Do Starbucks Frappuccinos Have Coffee In Them?



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The Starbucks Frappuccino menu has a huge range of drinks and flavors to choose from.

But one of the most common questions about the menu is do Starbucks Frappuccinos have coffee in them?

Unfortunately it isn’t a simple yes or no answer. So in this article we cover everything you need to know to fully answer the question “do frappuccinos have coffee in them?”

Regardless of whether you want to know is a frappuccino coffee, how much caffeine is in a Starbucks frappuccino, or which frappuccinos have coffee, you will find the answers to your Starbucks Frappuccino caffeine questions here.

Two Starbucks coffee frappuccino and creme frappuccino on table.

Do Starbucks Frappuccinos Have Coffee In Them?

Frappuccinos are cold blended drinks available at Starbucks. Only Starbucks can sell drinks called Frappuccinos as they trademarked the name.

Frappuccinos were invented by a 20 year old barista from California. She asked permission from Starbucks headquarters to try out a blended ice coffee, and the rest is history.

The initial 2 flavors were coffee and mocha, and both these frappuccinos had coffee in them. 

That was over 25 years ago and Starbucks now offer a diverse range of frappuccino flavors, some with coffee, some without coffee but with caffeine and some without either coffee or caffeine.

So does a frappuccino have coffee in it? Sometimes.

All frappuccinos in the coffee frappuccino menu contain coffee.

The crème frappuccino range do not contain coffee, but may still contain caffeine. Read on to find out more.

Enter Frappuccino Roast

Another common question is do frappuccinos have espresso in them.

And for most frappuccinos (except the espresso frappuccino) the answer is no.

The coffee used in the Starbucks coffee Frappuccino is a specialty blend called Frappuccino Roast.

This is a trademarked powdered coffee mixed with cold water in a similar manner to instant coffee.

It was designed specifically to be used in cold coffee drinks as hot coffee was not ideal to be used in blended cold coffee drink

Some ex-employees of Starbucks claim that the Frappuccino Roast is designed to be more bitter than traditional filter coffee.

This helps counteract the sweetness from the added syrups and cream in the frappuccino.

However most of the frappuccinos don’t have an overpowering coffee taste, thanks to the syrups, whole milk and cream added to make the drink.

You can ask for additional shots of the Frappuccino roast for a stronger caffeine hit or a more concentrated coffee flavor. 

You can ask for your Frappuccino to be made with shots of espresso too, but note this may impact the flavor and consistency of the drink.

Starbucks coffeehouse logo on storefront.

Do Starbucks Frappuccinos Have Caffeine In Them?

In addition to the coffee frappuccino drinks, there are a range of crème frappuccinos that do not have frap roast (coffee) in them.

However, whilst this drinks range is free of coffee, not all are caffeine free.

This is because some of the Starbucks syrups, like the mocha syrup and some teas contain caffeine.

So is there caffeine in Starbucks frappuccino drinks? Sometimes!

Starbucks Frappuccino Caffeine Content

The caffeine content of Frappuccinos varies between the flavors.

For context, a Grande black coffee will contain around 182 mg of caffeine.

Mocha and Java chip Frappuccinos contain over 100 mg of caffeine per serving.

This is partially from the Frappuccino Roast coffee, but also from the caffeine found naturally in the chocolate. 

Caramel Frappuccinos contain 90 mg caffeine, while the coffee Frappuccinos only contain 95 mg.

The white chocolate mocha version has 95 mg caffeine, and the s’mores Frappuccino has 75 mg. 

Some of the crème Frappuccinos still contain caffeine due to the ingredients.

This is the case with the green tea crème Frappuccino, as green tea has naturally occurring caffeine. This drink will have around 70 mg of caffeine per serving.

The chai crème Frappuccino contains 40 mg of caffeine, and the matcha Frappuccino has 70 mg caffeine.

So as you can see, the caffeine content varies wildly depending on the drink choice.

Starbucks Frappuccino Caffeine And Coffee Summary

So if you want to know how much caffeine is in a Starbucks frappuccino, or whether it contains coffee, check out the table below.

