Complete Guide To The Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle (2021)

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While you can use a regular kettle to prepare pour over coffee, the very best electric gooseneck kettle has been designed to provide the ultimate results when making pour over coffee.  The best gooseneck electric kettle takes all the guesswork out of producing the perfect tasting pour over coffee, every time.

If you’ve been considering purchasing one of the best pour over coffee makers and thinking about getting a gooseneck coffee kettle, then you’ve come to the right place!

In these best gooseneck kettle reviews, I not only take you through all the various factors to consider when purchasing a gooseneck water kettle, but I also compare some of the most popular electric gooseneck pot options currently on the market.

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Best Gooseneck Electric Kettle Comparison Chart 2021

Below is a handy table where you can see all the different gooseneck pour over coffee kettle options reviewed within this guide.   

This table allows you to easily compare the different electric kettle gooseneck features and help you review and decide which is the best pour over coffee setup for you.

Keep reading below for further details about each of these gooseneck kettles.

ImageModelCapacityVariable TemperatureOur RatingPrice
Bonavita Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle1.0 LYes4.8Check
Fellow Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle0.9 LYes4.6Check
Brewista Artisan Kettle1.0 LYes4.3Check
Bodum Electric Gooseneck Kettle0.8 LNo4.6Check
Cosori Electric Black Gooseneck Kettle0.8 LYes4.8Check
Willow & Everett Pour Over Coffee Kettle1.0 LYes4.7Check
Yabano Gooseneck Kettle1.0 LNo4.5Check
Brewista Smart Pour Kettle1.2 LYes4.3Check
Hario Buono Electric Kettle0.8 LNo4.2Check
OXO Electric Gooseneck Kettle1.0 LYes4.6Check

My Pick for Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle 2021: Bonavita 1L Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Don’t have time to read my entire gooseneck pour over kettles guide?  My pick for the best electric gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee is the Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle.

I just love this kettle because it includes all the functions you need for making great tasting pour over coffee and comes at a great price too.

This 1l kettle allows you to choose the perfect temperature for your brew and will keep the water at the optimal temperature for up to one hour.  It also features a range of other great settings such as a counter timer and real time temperature display.

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What is a Gooseneck Electric Kettle and Why Should you Get One?

A gooseneck pour over kettle is a special kind of kettle used to make pour over coffee. 

The body of the kettle looks much like any other kettle, but the main difference with a pour over gooseneck kettle lies in the spout and the handle. 

A gooseneck kettle has a long narrow, curved spout and a handle that sits at a unique angle away from the body of the kettle.

As you know, the perfect brewed pour over coffee is all about the extraction process. 

While you can make great tasting pour over coffee with an everyday kettle, the best gooseneck kettle for pour over coffee just makes the process so much easier and more precise.

When making a pour over coffee, you need to slowly pour the water in a circular motion. 

The long curved narrow spout of the gooseneck kettle gives you much better control of the flow and speed of the water. 

Plus, with the handle being angled away from the body of the kettle, you won’t burn your hand while slowly pouring the water in the circular motion.

Pour over coffee set up with variable temperature digital electric gooseneck kettle

Manual vs Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Gooseneck kettles come either as a manual kettle, which you are required to boil over the stove top (or decant hot water from your standard kettle), or an electric coffee kettle. 

The main benefit of a gooseneck kettle – electric (particularly a gooseneck with thermometer built in) is that it will automatically boil the water to the optimal temperature for pour over coffee. 

As you know, the optimal water temperature for a pour over coffee is between 195F to 205F.

The advantage of most gooseneck electric water kettle brands is you can pre-set the temperature for the water and the kettle will boil to that temperature.

Using an electric gooseneck kettle makes it super quick and easy to prepare pour over coffee and is certainly well worth considering if you’re after the best pour over kettle.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Gooseneck Kettle (Electric)

To purchase the best kettle for pour over coffee makers, consider the following features. 

1. Water Capacity

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing any kettle for pour over coffee is how many people you will be brewing coffee for at any given time.

Will it just be for yourself? If that is the case, a mini gooseneck kettle may suffice. Or do you drink multiple cups?

Perhaps there are a few of you who drink coffee at the same time and if so, you are best to purchase a large gooseneck kettle.

To help you choose the gooseneck pouring kettle in terms of capacity, I have included the capacity in the table above.

2. Water Temperature Control

When it comes to the best coffee pour over kettle, ability to control the water temperature is crucial. The best temperature for pour over coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 – 96 degrees Celsius).

Before purchasing a gooseneck coffee kettle pour over, ensure it’s capable of heating the water to this temperature.

You can even get variable temperature gooseneck kettle options where you have complete control of the exact water temperature, others give you a few options to choose from.  If you have a personal preference, look for this prior to making your purchase.

