Coffee Maker FAQs

What Are Combination Coffee Makers?

Combination coffee makers have more than one method of making coffee and/or tea in the one machine. They often have a coffee pot and single cup coffee maker in one, but other styles include coffee carafe and espresso maker and dual coffee pots.

Does Keurig Make A Dual Coffee Maker?

Yes, Keurig has several dual coffee makers in their product range. Two of our favorites are the K-Duo and the K-Duo Plus. Both offer the ability to brew multiple brew sizes from 1 – 12 cups using k-cup pods and ground coffee.

What Is The Best Duo Coffee Maker?

The best dual coffee makers meet the needs of all the coffee drinkers in the home.

Once you decide what features you need, whether it is a large coffee pot, k-cup, single serve grounds, espresso or 2 pot combo, you can then choose from the best combination coffee makers reviewed here to find the perfect one for your home.

Before You Go

So that rounds up our duo coffee maker reviews.

Why not pair your coffee maker with some great coffee beans? We review the best low acid coffee beans here or for a special treat, why not splurge on the best kona coffee beans?

You can find all our coffee maker guides here or hop over to our coffee recipes to find a new drink to try.

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