We list whether there is coffee and caffeine in some of the most popular drinks on the Starbucks Frappuccino menu.

FrappuccinoContains CoffeeContains Caffeine
1.Caramel ribbon crunch crèmeNoNo
2.Caramel ribbon crunchYesYes
3.Java ChipYesYes
4.Double Chocolatey chip crèmeNoYes
5.Cafe vanillaYesYes
6.Vanilla bean crèmeNoNo
7.Chai crèmeNoYes
8.Strawberry cremeNoNo
10.White chocolate mochaYesYes
Frappuccino summary

What Is In A Starbucks Frappuccino?

Frappuccinos are made using whole milk to create a creamy taste, blended with ice and syrup and topped with cream to create a sweet, icy cold drink.

Note you can ask for them to be made with a lower-fat alternative, but this will be less creamy.

The alternative options offered by Starbucks are non-fat, 2%, half and half, or heavy cream.

You can also ask for your Frappuccino to be made with a non-dairy alternative to milk to make it vegan. The milk alternatives that Starbucks offers are almond, coconut, and soy. 

For something different you can also order your Frappuccino affogato-style. An affogato, or affogato al café, is a traditional Italian dessert.

It is made by covering scoops of ice cream with freshly brewed espresso.

An affogato-style Frappuccino is made the same way as a regular one but finished by pouring a shot of hot espresso over the top.

This creates a decadent marbled effect, perfect for Instagram. 

What Are The Coffee Frappuccino Flavors?

Coffee Frappuccinos contain coffee and are incredibly popular in Starbucks locations across the world.

In the United States, there are more than 30 different Frappuccino flavors and they range offered in each store may differ.

Below we have listed some of the more popular Frappuccino flavors along with the amount of caffeine in a Grande size drink. 

Strawberry funnel cake

This drink uses a syrup flavored to be reminiscent of funnel cakes. This is blended with milk, ice, and coffee. The drink is then poured into a glass decorated with strawberry puree.

It is topped with whipped cream and freeze-dried funnel cake crumbs. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 85 mg

Mocha cookie crumble

The mocha cookie crumble frap is made using a mocha sauce and Frappuccino chips, a type of chocolate chips that have been designed specifically for Starbucks Frappuccinos.

This is blended and poured on top of a base of whipped cream and crumbled chocolate cookies.

The drink is finished with a vanilla-flavored whipped cream, a mocha drizzle, and more crumbled cookies. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 95 mg

Caramel ribbon crunch

The syrup in this drink is caramel flavored.

Once blended, the Frappuccino is topped with dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, a caramel drizzle, and a crystalline caramel-flavored sugar sprinkle. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 85 mg


This is a modern twist on a classic coffee. A shot of espresso is blended with frap roast, milk and ice to make an icy and refreshing drink.  No cream.

  • Coffee – 1 shot espresso and 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 155 mg

Caffé vanilla

This is made by incorporating vanilla bean powder into the coffee, milk, and ice mixture.

It is topped with whipped cream for a luxurious classic vanilla coffee. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 95 mg


This is similar to the caramel ribbon Frappuccino, but a simplified version.

The drink just contains the standard caramel sauce and has none of the crystalline sugar on top. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 90 mg

You can make this at home with my easy caramel frappuccino recipe.


The mocha frap uses mocha syrup blended with the other classic ingredients.

It is topped with whipped cream for a cold, caffeinated take on a hot chocolate. 

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 100 mg

Java chip

Java chip frappuccinos combine mocha sauce with Frappuccino chips as well as the other usual ingredients.

It is topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of mocha syrup to finish.  Yum!

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 105 mg
java chip frappe in front of green plants.
Mocha Frappuccino

White chocolate mocha

This coffee uses white chocolate syrup to provide the flavor. It is topped with whipped cream to finish.

  • Coffee – 3 pumps Frap Roast
  • Caffeine – 95 mg

What Are The Crème Frappuccino Flavors?

Crème Frappuccinos that do not contain any coffee, but some do still contain caffeine.

They are ideal for kids or people who are just trying to cut down on their caffeine intake. 