In terms of water temperature, the other thing to consider is a gooseneck electric kettle with temperature control that holds the water at the optimal temperature until you’ve had your fill of coffee. 

If you’re the sort of person that likes two to three cups in the morning, you don’t want to have to continually boil the water to the optimal temperature. 

Some of the best gooseneck kettle brands will hold the water at the right temperature for anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour.

close up of pour over coffee kettle

3. Flow Rate

The most important reason to invest in a good quality gooseneck kettle is to slow down the flow of water and provide you with more control, enabling a more precise pour. 

To ensure the kettle can accomplish this, the best electric kettles for pour over coffee have a long-curved spout with a narrow opening.

The design of the handle also assists with the control and flow rate.  Look for handles that provide a good grip and comfortable ergonomic design. 

Also ensure the handle is angled away from the body of the kettle to prevent your fingers being burned.

4. Settings

Some of the best gooseneck kettles come with a range of different settings to make things easier or provide you with some more control when preparing your coffee.

We’ve already discussed temperature controls above, but other functions to consider include things like:

  • Built in timers so the kettle starts at a certain time. This means you can wake up to water at just the right temperature to brew the perfect pour over coffee.
  • An auto shut off in case you forget to turn the kettle off.
  • A built in timer to assist with the entire pour over coffee brewing process.

The Best Electric Kettle For Coffee 2021 Summary

A summary of all the best coffee kettles – detailed reviews are below!

  • Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle (electric)
  • Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle For Coffee
  • Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Variable Kettle
  • Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle
  • COSORI Electric Pour Over Coffee Kettle
  • Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Variable Temperature Control
  • Yabano Electric Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle (electric) with Coffee Dripper
  • Brewista Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle
  • Hario Stainless Steel V60 Buono Gooseneck Coffee Kettle
  • OXO Brew Adjustible Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

The Best Gooseneck Coffee Kettle Reviews 2021

Below I’ve listed my recommendations for the top ten gooseneck kettles in 2021.

1. Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle Review

The Bonavita gooseneck kettle is one of the most popular pour over kettles currently on the market, which is not surprising because you get great value at a low price

This 1L Bonavita electric gooseneck kettle comes with all the features you need to prepare great tasting coffee. 

With 1000 watts the Bonavita electric gooseneck kettle will heat your water up fast.  Plus, for the optimal water temperature, the Bonavita kettle allows you to adjust the temperature in one-degree increments between 140˚-212˚F (60˚- 98˚C) and save your preferred settings.

This is great if you’re after a cheap gooseneck kettle as well as a variable temperature gooseneck kettle.

The Bonavita electric gooseneck variable temperature kettle also has a hold function and will keep the water at the perfect temperature for up to 1 hour.  Other display settings include counter timer to keep track of the entire pour over brewing process and real time temperature display.

The kettle is made from stainless steel and contains one piece of food grade silicon inside the kettle to seal the temperature probe. 

The gooseneck spout of the Bonavita pour over kettle is the perfect length and shape for a precise pour and flow control.


Great value price point

Stores preset temperatures

Real time temperature display


Design a little dated

If you’re after a simple, easy to use cheap pour over kettle without compromising on functions, the Bonavita temperature control gooseneck kettle is a great one to consider. 

It also comes with 1-year warranty for peace of mind and is our top recommendation for the best pour over electric kettle.

>> Click here to check the price and read more reviews

2. Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle Review

If you want your goose neck kettle to not only help prepare great tasting pour over coffee, but also to look amazing sitting on your kitchen bench, then the Fellow Stagg pour over kettle is definitely what you’ve been looking for!

The Fellow pour over kettle is seriously good looking!  Coming in either a pastel pink, shiny silver or a simpler design of matte black, the Fellow gooseneck kettle is going to look fantastic sitting on your home or office kitchen bench.

The Fellow pour over Stagg kettle not only looks great, it’s highly functional too

You have complete control of the water temperature with the ability to heat your water between 135 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit using PID temperature control.  You can swap between Fahrenheit and Celcius too.

The Fellow Stagg gooseneck kettle will also hold your water at the perfect temperature for up to one hour, so you can take your time in the morning.

This best electric pour over kettle allows for a precision pour and with the counterbalanced handle you can easily modify your pouring rate from a trickle to a stream. 

Other features of this 1200 watts kettle include the small LCD screen that shows the current temperature as well as the set temperature so you know just how far away your boiled water is, and the built in digital timer that can be used throughout the pour over brewing process to perfectly time your brew.


Comfortable pour

Stylish design

PID temperature control


Premium price point

No preset temperature options

With a hefty price tag, the Fellow Pour Over coffee kettle is certainly not for everyone.

