Which Country Grows The Best Coffee?



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Coffee has become an important part of modern culture. Where would we be without it?

Personally, we cannot start the day without our morning cup of joe, and we wouldn’t want to either!

We’d rather be late than without a latte. But, have you ever wondered which country grows the best coffee, who has the best coffee culture, or which country drinks the most coffee?

Luckily, we have the answers to all of your coffee-centric questions, so the next time you’re at your local coffee house, you can really feel like you know your stuff.  

World coffee map.

Which country grows the best coffee?

Coffee is grown all over the world in what is known as the coffee belt.

But the main countries from which we import coffee are Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Hawaii in the United States.

Each country offers some of the most delicious and perfectly harvested coffee beans, whilst having their own unique flavor and taste. 

Which country grows the best coffee is kind of a relative question. But we can tell you which are most widely considered the greatest and most flavorful coffee providers!

Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee, and is still considered one of the best coffee cultivators in the world.

This is because of its high altitude growing conditions, and the fruity, spicy and delicious tasting types of coffee beans that come from the region. 

However, Colombian coffee is often referred to as the best coffee in the world, supplying 10% of the world’s coffee.

Due to the country’s incredible climate, perfect amount of sunlight and rainfall, with the optimal soil for growing coffee beans, Colombia is considered the provider of the world’s most superior coffee beans.

They are known for their smooth flavor and rich body and many low acid coffee brands source their beans from here. 

Finally, there is no doubt Kona coffee from Hawaii is one of the world’s best coffee growing regions.

Known for their fruity, floral beans, they are worth trying at least once. See our top picks here.

Raw green coffee beans in basket, above cotton bags on pallet in warehouse.

Which country is famous for coffee?

This is a tough question to answer, as this can mean one of two things – which country is most famous for its coffee, or which country is more associated with coffee.

To explain further, Brazil is responsible for producing most of the world’s coffee.

Brazil, on average produces around 3,558,000 metric tons of coffee a year. It is responsible for one third of the coffee produced worldwide. 

However, when we think about coffee, the country that is most associated with coffee is Italy.

It was the Italians that pioneered the espresso, the cappuccino and the latte, without which, coffee would probably never be as popular as it is today!

Italy is famous for its coffee, and the drink is an important part of the culture.

In addition, the espresso machine was actually invented in Italy by Angelo Moriondo.

The espresso machine has since become a staple of many homes, and coffee places around the world. 

If you think about it, almost every item on your local coffee house menu is taken from Italian culture.

The lungo, espresso, americano, affogato, macchiato…these names are all borrowed from Italian culture, and how they like to make their coffee. 

Cup of coffee with Italian town in background.

Which country drinks the most coffee?

When we think about coffee consumption, you may think that your country is the top of the list if you’re a coffee drinking enthusiast, but you could be wrong.

When it comes to coffee consumption, Europe tops the list. 

Statistics from the International Coffee Organization shows that Finnish people drink the most coffee each year, with about 26.5 pounds (12.5 kg) of coffee per capita.

The runners up are Sweden, Norway, and a whole horde of other European countries, with the United States at the bottom of the list! 

Coffee served from kuksa, finnish wooden cup.

Which country has the best coffee culture?

Due to its long history with the beverage, Italy is high up on the list of countries with the best coffee culture.

It is here that you will be able to try authentic, traditional coffee. But be aware that coffee in Italy is meant to be enjoyed strong, and so the taste can be quite bitter for some. 

If we’re looking at which country has the best and biggest coffee culture, then you would expect the biggest consumers Finland, or Sweden to top the list.

But there are surprisingly not as many coffee shops in Finland, or Sweden as a proportion of population, despite their consumption being the greatest on the list. 

In comparison, countries like Portugal could be considered the biggest coffee fanatics in Europe, as this country has a staggering 41 cafe’s per 10,000 people. This is followed closely by Greece with 34.4 cafes per 10,000 people.

In addition, Vienna, Austria also fashions itself as the Coffee Capital of The World. The city is renowned for its many traditional Viennese coffee houses, many of which are listed as integral parts of the city’s heritage. 

However, we’ll have to add the United States to this list for the sheer number of coffee places available across the country.

In metropolitan areas across the states, it is not uncommon to see coffee shops just a mere steps away from each other.

Coffee consumption is increasing in North America and coffee houses have become destinations for social interaction, and integral parts of people’s daily routines.

In total, there are over 35,000 coffeehouses across the United States, and Americans tend to spend on average around $1500-$2000 on coffee a year! 

It is clear that coffee is an important part of many countries’ culture, and has become a staple of the society in which we live today.  

So now you know which country grows the best coffee and which country consumes the most coffee!

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