Strawberry funnel cake

This uses all of the same ingredients as the coffee version, with the frappuccino roast omitted. 

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 0 mg

Chocolate cookie crumble

This uses all of the same ingredients as the mocha cookie crumble coffee version, with the coffee omitted. 

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 15 mg

Caramel ribbon crunch

This uses all of the same ingredients as the coffee version, with the coffee omitted.

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 0 mg 


This drink starts with a base layer of strawberry puree, ensuring you get the flavor hit all the way through your drink.

The blended ice, milk, and strawberry syrup is poured on top.

The drink is finished with soft and pillowy vanilla flavored whipped cream.  A firm kids’ favorite!

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 0 mg
Starbucks strawberry frappuccino caffeine free.


This drink is made by combining chai powder with milk and ice.

It is topped with a sweetened whipped cream and garnished with a generous dusting of cinnamon.

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 40 mg

Double chocolatey chip

This is the same as the Java chip coffee Frappuccino, just without the coffee. 

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 15 mg


This drink is made with sweetened matcha green tea blended with milk and ice.

This is then garnished with sweet whipped cream before being served. 

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 70 mg

Vanilla bean

This Frappuccino combines vanilla beans with milk and ice for a sweet and indulgent drink.

It’s almost like a liquid ice cream, topped with sweet whipped cream!

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 0 mg

White chocolate

This drink combines white chocolate sauce, milk, and ice. It is topped with whipped cream. 

  • Coffee – No
  • Caffeine – 0 mg

Is There A Difference Between A Frappuccino And A Frappe?

The only place that you will see a difference between the 2 drinks is in Greece. Across the rest of the world, the terms are used interchangeably to refer to a cold blended drink. 

In Greece, frappe coffee was invented in the 1950s. It is made using instant coffee granules combined with sugar and cold water.

This is aerated with a handheld electric whisk to make a frothy and light-colored mixture. 

The coffee froth is then mixed up with cold water, ice, and milk. Traditionally, they are not flavored with any syrups and are not served with toppings of any kind. 

How Do You Make A Frappuccino At Home?

You will not be able to exactly replicate the flavor and texture of a Starbucks Frappuccino at home.

This is because the Frappuccino Roast blend is not commercially available and so you will always have to compromise slightly on the flavor. 

To make a Frappuccino you will need a high-powered blender. Without this, you are just making a cold coffee.

Select your glass of choice and fill it to the brim with ice. Transfer the ice cubes into your blender. 

Pour in your milk of choice, and some cooled espresso coffee. Add in 1 to 2 tablespoons of simple syrup and the flavored syrup that you have chosen.

Blend well on a high power setting until the consistency is uniform and all of the ice has been broken down. 

You can serve this topped with a drizzle of sauce (such as a caramel ice cream sauce) and some whipped cream to complete the Frappuccino experience. 

If you love frappuccinos, try this caramel frappuccino recipe or this mocha peppermint frappe recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frappuccino Coffee?

Starbucks offers both coffee frappuccinos which contain coffee and creme frappuccinos which do not. See our table summarizing which frappuccinos have coffee here.

Does A Caramel Frappuccino Have Coffee In It?

Yes, the caramel frappuccino has coffee in it. You can get a caramel frappuccino without coffee by requesting the drink without frap roast added.

If you want to order a decaf caramel frappuccino, remove the frap roast from the order and add a shot of decaf espresso instead.

Can I Order A Decaf Frappuccino?

It is possible to order a decaf Starbucks frappuccino, but you need to customize your order, as the frappuccino roast mix is not available in decaf.

The trick is to request 0 pumps of frap roast and one shot of decaf espresso.

Do Frappuccinos Have Espresso In Them?

Most standard Starbucks Frappuccino drinks do not have espresso in them. The exception is the espresso frappuccino.

Instead they have frappuccino roast, a coffee powder which is designed to be added to cold coffee drinks.


So now you know the answer to the question “is there coffee in a frappuccino”.

You also know whether there is caffeine in frappuccino drinks and the amount of coffee and caffeine in some of the most popular Starbucks frappuccinos.

Find more coffee brew guides here or why not try one of our easy coffee recipes!

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