But if top quality and style is your priority, you will love the Fellow Stagg electric kettle.  It also comes with a 1-year warranty for a confident purchase.

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3. Brewista Artisan Kettle Review

Impress your friends with not only great tasting coffee but also this great looking Brewista Artisan gooseneck kettle. 

Not only does this Brewista look super stylish it also has all the requirements to prepare the perfect pour over brew.

This is a gorgeous looking kettle made from durable food grade stainless steel with wood look accents and a range of great stylish colours such as pearl white, stainless steel and matte black. 

The kettle includes a perfectly angled narrow gooseneck spout for smooth water flow and precision pouring.  To aid with a precision pour, the handle has been ergonomically designed with a contoured grip to fit easily in your hand and is set at an angle to provide excellent leverage for maximum control.

With a capacity of 1 litre and its 1100 watts you’ll be able to heat water to the optimal temperature in next to no time. 

The Brewista artisan variable temperature gooseneck kettle is capable of heating water from 104°F (40 °C) up to 208°F (98°C) and pre-set temperatures make it easy to set and find your personal preferences. 

Other great features include a built-in timer that you can use for the entire pour over process, keep warm function for up to one hour and a display screen which shows the real time water temperature. Brewista offer a 1 year warranty.


Preset temperature options

Fast boil option

Contemporary design


Slower to boil than others on list

This kettle is built to last for years and years and will not only help in creating great tasting coffee but will look fantastic on your kitchen counter too.

This Brewista kettle combines looks with practicality to create the perfect gooseneck kettle. 

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4. Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle Review

Next we have the Bodum Melior gooseneck kettle.  The 0.8L Bodum Melior is a great budget option which features all the essential functions you need for extracting great tasting coffee.

Made from durable stainless steel, this contemporary matte black Bodum gooseneck coffee kettle has a slim spout and compact body making it easy to control the flow of water for precision pouring. 

The cork handle is not only eco-friendly, but also non slip and comfortable to hold, which aids in controlling the speed and consistency of the water flow.

As with the Hario below, to use this kettle simply flick the switch to boil the water, as you would with a standard kettle.  The 1000w kettle will automatically turn off when the water is boiled.


Value price point

Comfortable handle

Simple to use


Slower to boil

No variable temperature control

No pour over timer

The Bodum gooseneck kettle is a great looking kettle which provides all you need for a basic pour over coffee set up. 

With this budget kettle you’ll have total control for a great tasting coffee.

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5. Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle Review

One of the most popular and highest rated gooseneck kettles currently on the market is the COSORI gooseneck kettle.  This is a great looking kettle with all the essential features you need for your pour over set up.

With a powerful 1200-watt heating element, this 800 ml kettle will boil a full pot of water in just a few minutes. It comes with five different pre-set temperatures to ensure your tea or coffee is brewed to perfection.  Other functions include a one hour keep warm function and an auto shut off.

This kettle is made from quality food grade stainless steel and is perfectly designed for the ideal flow rate.  The gooseneck spout is perfect for the pour control and the non slip handle is counterbalanced to ensure a steady pour.


Easy to use control panel

1 hour hold function

Easy pour comfortable handle


Smaller capacity

No pour over timer

Coming in matte black or silver, the Cosori electric gooseneck kettle with 5 variable presets is a great looking gooseneck kettle and features all the functions required in a great quality pour over coffee maker.

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6. Willow and Everett Gooseneck Kettle Review

Another good all-round gooseneck kettle is the popular Willow and Everett kettle.  This gorgeous 1l mirror finish stainless steel kettle is perfect for those wanting a consistently great tasting brew.

Despite its mid-range price point, this is a quality kettle made from 100% food grade stainless steel.  It also features an ergonomically designed BPA free plastic handle which fits comfortably in your hand and a classic gooseneck spout for easy pouring.

With variable five temperature pre-sets, you’ll avoid that burnt coffee taste with the Willow and Everett gooseneck kettle.  Plus with 1000 watts your water will boil quickly and with the auto shut off function and the keep warm function you can get on with other tasks.


Mid range price point

Easy to use control panel

Keep warm option


No pour over timer

Loud beep

The Willow & Everett gooseneck kettle is a great all-rounder.  This gooseneck kettle doesn’t cost a fortune, yet still looks great and features all the basic functions required for perfect pour over coffee.

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7. Yabano Gooseneck Kettle With Thermometer Review

If you’re after a super cheap gooseneck kettle and not overly concerned with loads of functions, the 1L Yabano kettle is an ideal one to think about. 

This is the cheapest gooseneck kettle in these reviews and while it doesn’t have many features, it has everything you need for making pour over coffee.

The Yabano kettle is made with high quality stainless steel.  It features a classic gooseneck spout which is perfect for controlling water flow during the coffee extraction process. 

It also has a comfortable ergonomically designed handle which is heat resistant and anti-slip to provide you with a good grip while you pour.

Despite its super cheap price tag, the Yabano features an integrated thermometer which displays the exact temperature of the water.  This is a feature included in some pricier kettles. 

Other features include a safety auto off function, 1000 watts of power and it even comes with a coffee dripper and scoop.


Value price point

Integrated thermometer


Dated design

No variable temperature settings

The Yabano gooseneck kettle is perfect for anyone on a super tight budget or just starting to experiment with pour over coffee. 

While its not overflowing with features, it contains all the essentials for making great tasting pour over coffee.

>> Click here to read more reviews and check the price

8. Brewista Smart Pour Kettle For Pour Over Review

If you’re after a large capacity gooseneck pouring kettle, the 1.2L Brewista Smart Pour 2 kettle is an excellent choice. This large gooseneck kettle comes packed with practical functions in a sleek matte black finish.

Made from high quality 25-gauge 304 stainless steel, the Brewista gooseneck kettle will heat your water to the optimal temperature in record time with its powerful 1500 watts.  The kettle will boil your water to the exact temperature you want it too and will display the exact water temperature on its LCD screen.

This coffee kettle comes with a range of built in program settings for both coffee and tea, so you don’t need to waste time changing settings. 

Other settings include a count up or down timer for consistent pour overs, an auto shut off after 60 minutes of inactivity, delayed timer so you can have water at the perfect temperature the minute you roll out of bed and a keep warm function so you can get your coffee fill in the morning without having to boil the kettle over and over again.

The Brewista electric gooseneck kettle spout allows you to pour with precision to ensure you get the best possible extraction for your coffee.  Its ergonomic handle also has a nice sturdy feel to it and is easy and comfortable to hold.


Contemporary design

Built in timer

Large capacity


Control panel takes getting used to

If you’re after a competition quality all-round gooseneck kettle, the Brewista Smart Kettle is one of the best to consider. 

You’ll love how easy it is to make great tasting pour over brew with this quality gooseneck kettle.

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9. Hario Gooseneck Kettle Review

Another super cheap gooseneck kettle option is the Hario electric kettle.  Despite its lack of features, this is one of the most popular gooseneck kettles around and is often used by professional baristas and home enthusiasts alike. 

It is a lightweight kettle and the electric version is 800ml (0.8L).  The kettle features a slightly wider spout, which results in a faster flow rate, however it still offers better control than what you’d expect from a standard kettle.  It also features an easy to grip handle to help with pour control.

In terms of design and functions, the Hario V60 is the simplest gooseneck kettle out of all the kettles features in these reviews.  Simply flick the switch to boil the water, as you would with a standard kettle.  The kettle will automatically turn off when the water is boiled.


Easy to use

High quality brand


Small capacity

No variable temperature control

If you’re not interested in any fancy functions and just want the gooseneck spout design for easy pouring, then the Hario goose neck electric kettle may be what you’re after. 

If however you just want a cheap gooseneck kettle, I’d probably recommend the Yabano reviewed above, as this kettle comes with a cheap price as well as a few extra functions to help make great tasting pour over coffee.

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10. Oxo Gooseneck Kettle Review

The Oxo is a powerful and large capacity gooseneck kettle, perfect for those larger households or office kitchens.  This large gooseneck kettle comes packed with practical functions and all at a great price too.

The Oxo variable temperature kettle spout allows you to pour with precision to ensure you get the best possible extraction for your coffee.  Its ergonomic stay cool handle also has a secure grip and is easy and comfortable to hold.

This 1l kettle is made from high quality stainless steel and with its powerful 1500 watts will heat your water to the optimal temperature in record time.  With adjustable temperature controls, the kettle will boil your water to the exact temperature you want too and remember your last setting too. 

It will also automatically keep your water at the optimal temperature for 30 minutes at which point it automatically shuts off.  The kettle also features a built-in timer to help with the entire pour over brewing process and a handy temperature reference guide on the base.


Built in timer

Quick boil time

Keep warm function


No preset temperature option

Control panel could be simpler

The Oxo gooseneck kettle is a great all-round gooseneck kettle, that’s not overly expensive, but not a budget model either. 

You’ll love how easy it is to make great tasting pour over brew with this quality gooseneck kettle.

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We hope you have found the best electric gooseneck kettles for your pour over set up in our gooseneck electric kettle reviews.

Ready to make great coffee? Read our guide to the best coffee beans or check out all our coffee accessory reviews.

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